Abraham.____. valdez
Abraham.____. valdez Vor Minute
🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️I feel your guys pain when it comes to people coming in the ER
The big epic utuber
The big epic utuber Vor 2 Minuten
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BlizzardXp Vor 2 Minuten
Imagine calling 911 as ur only hope of survival and they hang up on u
Itsxx4 xx
Itsxx4 xx Vor 3 Minuten
The baby might not wake up again if you use horse tranquilizer
Dark Shadow Rain
Dark Shadow Rain Vor 5 Minuten
I watch these mostly to hear this guy say "motherf***ers" 🤣 but they're very educational too 🤓👍
BeefyIsHere-Brawl Stars
BeefyIsHere-Brawl Stars Vor 5 Minuten
Okay wait that just sounds counter-intuitive lmao why would u lay on your stomach/chest to let your lungs have more space... doesn’t make sense to me but I’m not a medical professional soooo
ae Vor 5 Minuten
when i was younger i was extremely terrified of hospital gowns
Black angel
Black angel Vor 5 Minuten
I dont want that
eyeamvirg Vor 7 Minuten
You realize saying"don't say it", reallllly makes me wanna say "it's quiet in here" the next time I go to the ER and it's fuckin quiet right? This probably applies to many humans with my condition lol
EpicLouis8413 Vor 7 Minuten
Help I got stabbed and it hurts Sorry we ran out of ambulances
clash tuber
clash tuber Vor 7 Minuten
So i had 20 Beers Ok Writes down does not need hydration had 60 beers
Semi Vor 11 Minuten
my mans eatin them cheetos like he's been training 34 years for this skit
Sarah Nova
Sarah Nova Vor 11 Minuten
My mom works at a nursing home. They managed to keep it COVID free up until now (and despite some idiots sneaking in through the back doors because they didn't want to get a quick test) but even though everyone is vaccinated now, they now have their first case and it is a mutation. The vaccine and strict hygiene rules will hopefully prevent further infections and provide a mild case, but this shit has long gotten out of hand and it is insanebthat some people still cant get that through their skulls.
NaabiXx Vor 12 Minuten
American health is retarded
Jordan Pollock
Jordan Pollock Vor 12 Minuten
WRONG. Dont listen to this guy. there are lots of different types of seizure but one of the main effects is MUSCLE CONTRACTION! when I have a seizure my arms go in the "gun show" position, aint no cunt lifting my arm til im postictal without causing damage. People with epilepsy have a hard enough time being believed by the public or doctors without rejects like this spreading misinformation for views and im disappointed in myself for added to that number😂
Black angel
Black angel Vor 13 Minuten
Tell that to an old drunk friend of mine .
Charlie Bakugo
Charlie Bakugo Vor 14 Minuten
Where are all my British people at???😏😎👋
【Senpaiッ】 Vor 14 Minuten
R.I.P. Iron Man ✋😔
Skedich lavender 2
Skedich lavender 2 Vor 16 Minuten
This guy like to cuss WAY to much
Firestar Vor 17 Minuten
Stress & Anxiety ftw
ix.bensonhurst_games Vor 18 Minuten
Fair enough :^
Bazer LeWatcher
Bazer LeWatcher Vor 18 Minuten
Hey, I'm from Iraq i want to know how do you make us feel good when saying mufuckrs
Black angel
Black angel Vor 19 Minuten
I have a far of being in car weck
Christopher Jullian
Christopher Jullian Vor 19 Minuten
A lot of adults do it out of fear of going to jail. Yeah, y’all ain’t gon tell our mammies. But you will tell the ops if they ask. It’s sorta the law in a lot of places. “We think this person had possession with intent to sell but they consumed the control substance to evade us. We need a UA.” No.
Bexley I.
Bexley I. Vor 19 Minuten
Go on ahead and give it to them. Then let me take some extra home
Spangle Vor 19 Minuten
You’d think that if this was a common occurrence, the government would just put more funding into the health sector but no, that’s too hard apparently
Michael Heater
Michael Heater Vor 20 Minuten
I'm an American but I watch you from the Philippines
Sammy Montego
Sammy Montego Vor 20 Minuten
The way you chew is weird. Back teeth get a lot of action. Great way to keep the jawline trim lol
ram charge
ram charge Vor 22 Minuten
Don't wanna wear the gown might as well go home
Black angel
Black angel Vor 22 Minuten
I love you're channel.
Ella Hunter
Ella Hunter Vor 24 Minuten
There’s a girl in my class who fakes epilepsy for attention from the teachers-
kneww_eraa Vor 25 Minuten
So wtf am I spose to use man I need answers
ClarissaHo ClarissaHo
ClarissaHo ClarissaHo Vor 26 Minuten
Him : facts Me : since when were u bentelect
Black angel
Black angel Vor 28 Minuten
The Cheetos kills your stomach
Charles Lee Ray
Charles Lee Ray Vor 29 Minuten
You pricks told my wife it was bad after she arrived via ambulance and 8 hours later of suffering plot twist it was emergency guile Bladder surgery .
Popular Moms Vlog
Popular Moms Vlog Vor 31 Minute
edgyomnivore81 Vor 31 Minute
I just realized if you break an arm or break a leg to put your own cast on cuz you know how to do it
Nagisa Kaworu
Nagisa Kaworu Vor 32 Minuten
when they were transporting me to the ambulance to get to the mental hospital they tied me down to the bed lmao
Navya Aggarwal
Navya Aggarwal Vor 32 Minuten
1000 comment
Grumpy Crumbles
Grumpy Crumbles Vor 33 Minuten
Damn I'm glad I don't live in the US
ā l t ._. b e a n i e
ā l t ._. b e a n i e Vor 34 Minuten
I remember going to a special doctor for my teeth (cuz i needed to take some out u know, cavities) and i didnt eat or drink anything that morning amd i felt sick to my stomache but i wasnt really angry about it i just felt tired. And bored TvT
Black angel
Black angel Vor 34 Minuten
Why are you a. Funny you remind meme why I don't want to go to the hospital.
Ragdoll Archives
Ragdoll Archives Vor 35 Minuten
I was asleep then.
Popular Moms Vlog
Popular Moms Vlog Vor 36 Minuten
XanaxBebop Vor 36 Minuten
Imagine being condescending to people that are hurt.
Daniel Hahahah
Daniel Hahahah Vor 36 Minuten
I love how he says m7ther fyckers
Jose L. Rivero Velez
Jose L. Rivero Velez Vor 37 Minuten
Interesting that you can only get away with saying a single "MuFKR" per video. Love this content.
joker bass
joker bass Vor 38 Minuten
Remember when lil xan fucked his stomach up with hot cheetos😂
shozu_gacha Vor 39 Minuten
How come you can totally rock those black and purple glasses
Dimas Akbar
Dimas Akbar Vor 40 Minuten
I want that hoodie
The gaming Seal
The gaming Seal Vor 42 Minuten
No mustard gas
Black angel
Black angel Vor 42 Minuten
Your are very correct sir
Hilario Coronado
Hilario Coronado Vor 42 Minuten
I was 21 and addicted to cocaine I did about a quarter (7grams) in a day and a half and could literally see my heart pumping really hard in my chest and past out and woke up in the hospital
Yu Uy
Yu Uy Vor 42 Minuten
ah so thats why the guy on the phone said to me yestersay we dint have ambulance well atleast the banaid become a good stitches reolacement
Wrenka Vor 44 Minuten
He ruined his message by using such disgusting language. It makes him sound like a creep.
Mason Butler
Mason Butler Vor 46 Minuten
I must say I have learned a bit from these videos. But God is your attitude annoying.
Trebortf Vor 47 Minuten
Haha lol i am from Romania
Destroyer Goku
Destroyer Goku Vor 47 Minuten
The hand things still fell on my face
Yu Uy
Yu Uy Vor 48 Minuten
ah so ive been poisoning myself for the past 5 months glad im still alive
Baked_Cracker Vor 49 Minuten
Nah that shit too expensive tho fr if you guys gave me that bill i would just shoot myself.
juicifer pandora rex
juicifer pandora rex Vor 50 Minuten
this is the only mukbang ive ever enjoyed
Cinnamon Roll
Cinnamon Roll Vor 50 Minuten
*laughs in free healthcare*
Mellisa Curran
Mellisa Curran Vor 51 Minute
I never thought I'd like being called a mtherfker
Kaleb Cox
Kaleb Cox Vor 51 Minute
At 16 went in for chest pains and turns out I have PVCs! (Basically an extra heartbeat)
KaRysma Vor 53 Minuten
Still don't know the cost of treatment, because..... Australia 😁
ᴘᴇᴄᴜʟɪᴀʀ ʀᴇᴅ
ᴘᴇᴄᴜʟɪᴀʀ ʀᴇᴅ Vor 53 Minuten
I was told that when I was a child, i full on fell on my head from the couch, and just stood up and walked, giggling. It became a bump afterwards lol
Melanee Sharpe
Melanee Sharpe Vor 53 Minuten
I am 43 now but when I was 32 I found out I was pregnant because I was really high and had chest pains and couldn't stop puking. 🤣❤🦋 FML🤣❤🦋
You refuse treatment, you die You accept treatment, bill comes, you die (heart attack) No escape... stay healthy kids!
Random User
Random User Vor Stunde
Congratulations 🎉 Love ur content lotts and rememberr, Take a Break Regards from Indonesia🇮🇩
Amy Elizabeth
Amy Elizabeth Vor Stunde
As someone who has spent a lot of time in my local hospital, it's kinda scary when you know what all these codes stand for and code pink is the one most often heard😰
Arakuta Shinota
Arakuta Shinota Vor Stunde
Why does he remind me of James A Janiese from dead meat
Bowen Curry
Bowen Curry Vor Stunde
Imagine you walk into the ER and see doctors giving ketemine to a baby
paul lemke
paul lemke Vor Stunde
I love ketamine
Cale Alberson
Cale Alberson Vor Stunde
Bang your Dream:Girls band party
Bang your Dream:Girls band party Vor Stunde
Pretty sure the skits he makes are his personal experiences or experiences from his colleagues.
Flungy Vor Stunde
this guys teeth are blindingly white
goofy! Vor Stunde
Drink a lot of water ok got it
DIZ-Plazzy Vor Stunde
Imma go buy a bag tmr when I wake up and eat it for breakfast now bc why tf not
Alex Vazquez Morales
Alex Vazquez Morales Vor Stunde
Greetings from BOsTon
Rover Capili
Rover Capili Vor Stunde
I never seen a swearing doctor 😂😂