Extra fluffy pancakes
Sonny's Buffalo Wings
Fancy Ramen Noodles
Will Ferrells Salmon
The Perfect Ribeye Steak
Sous Vide Tri Tip
Vor 2 Monate
OchiruHana Vor 7 Sekunden
me with my packet made macaroni and cheese 🙁
A Glass Of Merlot
A Glass Of Merlot Vor 11 Sekunden
Calling the cops on you for beating that fridge.
Oliver Collard
Oliver Collard Vor 47 Sekunden
Larry Mclelland
Larry Mclelland Vor Minute
You're the best dude
Tori Orndorff
Tori Orndorff Vor 3 Minuten
I just want to know what did the fridge ever do to you
Justin Barton
Justin Barton Vor 4 Minuten
It's barely even ramen at that point
andyv123 Vor 5 Minuten
Personally I wouldn't add oil. Place the fat cap on the pan while the pan is heating up. Enough fat should render to cook the steak.
z170x99 Vor 7 Minuten
Plot twist, he just had a jar of orange juice 🍊
Golfy Vor 9 Minuten
I really dislike the slapping of the counter.
carlos mendez
carlos mendez Vor 9 Minuten
Now there are two idiots
hisu Vor 10 Minuten
bro why are u so sad
Rov Vor 10 Minuten
That poor fridge i feel its pain... And I forgot the desk also... RIP fridge and desk
Richard King
Richard King Vor 12 Minuten
City folk dont know shit about steak!
Christopher Gonzalez
Christopher Gonzalez Vor 12 Minuten
Fridge abuse
Laura-Rose is a G
Laura-Rose is a G Vor 13 Minuten
One day that fridge will be like "alright bro I'm calling the police your are constantly abusing me and I can't take it anymore" and then the door will fall off
flaming arcade
flaming arcade Vor 13 Minuten
I don't think its raw
Dave Vor 14 Minuten
him:IT IS ONLY 131 DOLLLERS Me: am I a joke to you.
CHUCK Farlie
CHUCK Farlie Vor 15 Minuten
That’s a lot of salt
Oldschool Willie
Oldschool Willie Vor 16 Minuten
He obviously wants to die like what the fuck is this why are people eating raw food all the sudden
Tanimer Vor 18 Minuten
This is cheating. I’ve never seen another of your videos. But.... I like food and cooking. So subscribe😅😂
Abdullah Gool
Abdullah Gool Vor 21 Minute
Smells like a dog treat Tastes like a dog treat Me: 😐...
MagmaBlaster9 Vor 23 Minuten
Ihavethebestbrothers Ihavethebestbrothers
Ihavethebestbrothers Ihavethebestbrothers Vor 23 Minuten
Him: avocado oil Me and my 1D mind: fooking avocado
Uncle Mark
Uncle Mark Vor 24 Minuten
When he says "you know I love you" it makes me wanna punch hum in the face
hi there
hi there Vor 26 Minuten
this dude cooks chicken and steak the same way
Asrulid Gaming
Asrulid Gaming Vor 27 Minuten
Dude its pink on the inside my man be like salmonella?? Never heard of it headass
Proudest American
Proudest American Vor 28 Minuten
Thank you for doing mushrooms it's one of my absolute favorite vegetables to eat with anything but I was not sure how to cook them so thanks for the guide
Ian Hernandez
Ian Hernandez Vor 28 Minuten
He killed shreak
Ó R Vor 28 Minuten
I wonder if this fish will pair well w/some wild rice pilaf and a glass of Rosé?! 🤔 looks delicious!
Jaidan B
Jaidan B Vor 29 Minuten
I dunno what wack ass mayo you were using but mayo is by far the superior choice
mike james
mike james Vor 30 Minuten
You know if you put your camera up higher you wouldn't have to lean down on the table like an imbecile
ツ L I M E ツ
ツ L I M E ツ Vor 31 Minute
Dont Do Drogs Kids
Sébastien Cretegny
Sébastien Cretegny Vor 32 Minuten
2 seconds out of shot he has eaten both mayo and butter even if he preferred butter
Jas2112 Ayee
Jas2112 Ayee Vor 34 Minuten
Notice there's 8 pieces.. at the begining, and 8 at the end... If he was really trying it, he'd eat the whole piece. And not just a little bite, so in conclusion, pretty sure he didn't actually eat it and made it look like he did...
Hasenergy Vor 34 Minuten
Why does DEpost keeps proposing me all those videos? I mean, deamn that looks so good but... I’m vegetarian- DEpost WHYYYYYY NOW I WANNA BREAK THE RULES I-
Jessica Heard
Jessica Heard Vor 35 Minuten
When you try to be Weissman
Jasouno Ca_ke
Jasouno Ca_ke Vor 37 Minuten
1 hours later //Refrigerator Broken;-;
comptonking310 Vor 38 Minuten
How long should I cook it for medium well?
PCBoardRepair Vor 39 Minuten
Who wants to see this guy freackout everytime... Not me.... Block
goldie dilwinder
goldie dilwinder Vor 41 Minute
Why he always hit fridge in the background..🤔🤔🤔
-Noor- Vor 44 Minuten
It is sad that people need to be like this to get some views. I would watch it just for the good food. Even if you would act like a normal adult, not a twelve year old with raging hormones and a sugar rush that lasts 6 years
CraxzGi Vor 45 Minuten
Dan C
Dan C Vor 46 Minuten
Eating flesh of other sentient beings is for Vampires Not Man and Woman #Adrenochrome
Kevan Marshall
Kevan Marshall Vor 46 Minuten
You know that butter slipped off and he put it back on lol
BlackSwanGaming Vor 46 Minuten
What do you make content for 8 year old kids ?
jordan corbidge
jordan corbidge Vor 48 Minuten
Miracle whip, you’re welcome
Tobias Friberg
Tobias Friberg Vor 48 Minuten
Seems like this guy started to snort some coke before every video he makes now
frey bentos
frey bentos Vor 51 Minute
Why on earth would you even think og using mayo instead of butter? Americans are crazy.
Maxwell Porter
Maxwell Porter Vor 52 Minuten
Eventually his fridge has got to break... right?
Breach airsoft223
Breach airsoft223 Vor 52 Minuten
Did he just B slap that fridge noice
J. Dub
J. Dub Vor 53 Minuten
Hell yeah, man! I learned the same trick from an old chef I used to work for. It’s soooo worth the little extra bit of effort to make them.
ll Rojo
ll Rojo Vor 53 Minuten
Man hell naw
Blue Fire
Blue Fire Vor 53 Minuten
You are depressed mate, get since help.
Worthy Kyhros
Worthy Kyhros Vor 56 Minuten
No Rosemary salt?
Wut? Vor 57 Minuten
Instead of karate punching the fridge can you just give it to me ? 👀
Sep The Danish Gamer
Sep The Danish Gamer Vor 58 Minuten
It’s a trap
Maddy Macdonald
Maddy Macdonald Vor 59 Minuten
Dongol McStrongol
Dongol McStrongol Vor 59 Minuten
Lilly And Dylan
Lilly And Dylan Vor 59 Minuten
Wow ur a big boy
Fuck Offee
Fuck Offee Vor Stunde
So cute 😊
Roz Sa
Roz Sa Vor Stunde
Did he just sprinkle on salt once all cooked on the plate?
Curtis Shores
Curtis Shores Vor 43 Minuten
This use is more like a garnish than for flavor.
Curtis Shores
Curtis Shores Vor 44 Minuten
Yeah you don't really want to use salt with red snapper.
Jay Taps Away ASMR
Jay Taps Away ASMR Vor Stunde
ENOUGH ABT THE FRIDGE- butter is better he is 1000% correct
Race Is cool
Race Is cool Vor Stunde
What is in sergeant gilbert?
Jonathan O'Leary
Jonathan O'Leary Vor Stunde
Bacon of the sea??? Salmon are fresh water tho 🤨
Titus Cortez
Titus Cortez Vor Stunde
for a sec i thought this lamb rack was grown in a garden..
KingMimic Vor Stunde
This guy is on a whole other level of awesome
Flyn’ Ryan
Flyn’ Ryan Vor Stunde
I don’t agree
James Boone
James Boone Vor Stunde
I like how he beats his fridge
Flamxp Vor Stunde
#Refrigerator abuse
SnowyBoi 3655
SnowyBoi 3655 Vor Stunde
That fridge gets worse beatings then what my dad gave me, didn't even think that was possible
Dominique Howse
Dominique Howse Vor Stunde
Who in the blue hell would make a grilled cheese with mayonnaise in the first damn place. That’s the whitest thing I’ve heard all day
Dzenis Goruzdic
Dzenis Goruzdic Vor Stunde
Free Fridge
Liam Ellis
Liam Ellis Vor Stunde
This got naruto STARVING
Nimish Kumar
Nimish Kumar Vor Stunde
Most disgusting video... Please as an Indian I am requesting you do not put egg in Naan for the love of God... And dislike and unfollowing.... And dude you can't cook Indian food u will end up ruining for others... STOP.IT.
I love squid
Manh Tuan Le
Manh Tuan Le Vor Stunde
I wonder how the fridge is not broken yet
Bloxburg Gaming
Bloxburg Gaming Vor Stunde
The tuna is absolutely raw
Zach Harlow
Zach Harlow Vor Stunde
You lost the game
Mack Valentine
Mack Valentine Vor Stunde
I would say it's Mayo