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Tom MacDonald - "SELLOUT"
Tom MacDonald - "Cancer"
Tom MacDonald - "My Fans"
Tom MacDonald - "I Wish"
augustin3 cham
augustin3 cham Vor 4 Minuten
Can someone make me a list of rappers like this man 👆
maria lopez
maria lopez Vor 6 Minuten
Found my new favorite artist!
Shelby Gael
Shelby Gael Vor 10 Minuten
Chock full of really bad hot takes while calling people stupid. Excuse me while I go laugh myself to tears.
jason jowan
jason jowan Vor 14 Minuten
HEAVENS' HIMS': *Hi, my name is Death. I drive a ford. /Welll, my name's really Breath. And I'm never board. *Heaven's rhymes, time for lines upon lines. And how many times can the simple be stated in such basic word designs? /I'm waiting for my brain to explode, but it still feels fine. Anyways, let's lay times upon times. *If I can help just one person, I'll do it! Especially if I can pour my heart out, I'll see to it! /If the rhymes of the times where to blow past my minds, I'd say to the loos hit! Give me back Your Spirit! *I'm a Word pitcher, a brain stitcher. /I'm a tell -it -like -it -is fisher; get murdered to be richer. *Ahh, we're getting near it, but we're gonna blow right past it, and be fantastic! /Yep, not gonna fear it. Cheer it! Hang out in heaven figuring out seven like a scholastic. *One thousand years in space. /To solve the case. *The city comes back to the capital of the universe and lands where it used to verse. /Comes back first as a hearse with a Preacher to deal with the worse. *The fire goes out. /No more doubt. *We won because of Him. /Say "Fair Well forever!", and "Good by!", "RIP sin.". *Sing us a song your the preacherman. Sing us a song it's almost night. /Cause we've all been put in the mood for your melody, the worlds got us feeling uptight. *Heaven, ya gotta be there. /Here pull up a chair. *Fruit everywhere, even catch it outta the air. /Maple syrup ball fans delicately lands, like even the plants care. *Heck, you can even adjust the length and colour of your hair. /And with that awesome radiance, no one'll even notice we're bare. *You've seen the worst, now live in the best. /Never weary, never need rest, the cursed capital now blest, animals, bugs, plants, now more than temporary guests. *Variety pouring outta everything! /Even amoung the apples and dogs we now only see a fraction of a zinggg. *Junk DNA will say "Hey!". /"I'm gonna be expressed, not locked away.". *Every feel good hormone and more will ROAR! /No drugs need, just open each door. *But of course plant compounds will have lots of surprises. /Even brain arises. *Colour tantalizes, odd shapes and aromas yell "Analyze this!". /From silky corn syrup strings to what a wheat berry brings, every plant will blossom bliss. *Even we'll be in a million ways kissed beyond any list. /Happily helping the universe with our opposible thumb and wrist. *But we're not the only one. /All beings will grow in piece, knowledge, love, and fun. *We'll travel the universe at the speed of thought. /Everyday'll feel vacationy, I always thought it ought. *I'll play wrestle with a colourful bear and sing songs with birds as we fly though the air. /I'll race a hare and have a nice long conversation with a sloth in a chair. *Everything is alot for GOD to give. /And neverending is a long time to live. *But please don't compare this world that's unfair, /to neverendingly wallowing in our God's care. *Even the trees will move their roots and slowly walk with ease. /The dogs will talk as they please, not just bark and sneeze. *We'll get married with every encounter. /And she won't worry when you flirt or hound her. *And guys, check out the new spaceship I built! /But if you wanna talk emotions and form a quilt, no guilt. *I might join ya, but I may hop away on my new spring stilt. /Again, no guilt. Freewill can now be spilt. *And with a new language and mindfull waves to read: /Communication will be top speed and details filled in like tetris was perfectly keyed. *The second law of thermodynamics: Repealed! Old science congealed. /No more virus in the program, all's healed! *Our theatre screen is a dark don't do. /The real universe is a: Hi, how are you? *Way beyond what any sky ball chaser can pencil in. /I've done wrote in your sin with my ink pen. *Imagine a bright colourful outer space, varying shades, at a varying pace. /And just imagine, the devil tried to case, then rob the place. *Let's quickly deal with him, he started sin. /Selfishness and it's kin has been wrong again and again and about to be in the bin. *Once its totally proved Love's opposite is crap. /We can be handed Love's creative powers and the universe's map. *We can get on with the show! /Even from this moment. Get up and go! *Healthy living can be giving a percentage of heaven's wow. /Life in your cells like living leaven now. *But when your trillions of cell cities light up with high capacities, you'll breath. /You'll radiate your mood and state, changing auras, it'll be great, you'll weave. *Perceive, believe, here slip into this sleave. I'll toss it around, the other armhole is right there to be found. /How's that fit? Shave, shower, out with it. Don't quit. You know where your bound. *The top of the embassy world, running the universe with God and the angels is where we'll be found. /Or maybe somewhere in the universe, fluttering around. Send a brain wave, I'll hear it like a sound. *Yep we're a hundred times bigger and in the center of all space. /Pop that bad cap and to the edge we'll creatively race. *And time being defined in the myriad of rhyme has been as simple as, a clock ticking. /Past gone. Future being formed but has nowhere yet to roam. And the present a neverending poem, about fruit picking. *We're gonna grab this, we're gonna understand this! /We're gonna shut off the world, and grandstand a fist! *My Saturday is not stealing heaven from your tray. /Touche', your blocking My way. *Faith is great. /And when its full its fate. *Relate! Full faith will even eliminate problems and hate. /Temptations are just the devil's hook and bait. And in heaven.... no more wait. *And I'm still crazy about every plant having fruit. /Besides all the girls being so cute, seems to be the loot. *Of course living with the Creator is absolute best, atop the universe like a eagle's nest. /Absorbing Love and Life to share, the only quest. *We'll have a real body doing real things, planting gardens and building our dreams. /We'll have real relationships, we'll remember all the seens, photographic spirit, and a soul that beams. *Sucking it all in like fiends, dancing in our genes, prancing around like kings and queens. /Joining teams, building and binding and finding and creating scenes. *But still hear. /And realities seens say its near. *The LORD spiritually weens, He can even fly you past being a kid and the teens. /Jesus redeems, and following is easy when you know what Love means. *The cartoon world is beyond what it seems, beyond ideas and themes. /Thoughout neverending we'll be amazed by extremes. And also, just for goodness sake, fight the devil's schemes. *Give it to em good. /Convince them they should. *Its You through me! /Thank You, and let it be. *Love, Jason Jowan /September 30, 2020. Post Script: All my prophecies are public domain. Go do something with it. More in the comments section of amazing discoveries DEpost video "Leadership and End-Time Prophecy"...
Jose Davila
Jose Davila Vor 19 Minuten
You elevate rap to a whole another level hope you continue having a successful career
jason jowan
jason jowan Vor 21 Minute
WAITING FOR THE SON *So we seem to have this down pat now, a leftover timeline of how a dressed up sow , as a cow jumps over the moon. /Definitely need those cheap sun glasses for that special monday's noon. *All the hot moondays are gone. /More time to tune the instruments and play the song. *We have a GOD who changes His Mind so talk to Him like your cool. /Walk in His work like your Somebody's fool. *Like your the tree He nailed Himself to. /Then wake up to life like your somebody new! *Insanity will build up till no one can save, well... except Definitely Dave. /With His Sword and His stave and a look or a wave, to deny would be grave, it's to be physically gave. *But the phone me baloney moonhouse muscleman first. /Don't look, don't go, don't phone, be well versed. *Convert the magically gifted cursed. /Well, if you make it through the worst. *It starts with an earthquake, birds, and snakes, and airplanes /Two trains, heading two ways, symbolism's Abels' and cains' boarding the Aarks in the Rrains. *Both sides feeling pains and feeling that they're gaining gains. /And it's all spread out on the tables and the plains. Revelations to the sanes. *Every coin has it's opposite side, don't believe the little guy when he comes to fry, fire is his only friend. /The LORD's just a ladder away, past all four pies and the fridge where they lie, directing a dramatic end. *I don't need to live in my own sun. /I don't need a world I've begun. *I don't need a moon for my kid /I don't need stars for my friends who didn't learn the handshake like I did. *But you weren't smart enough to know he lives right above us in the sun, they say. /If you don't follow now, in red you'll pay, say anyway. *Say "Bravo to the show!". /And "LORD let me live anouther day, I pray, I stay, to give your gifts away and warn about the foe and his babylonian hoe", they got a kid daughter together now you know. *Back to the ribbon and bow and personal revelations in the details are to show. /Just look at the trumpet the musicians blow. *The Holy Subconscious convinces you dear. /Convicts and disciplines for the Cure. *The Creator's own mind in the creation sounds fine. /Heck, in heaven we'll even share with each other like a mime in a rhyming phone line. *Unfortunately the computer counterfeit here is blind. /And demon possessions sold as sublime in wally's store like its fine. *Drumroll please! /Stare at the sun and sneeze. *Controllable disease. /Cure in the moon cookie to weekly ease. *Devils' dancing in the cold moonlight. /Waiting, setting up, for that great day of fright. *Everyone, personally has to decide what's sight. /Does God live in the sun? And how many can we convince in the night? *A quarter bounces right if the bed is made tight. /Bring em in now, as many as bow, not as many as bite. *Sin can sound right. /And Love can fuel an old fight. *It gets pretty bad, the world goes sad. /But the ss are glad as they open the curtain for dad. *Sing I'm a loser, God sewed up my brain like a suture. /I know death's future, I know pain's a user. *I know I gotta abide. /Proving suits wrong in stride. *The Robes will say "bye" without fear or pride. /If they're gonna look back later and say "Good ride!" *Pestilences, wars, and waves and a couple of pop ups from mary mom on easter day. /World waxing worse and worse even Fourth of July devils funnel out to play. *Just when we think it can't get any badder. /The great nucular bombs under earthquake makes us madder. *First death day down, three more to go. /The fake sun spin around, xmas, and valentines, now ya know. *Fasting faster and praying harder. /The mass is the barter. *Done by the new guy but still the one. /Yep, every little one has been pointing to the moon and sun. *You've heard me before. /I'll go quick to keep the new ones, and the old won't bore. *Three days fast in the dog days of summer. /Help us God! We've become rubber. *DC storm rolls back like a plow on sod. /Then a loudspeaker voice from "God". *Sun shuts off at the break of noon. /Darkness till the red moon. *The two unite like father and son. /Ready to get the job done. *Red goes black after its cracked. /And coronas out colours like the visit is fact. *Angels drive their RVs to the big building sun. /The great party has just begun. Fry, run, or accept the fun. *Moon drifts aimlessly away. /Nobody's there? Nobody's stayed? *She's A Rainbow In The Dark. /Will you accept her mark? *The great spin around. /Frequencies abound. *Goodbye really bads, goodbye Ads. /Your new name is lightning pads. *Glory ball goodbye really good. /We'll see ya'll next time we should. *Ghosts pour outta the ground with a joyful shout! /Up to the sun, through the air, they appear. Will you doubt? *He lands! There's trumpets and tears. /But his magic can't wipe away everyone's fears. *World leaders have a seat east of little crete. /Bow down to the simulator at the start of the beat; or face the heat. *Halloween gets rid of the devils that seemed free. /And Thanksgiving's new fruits, a taste of what the promised land will be. *What! Not on board yet? /Carefull, there's a sun you'll upset. *He gets darker and darker until the coldest made day. /He's appeased with murder they say. *The midnight rambler is a jolly gambler, some call him dad. /He shows up on time with a king of the north dime, some call him bad. *Valentine's day is a search for a needle in the hay. /It shines bright, pokes ya just right, and seems to stay in the way. *St. Patty's parties. /No one left but the smarties. *Waiting around with no more frown. /Mother earth's about to break ground. *Butt easter's crown has been let down. /The superhero enemies still abound. *Plagues fall. Not enough faith in the ball? /Strenghthened finally and this time they'll fall, but its really the end of it all. *Or is it just the beginning? /You better stop sinning. *September 1, 2020 /Jason Jowan.
Jerry Burnett
Jerry Burnett Vor 35 Minuten
Truth simply stated
Daniel Pessoa
Daniel Pessoa Vor 36 Minuten
I'm no fan of rap. And this is the most necessary song of the last 10 years. Thanks TOM!
Strzyga owl
Strzyga owl Vor 38 Minuten
doas anyone notice he names his song the most liked commit sober next on my playlist
king of clash
king of clash Vor 42 Minuten
I just hate people in general. Dont have many good memories around people
josh Vor 54 Minuten
Dude bravo totally impressed.
Dakota Washburn
Dakota Washburn Vor 57 Minuten
i love you
Grub Session
Grub Session Vor Stunde
Kyle Green
Kyle Green Vor Stunde
Finally someone using their voice to stand up for everyone, not just one group of people
Shaun Moodley
Shaun Moodley Vor Stunde
great song need to meet tom one day .
Fran6 daGod
Fran6 daGod Vor Stunde
Your too good man👍, but can you please drop like an album for us
DBaine Boy
DBaine Boy Vor Stunde
you could tell the water was cold when he was getting sprayed by water just by his reaction
Silent Echoes91
Silent Echoes91 Vor Stunde
Thank you for this Banger!
Strzyga owl
Strzyga owl Vor Stunde
why is everything so true?
7th CAV Trooper
7th CAV Trooper Vor Stunde
Started a Russian Hard Bass radio on Spotify which slowly migrated away from Hard Bass and eventually Tom MacDonald showed up in the play list with "People so Stupid!" Damn that was lucky for me. Now I'm a Tom MacDonald fan.
Strzyga owl
Strzyga owl Vor Stunde
his braincells are big and he has ton lol this is a true song
Strzyga owl
Strzyga owl Vor Stunde
bro wow
Johnnie Oxendine
Johnnie Oxendine Vor Stunde
Wanna be Eminem
ur the best pls shout out and ur the best raper
Austin Sims
Austin Sims Vor Stunde
Man, my greatest mistake was EVER WISHING I was grown!! Another great song for your legacy Tom and Nova
TyDye Vor Stunde
I was gonna post a comment about Tom MacDonald, but everything's been said.
Sheriff Fuji
Sheriff Fuji Vor Stunde
I wish someone would talk to me
Thomas Davidson Cole
Thomas Davidson Cole Vor Stunde
This guy is totally different. He preaches more than the pope or any religious leader.
David Chmura
David Chmura Vor Stunde
I am coming up on a year sober Feb. 11th and when I listen to your music it helps to stay focus on my recovery and for that I Thank You. Stay Blessed.
Michelle Myers
Michelle Myers Vor 2 Stunden
Was never really of a fan of this genre of music, but I truly love this guy! The message in his music is absolutely amazing. Probably my favorite artist now, I haven't been able to stop playing his songs for a few weeks now.
Gynx Grimm
Gynx Grimm Vor 2 Stunden
Not democracy, it's oligarchy
William Elliott
William Elliott Vor 2 Stunden
The straws lyrics got me, I hated making tea for people who get mad I wouldn't have paper straws.... But the cups they liked.... They where plastic.
Cameron Milavec
Cameron Milavec Vor 2 Stunden
WTF...bro so cool
Linda A
Linda A Vor 2 Stunden
I'm proud of the right who fight back I love it
Agent Grin
Agent Grin Vor 2 Stunden
This story just shows why you should research a location BEFORE going to it.
mr shlubbs
mr shlubbs Vor 2 Stunden
but he ate the paper tho
LiveAndLocalTelevision FrancineStar
LiveAndLocalTelevision FrancineStar Vor 2 Stunden
<3 with a heart made of gold <3
Shayman808 Vor 2 Stunden
I hate rap, but gotta love me some real hip hop.
This man is protected by lots of positive energy and good spirits you can just tell
LiveAndLocalTelevision FrancineStar
LiveAndLocalTelevision FrancineStar Vor 2 Stunden
LOL To funny. Check out the new kids. They reflect: How they are abused. By Racist Supremacist. Of every sort. And no one seems to care. depost.info/one/video/cmaAlauFf9Fm058.html
Angellica Hamilton
Angellica Hamilton Vor 2 Stunden
Do you think the elites care about your rants. They don't give a flying fuck. They are Luciferians they don't care.
Thinley Tobgyel
Thinley Tobgyel Vor 2 Stunden
Jasper Hanrahan
Jasper Hanrahan Vor 2 Stunden
How do people enjoy this song
Thinley Tobgyel
Thinley Tobgyel Vor 2 Stunden
I think thay will kill me 😔😔🔫🗡
it's jenn.
it's jenn. Vor 2 Stunden
Holy shit 😳
LiveAndLocalTelevision FrancineStar
LiveAndLocalTelevision FrancineStar Vor 2 Stunden