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David Choe
David Choe Vor 8 Stunden
That drawing of sallie is horrifying lmao
Creative Libra
Creative Libra Vor 8 Stunden
Honestly, I thought the seal was to make sure it's fresh still lmao
Haley B
Haley B Vor 8 Stunden
HOW DID I NOT SEE THIS TILL JUST NOW?!?!?!?!?! Oh well at least the boys are back my life has meaning again for the next couple weeks 🥰🥰🥰😂
Mel Fonseca
Mel Fonseca Vor 8 Stunden
my boys are backkkkk with my favorite show
Cheyenne Palmer
Cheyenne Palmer Vor 8 Stunden
the “boop boop boop” 16:10 sounds like the Underground Mario theme song
scooby dicky
scooby dicky Vor 8 Stunden
There might be small blades in the candy.
Nugget .
Nugget . Vor 8 Stunden
Finally they’re back
lyn matthews wood
lyn matthews wood Vor 8 Stunden
to all my fellow pagans, have a blessed samhain <3
Sector Vor 8 Stunden
Masyn Ciccarello
Masyn Ciccarello Vor 8 Stunden
I wonder if he confessed so fast bc he got caught up with the worst of the worst kinds of people and thought going to prison and getting the death penalty would be better than someone in his family getting hurt. Or he just got tired of the life
Shela Mae Campomanes
Shela Mae Campomanes Vor 8 Stunden
this is extraordinary. I hope Serge is freely dancing wherever he is right now :))
Jayden Goh
Jayden Goh Vor 8 Stunden
why is there only 671 comments in a 16 mil views video
Cory McD
Cory McD Vor 8 Stunden
My parents used to say that Santa would leave reindeer poop and coal in my stocking. One time our cat pooped on them (we don’t have a fireplace so we leave them around the tree). So the cat pooped on the stockings and I thought I was in trouble couldn’t stop crying
The Husky channel
The Husky channel Vor 8 Stunden
What they did might not of been the right thing to do but it may have been the only thing they could have done
lemon dumpling
lemon dumpling Vor 8 Stunden
their backs are probably hurting from carrying Buzzfeed
Scofaa Vor 8 Stunden
if she weighs the same as a duck, she's a witch!
Hackerman Gage
Hackerman Gage Vor 8 Stunden
Cthulhu. I’m blaming Cthulhu
Foxy Jambread
Foxy Jambread Vor 8 Stunden
I'm less than a minute in and already crying laughing why was that lady handing out loose bits of trail mix to those kids im fuckin-
Mike Antonio Jr
Mike Antonio Jr Vor 8 Stunden
drunken lighthouse keepers
Mike Antonio Jr
Mike Antonio Jr Vor 8 Stunden
or pirates
lost frog
lost frog Vor 8 Stunden
Ahhh I missed you guys
Laura Catha
Laura Catha Vor 8 Stunden
Have y'all done the old building in Chicago where Al Capone use to hide his alcohol during the prohibition. I never believed in ghosts until I felt the magnetic pull myself I, also have pictures with tons if orbs with faces inside of them and a silhouette of a woman in period clothing. I had to witness it for myself to believe.
Ione Shaver
Ione Shaver Vor 8 Stunden
Ok weird story but aliens?? Why do some people immediately jump to aliens or the supernatural? Geeze ...
Nasty Boy
Nasty Boy Vor 8 Stunden
Hold up: did the lady handing out treats to the kids in the beginning literally reach barehanded into a container of loose jellybeans and sprinkle them into the bags?
Ivan Camilo
Ivan Camilo Vor 8 Stunden
I got a GEICO commercial ad before the video played 😆
evelyn Vor 8 Stunden
this is my bedtime video now hehehe
my display picture doesnt share food!!!
my display picture doesnt share food!!! Vor 8 Stunden
Dude, Ryan seems mad at Shane in some parts of this episode xD
Bob Farrington
Bob Farrington Vor 8 Stunden
its funny Ryan jumped at the same time I did, nice rap battle guys
Erin Fitzsimmons
Erin Fitzsimmons Vor 8 Stunden
For the post mortem: What if we combine two theories,,, and the gay lighthouse tripod JOINED the water sprites and lived happily ever after as gay mermen in Atlantis? (With the lost colony of Roanoke, of course)
Anushka Karmakar
Anushka Karmakar Vor 8 Stunden
It feels empty here without our favorite demon: SHANE!!
Pineapple Vor 8 Stunden
omg I missed them so much asdfghjklzxcvnmsdggjdyjkhkde
Maria Lijauco
Maria Lijauco Vor 8 Stunden
3:06 i saw a figure of a woman standing and then disappeared
Ronny Renfer
Ronny Renfer Vor 8 Stunden
MegaBox 58
MegaBox 58 Vor 8 Stunden
Everything here is wrong. He was clearly recruited by a sexy blonde vampire, that has a brother that uses sunlight breathing magic who has a star birthmark.
Justin Barrett
Justin Barrett Vor 8 Stunden
keegan little Little
keegan little Little Vor 8 Stunden
29:28 right above his head is a ghost orb!!!!
daffy duck
daffy duck Vor 8 Stunden
um ryan lookin kinda cute in this 😳
MDD Lagi Uy
MDD Lagi Uy Vor 8 Stunden
Ryan's narration voice really makes Unsolved "Unsolved". It's kind of like a trademark.
notyified _
notyified _ Vor 9 Stunden
Do William Tyrell
MrCicada Vor 9 Stunden
You better have shared the mothman pizza with some of the camera crew
Captain Caveman
Captain Caveman Vor 9 Stunden
That loey guy is massive
Jack MacGregor
Jack MacGregor Vor 9 Stunden
Some of the worst scottish accents ever😂. Shane looked like he was having a stroke
Ricky Martinez
Ricky Martinez Vor 9 Stunden
What happened with this channel we need more unsolved episodes
Luthfiana Lintang E
Luthfiana Lintang E Vor 9 Stunden
He died at 17 years old?
Semra Kutlu
Semra Kutlu Vor 9 Stunden
Can you add Turkish subtitles in the videos? :))
Semra Kutlu
Semra Kutlu Vor 9 Stunden
Can you add Turkish subtitles in the videos? :)
Evie Chambers
Evie Chambers Vor 9 Stunden
The way Ryan says buoy 🤣
TheAnnex Vor 9 Stunden
Will Shane be cutting his hair?
Shannon Romero
Shannon Romero Vor 9 Stunden
You should watch "The Lighthouse"
nicoco berru
nicoco berru Vor 9 Stunden
I'm so confused about the bouy thing. I didn't know what a bouy was, but searching the net it seems to be thing that floats in the water? What do they mean by up in the air?
Abir Hasan
Abir Hasan Vor 9 Stunden
why do i have a feeling that i watched the episode before in this channel?
COD Thumb Raider
COD Thumb Raider Vor 9 Stunden
Wooooowwwww they are baaaaaack
NATURE4ROX Vor 9 Stunden
"It's not HAUNTED, Ryan's an idiot! lol
calista Vor 9 Stunden
where did all the comments go
Jodi Betts
Jodi Betts Vor 9 Stunden
angelena macarthur
angelena macarthur Vor 9 Stunden
I gotta say, as a MacArthur, it's not that surprising if Donald went mad and tried to kill the others. Its happened like twice at family reunions, at the same reunion.
Emma Matsuoka
Emma Matsuoka Vor 9 Stunden
1:03:05 voice says : whats happen
OkZoomer7 890
OkZoomer7 890 Vor 9 Stunden
Imagine being the 111 people who disliked The disrespect
julswed Vor 9 Stunden
the movie based on this is really good!
cassie earle
cassie earle Vor 9 Stunden
was the movie Robert Patterson in base doff of this?
Haana Salemi
Haana Salemi Vor 9 Stunden
Why is no one talking about how amazing Ryan is at rhyming
Harshita Goyal
Harshita Goyal Vor 9 Stunden
2:47 Welcome to 2020 baby... You don't like it now do you?
Grimm Klaumenzer
Grimm Klaumenzer Vor 9 Stunden
is shane like. a bottom now
Courtney Clark
Courtney Clark Vor 9 Stunden
Y’all really took the time to make a video to let others form their own opinion, and then just talked over it. What the hell. Shut up.
Matthew Hernandez
Matthew Hernandez Vor 9 Stunden
I thought they were done with buzz feed?
K Frost
K Frost Vor 9 Stunden
Ok but who labeled Shane and Ryan as "Man in Red" and "Man in Grey" in the captions??
NPC Kyle
NPC Kyle Vor 9 Stunden
How about buzzfeed looks into the mysterious hunter biden emails 👻
Anna Vor 9 Stunden
I usually agree with Ryan on the ghost stuff, but this time, for the last one, I gotta give it to Shane. It looked like Ryan's silhouette.
Wolf Suburban
Wolf Suburban Vor 9 Stunden
Cuba road Illinois
Vincent Vor 9 Stunden
This is a carnival ride.
Zara Hasan
Zara Hasan Vor 9 Stunden
I'm gonna take the logical route here and say they were swept out to sea. Accidents happen, and honestly there was no accountability back then, so like the fact that the watcher didn't warn the main land or that even with several years of experience they messed up, it seems logical. P.s. So glad you guys are back with the cases 🙌
Lucas Delaney
Lucas Delaney Vor 9 Stunden
I know I've heard this story many times everywhere else, but I could have sworn that you had already covered this one before
NFF Sleepy
NFF Sleepy Vor 9 Stunden
From what I've heard, the men weren't supposed to leave the lighthouse at all. I'm not sure why, but I'm assuming it was for safety reasons. I can't think of anything other than supernatural occurrences as the reason behind the disappearances. Glad to have you boys back though. I missed this series