It’s pronounced GIF.
mnbgt101 Vor 9 Stunden
Where is my unedited leaf blower footage?
Muhammed Oyeleke
Muhammed Oyeleke Vor 9 Stunden
That ending 😂
Rich Vor 9 Stunden
A prefix for sarcasm
Lee Oswald
Lee Oswald Vor 9 Stunden
Ok, i finished the task, i took some hours Now it's time to continue watching 👍
David Thomas
David Thomas Vor 9 Stunden
There are so many things incorrect in this video it's hard to know where to start.
Kayla Mitchell
Kayla Mitchell Vor 9 Stunden
imo the windows 10 extraction/copying thing in windows explorer is close to perfection cause it shows what percentage is gone, how much time is left, and also the number of files done (and a graph of speed over time)
Cricket England
Cricket England Vor 9 Stunden
You need to do an updated version of this......
CalMcCor Vor 9 Stunden
you dumbass America isn't an island
Nathan James
Nathan James Vor 9 Stunden
Its 3 off rn
Roberts_Vilks Vor 9 Stunden
Yay its right on! 27,675,675
Nigel Ogilvie
Nigel Ogilvie Vor 9 Stunden
Come on Tom. The progress bars I watch nearly all go jerkily to 99% or 100% and then there is a several second delay after that time, with no movement.
Sfrags01 Vor 9 Stunden
his mic sounds like he's inside a rocket flying to the moon
Daniel Horler
Daniel Horler Vor 9 Stunden
Perfectly accurate and right. Kinda cool because it’s 27,675,675.
Jk Vor 9 Stunden
Every few weeks I come here and the counter is always 100% correct
СБК Vor 9 Stunden
10 months and still going strong
triple v 69 420
triple v 69 420 Vor 9 Stunden
Is there anywhere I can find a list of all results?
Carwyn Andrews
Carwyn Andrews Vor 9 Stunden
When I was a kid, we used to call tag "touch" and we'd say "touch, you're it!"
Dynamix Vor 9 Stunden
im still confused of what the point of this video
sharpfang Vor 9 Stunden
"Reassure the user that progress is made" - and then you have the assholes from Google, who display a progress bar moving slower and slower, and slower, as NO progress is made, because, say, the network connection is gone or the server is down. But it won't even retry, it will just display an error in about... 20 minutes. Unless you already know the asshats LIE and refresh/retry yourself.
Kayla Mitchell
Kayla Mitchell Vor 9 Stunden
i pressed install on my laptop for the latest windows update just after downloading a driver and it was only about 10% behind it
Raattis Vor 9 Stunden
I once spent a day making a loading bar in a game tick smoothly, evenly and accurately. Then it was replaced with a spinner... At least its the smoothest spinner.
Nick Snare
Nick Snare Vor 9 Stunden
your videos are always super interesting, love it.
Хаяна Сандзё
Хаяна Сандзё Vor 9 Stunden
I think I actually saw that site with Star Wars weather back in the days it worked. Didn't know it was your creation! Thank you for the video. This was a poetic experience!
Brian Kim
Brian Kim Vor 9 Stunden
That emotion is yearning, LGBTQ+ community uses to talk about people, places, times, and aesthetics they want but know they can't have.
山本 テレビ / Yテレ
山本 テレビ / Yテレ Vor 9 Stunden
Stock exchanges should use TAI and not UTC because TAI is a continuous time scale, whereas UTC isn't. Sorry if I am being rude!
Sobhu Swami
Sobhu Swami Vor 9 Stunden
LEGO head 27
LEGO head 27 Vor 9 Stunden
These consonants are forbidden by the council of elders
Lucifer, CEO of Hell
Lucifer, CEO of Hell Vor 9 Stunden
Tl;dr: landowners bad.
BlueTongue Vor 9 Stunden
I swear I was about to ask you this a couple months back. It's great that you made a video on it
TheMrarrie18 Vor 9 Stunden
Never knew I would watch this for his little parodies, but now I do.
Sean Wright
Sean Wright Vor 9 Stunden
Going sledding is illegal?
Martin Schröder
Martin Schröder Vor 9 Stunden
hippity hoppity your RAM is my propertie
Sneez Space noodle
Sneez Space noodle Vor 9 Stunden
So people would be okay with a camera constantly watching them as long as it produced infinite pizza? Sound fair.
Faire Play
Faire Play Vor 9 Stunden
If I'm the only one who can read the code, they can't replace me.
CarnivalBen Vor 9 Stunden
...also known as "Microsoft Minutes"
Vojtěch Nevřela
Vojtěch Nevřela Vor 9 Stunden
Remember the time estimate in Windows XP and older installation? I always found it RIDICULOUSLY precise.
Daniel Glasser
Daniel Glasser Vor 9 Stunden
My preference is to have an option to display what the program is doing, sampled frequently, so when the program is bogged down with small files, waiting for the network, performing file integrity checks, etc, I can be sure the program is actually progressing. This works well for installation programs. For video rendering, the rolling average frame conversion rate does well. Some programs put up progress bars that are completely disconnected from actual progress, instead just showing that the program is able to update the display. In some casa, this is sufficient.
Bouphe's Number 1 Fan
Bouphe's Number 1 Fan Vor 9 Stunden
It's definitely just for visuals, as long as the numbers are changing, it's working, as soon as the numbers stop, that's how I know of it messed up and I need to take action. Great video!!
alex Vor 9 Stunden
underrated channel.
Carson Pearce
Carson Pearce Vor 9 Stunden
4:30 we don’t bother to check in my family 😂 it usually ends up being more enjoyable anyway, walking around looking for restaurants.
NerdyBritishKoala Vor 9 Stunden
Still spot on
Karl Easterly
Karl Easterly Vor 9 Stunden
As a consumer who wants to create an environment as free from advertisements as possible I work hard to remove any adverts from my environment. I pay google a monthly fee to use youtube advert free. I "paid' to have the adverts removed, yet, many put adds into videos and remove my ability to filter those videos out as well, that sort/filter option is not present now is it. This removes my ability to control the content that I as an individual choose for myself. I have a right to choose the content I want to be apart of. The advertising mentality is predatory and lacking morality as evidenced by the way the industry disrespects the sovereignty of the individual to choose the content they are willing to be subject to and actively works to invade any open crack of sound space to my ears or eyes to slam 'buy my this or that' message at every turn. Where is your message respecting the watcher? Love your channel btw.. and you. Please don't take this as hostile, just passionate.
The guy with no name
The guy with no name Vor 9 Stunden
Well, it's right
lucitribal Vor 9 Stunden
I appreciate installers that tell you what they are doing at any time. That way you know if there are any issues and with what.
TMack Vor 9 Stunden
Still 100% spot on in Spring 2021
CITY BEAT Disco Vor 9 Stunden
Tom's green screen, & his positioning/framing, is better than many movies where they spend millions on green screen effects. Can hardly tell it's green screen. Only after looking, can see machine bottom right is out of focus, & it should be in focus being 'next' to Tom
SB João Victor
SB João Victor Vor 9 Stunden
The problem laid out at 0:37 makes ALL kinds of voting "hackable". Solution is not on the medium (paper, eletronic ballots or over the internet), but in the balance of trustworthy carreer staff uncompromised by political parties and transparency on the system. Or, you know, localism.
Ulrike Matzen
Ulrike Matzen Vor 9 Stunden
Great. Just to the point.
Jokey Carrot
Jokey Carrot Vor 9 Stunden
I'm the guy that hates pipe organs.
Koude Kroket
Koude Kroket Vor 9 Stunden
haha Sleep nr1 that is actually so depressing.
Andrew Hedstrom
Andrew Hedstrom Vor 9 Stunden
yes please. something I always wonder but never bother to look up
Krt Aer
Krt Aer Vor 9 Stunden
I totally forget that this is not a real incident happened in past 3:10
Matt Neko
Matt Neko Vor 9 Stunden
It’s so mossy too. There’s definitely been several people that slipped before they even jumped
Flx Gaming
Flx Gaming Vor 9 Stunden
ight I've got to look for this in Train Sim World 2
Sondre Grøneng
Sondre Grøneng Vor 9 Stunden
The Fidel Castro CIA seashell thing sounds like it would belong in an HAI video.
The Archives
The Archives Vor 9 Stunden
plot twist: tom is updating it manually
weeb jail
weeb jail Vor 9 Stunden
it's boobs! it's not boobs? huh.
Glenn Vor 9 Stunden
Just because you think it’s crap?
Alister Puddifer
Alister Puddifer Vor 9 Stunden
I like the way Steam does it best. On my computer I know that a large game should take around 2hrs to install. So if the estimated time is more than 2hrs, then it's running slow, so maybe I should pause it and try again later. If it's less than 2hrs, then it's running fast and I should install as many games as I need now.
Duckles Vor 9 Stunden
2021, not yet.
Martin Leiser
Martin Leiser Vor 9 Stunden
i am guilty of some progress bar code great explanation!
Vincent Productions
Vincent Productions Vor 9 Stunden
2030: Google, what is the meaning of privacy? Google: sorry, couldn't find any results for your search, please try another word.
Matthew Reames
Matthew Reames Vor 9 Stunden
DEpost will take a quarter of a second to load a 4K 60FPS Ad, but then struggles to load a video in 144p
Thomas Kneisel
Thomas Kneisel Vor 9 Stunden
Hmm from my point of view, as coder, progressbars and loading animations, let the "customer" keep calm and thinks, it works. They are allmost never percise ... sry boss ;)
monke Vor 9 Stunden
This explains why progress get stuck at 99% bcs sometimes the calculation is not exact and to compensate they just wait at 99% instead of going bacc to 95% or something
Cayde-6 Vor 9 Stunden
This is literally me whole to do list
shoaib anwar
shoaib anwar Vor 9 Stunden
Tilted screen for gravity assist .gif
Alexandre Tavares
Alexandre Tavares Vor 10 Stunden
I can't believe you didn't mention the halting problem
JMThought Vor 10 Stunden
Greet video. Answered a question I’ve had for 20 years. Mad you’ve only just made it.
James Smith
James Smith Vor 10 Stunden
thank you!
I have to power of god and anime on my side
I have to power of god and anime on my side Vor 10 Stunden
Wow that's old
Hani Maisarah Ishak
Hani Maisarah Ishak Vor 10 Stunden
Y tho
REEV3S Vor 10 Stunden
booba hehehehe
R3tr0humppa Vor 10 Stunden
I will remember the "it's still wrong, but differently wrong" for later use.
BARDO Vor 10 Stunden
I hoped so much that Tom would say this video was an idea from GPT-3 at the end.^^
FleurBird Vor 10 Stunden
Thanks Tom, i won't try to make progress bars smooth...
Erin Howett
Erin Howett Vor 10 Stunden
Tom's great
Guy 01
Guy 01 Vor 10 Stunden
Dear computer: I don't care if you're about to go supernova and melt my entire house down. I want to play the witcher 3.
kapytanhook Vor 10 Stunden
Personally I like freedom of speech and don't think politicians should micromanage us to this level because they are ineffective. The collective deciding what the individual should do for the common good sets a bad precedent. But for some reason this love for freedom is not shared by left nor right.
Happy Fox
Happy Fox Vor 10 Stunden
ah Windows XP install estimation time, how you lied to us all, ETA 20 minutes... actual... 3 hours