Changhyuk Choi
Changhyuk Choi Vor 20 Stunden
The intro music is so good
Earthenfist Vor 20 Stunden
See, the next thing to do is realize that the plywood wear surfaces are perhaps not the best. Clearly, you need more Brass.
PookieNumNums Vor 20 Stunden
OOOOOOOOOOOOK the marble machines was great... we all enjoyed it !!! it was a great video that got a lot of views and a lot of fans... great DUDE jesus christ move on with your life and do something else and get damn marble music out of your head. It's like OOOOK yea great he did that thing with the marbles and wood and lego parts.. HOOORAY get over it already.
Randy James
Randy James Vor 20 Stunden
Lookin' good, Martin!
Robert Jaynes
Robert Jaynes Vor 21 Stunde
Thank you Martin. Thank you.
Earthenfist Vor 21 Stunde
You know, that ratchet needs weight- and a good way to do so would be to put something long and heavy that hangs over the front of the whole mechanism... Something maybe, kinetic finger shaped?
Walter Mays
Walter Mays Vor 21 Stunde
This is a tiny thing but... is the stereo reversed in this video?
Ricardo Pagán
Ricardo Pagán Vor 21 Stunde
This made me cry. It's amazing how this amazing piece of art has joined so many peeps from so many different background. Thanks Martin and keep onward.
bobby barbini
bobby barbini Vor 21 Stunde
bj0rn Vor 22 Stunden
I was waiting for the funnels made from marble, then I realized I'm stupid.
devjock Vor 22 Stunden
"coolest plywood parts I've ever made" cue Dexter's Lab "This is my greatest invention!"
Pedro G Cominal
Pedro G Cominal Vor 22 Stunden
I would use brass/bronze cogs... steampunkish feeling
Steven Mayhew
Steven Mayhew Vor 22 Stunden
I saw that DEpost video as to what exactly that blue thing is.
Pedro G Cominal
Pedro G Cominal Vor 22 Stunden
I'm sorry, but this design loooooooks SO FREAKING AWESOME
Graham J. Ellis
Graham J. Ellis Vor 22 Stunden
Hey! Wait up there, I've been subscribed to the second channel ever since you announced it but it's only ever had a few recycled videos and 2 or 3 new ones from months ago. You called it "Wilson". Now you tell us there's _another_ "second" channel? When did you do that? Why didn't you tell us? What willyou use the spare/redundant Wilson channel for?
Alec Richards
Alec Richards Vor 22 Stunden
These videos are so satisfying to watch. Keep up the amazing work!
Renouce Red
Renouce Red Vor 22 Stunden
I love his little hints and secrets
Davie Donothing
Davie Donothing Vor 22 Stunden
There are music festivals In UK this year will it be ready in would love to see it
Sebastian Ag
Sebastian Ag Vor 22 Stunden
Coolest contraption on earth! It looks like something out of Howl's moving castle!
Ouroboros84 Vor 23 Stunden
This is a proof that God exists.
•Midori Lapidot•
•Midori Lapidot• Vor 23 Stunden
QI 999
Aooga Vor 23 Stunden
5:14 wintergatan becomes kermit the frog
I Ate Eight
I Ate Eight Vor 23 Stunden
The wings dont make the target any bigger, they move the target closer. Why not just move the target (basket) closer?
Ramp Tower
Ramp Tower Vor 23 Stunden
2042 First man walks on Mars, Martin redesigns another part on MMX.
William Giesinger
William Giesinger Vor 23 Stunden
I love this song, man you rule!
Ruggero MALTA
Ruggero MALTA Vor Tag
😳Oooh waaaaah 👍
TryTryTry Vor Tag
This is Terminator 33⅓ :)
onZampie Vor Tag
The color of the laser cut edges of the plastic looks absolutely perfect. Its the type of unintentional side effect that makes something better than how it was planned.
KingBobXIV Vor Tag
I've been a little checked out (but still supporting!) for a while, but this is a great place to come back to - this is the first version of the marble gates that I've really felt excited about! Love to see it, and proud of the community for coming together to make it happen :) Love me some clockwork design elements!
Affinix Vor Tag
❤️❤️❤️ so epic and awesome!
Mark Bentley
Mark Bentley Vor Tag
The brown stained cut edges are possibly due to the plastic being PVC based...not PET. Laser cutting PVC really isn't good for your health...take care please. Great video as usual though thank you 😊
xDeathStar Vor Tag
We will see that idea from 6:22 soon :))
Daniel .Power
Daniel .Power Vor Tag
All these improvements make me wonder how the original machine 2 years ago could make that one viral music video
Corrupt_Reverend Vor Tag
for stainless to mild welding, just use 309, or even 316 filler rod. Though, not really a big deal for prototype stage.
Nicholas Ross
Nicholas Ross Vor Tag
You had a great form function win with the marble gates. I'm crossing my fingers hoping you find something similar with these. Still not a fan of the look:/
Zombie Tuba
Zombie Tuba Vor Tag
I’ve been having a rough couple of weeks. I’m going to try the bike ride thing c:
aeris Vor Tag
I hate plastic...
Pip Vor Tag
I was just about to write a song for my Dear Moon application but I believe music is already covered ♥️ Holy moly, you deserve this more than anyone 🌹
IsmaiL Vor Tag
You are amazing 👍
OnPoint Vor Tag
The marble machine incarnates a human organ, every fragment is simple and just posses one certain ability but combined their able to achieve something like this
DilOkulum İspanyolca - Anla Konuş Yaşa
DilOkulum İspanyolca - Anla Konuş Yaşa Vor Tag
so great :D
Rik Bloemers
Rik Bloemers Vor Tag
yes do the blue design
roniel kkj
roniel kkj Vor Tag
Familycraft Dad
Familycraft Dad Vor Tag
Sometimes I forget just how much of a super star you are!
MrRoxmj Vor Tag
These plastic endings looks like crutch. I understand that too much time wasted for assembling metal funnels, so you trying to improve them... But I think it's better to create new funnels from scratch. Maybe plastic funnels? By the way, PET plastic (plastic bottles) is thermal shrinkable. Try to play with 2L bottles on wooden shape & heat. You can create funnels like Lilium or Calla flowers...
gutlass Vor Tag
A simple solution to allow the opening the funnels would be to extend the lower (fixed) clear plastic guard, both down and back, so it overlaps the entire width of the opening over the entire height.
The Inscrutable
The Inscrutable Vor Tag
+1 for the SN10 reference!
sd ch
sd ch Vor Tag
Мартін дійсно крутий... Чекаю на його музику з проекту MMX... Та звісно ж світовий тур...
Gennadiy Misiuta
Gennadiy Misiuta Vor Tag
Он его никогда не закончит...
larry wright
larry wright Vor Tag
What if you reduce the movement of the funnels?
ScottLucian Vor Tag
Video starts at 2:20
Maisha ya Mwafirika
Maisha ya Mwafirika Vor Tag
that one black marble (:
Krzysztof Miszczyński
Krzysztof Miszczyński Vor Tag
Why not make bigger funnels??
Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis Vor Tag
Awesome footage on each of your bike rides :).
angroid2000 Vor Tag
They look like those funnels women use to pee standing up
Kenzie Hansen
Kenzie Hansen Vor Tag
4:11 Look at the marbles! And good work Martin!
KING Vor Tag
Can’t wait for his word tour
Klavin Vor Tag
7:51 ha jokes on you I can't leave my town because our goverment said so
Klaus Wittrup Jensen
Klaus Wittrup Jensen Vor Tag
Please let me know in the comments if you think that the world will explode. 🧨. LOL 🥁
Kastiellleee Lhack
Kastiellleee Lhack Vor Tag
[The software system is included on the "Eli Machine"]
Kastiellleee Lhack
Kastiellleee Lhack Vor Tag
[The software system is included on the "Eli Machine"]
Kastiellleee Lhack
Kastiellleee Lhack Vor Tag
[The software system is included on the "Eli Machine"]
Kurt Danis
Kurt Danis Vor Tag
BRAVO! Well done, MMX discord team!!! Such an elegant design. This is an unexpected quantum lead ahead!
David S
David S Vor Tag
Oh gosh a brass wheel for the clock mechanism would look great on this...
eiccaw Vor Tag
am i the only one who got serious OCD for those old funnel parts hearyedgeburrs? Every time i see those i just want take sandpaper and carpetknife and start to clean those burr out of them :D Thos new one are way more satisfying :)
jerison poe
jerison poe Vor Tag
This is the real life equivalent of being a red stone master
Night Sage
Night Sage Vor Tag
I'm glad you changed the dropper. Watching that rotate as marbles drop, is very satisfying.
Aaron Becker
Aaron Becker Vor Tag
Silly as it sounds, I appreciate the healthy advice at the end of this video. I’ve looked at my bike every day for a year and a half and haven’t gotten it out, but I think I will pump up the tires and take it out soon! Seeing you casually ride through the countryside was very peaceful and beautiful.
eraz0rhead Vor Tag
Awww. I kinda liked the green. It's not awful at all. (But, I agree, it doesn't match the clear aesthetic of the existing piping, so .. I understand)
Nanami Ousaka
Nanami Ousaka Vor Tag
0:53 This part is the most awesome for me, but of course everything there is top notch
Rabbit Vor Tag
I thought that this was a weird gun from the thumbnail
jasonteknut Vor Tag
I love the aesthetic of the escapement wheel. Another benefit is the potential for easy marble height adjustment in the marble feed. Before, you needed to adjust the marble feed length to have the marbles flush across the marble divider. With this design, you can accomplish this by rotating the escapement with regard to the marble sprocket, which effectively modifies where the marbles stop when the escapement rests. This adjustment would be extremely easy and precise to tune.
Michael Verhoef
Michael Verhoef Vor Tag
AAAAAHHHH! The constant contact marble divider! I'm loving these little "next video" hints. Way to go Martin! We're with you to the end.
Jacob Stucki III
Jacob Stucki III Vor Tag
As someone who's watched for a while but never commented: These look like something you would urinate in and totally don't fit with the amazing aesthetic of the rest of the machine.
Steven Braga
Steven Braga Vor Tag
Welcome to France my friends😊😊😊
Goatsemarathon Vor Tag
Just like your song, Biking is Better!
Tag 666
Tag 666 Vor Tag
What is the full flow rate of the full marble lift? Like how many marbles per second at the marble divider? And what are the bottlenecks?
gorillafighter Vor Tag
Whenever he gots on his bike I think of “biking is better.”
すけりり Vor Tag
あー受験期のときよく聞いてたな 懐かし
すうさん Vor Tag
RealBenda Vor Tag
Thank you, Elliot, you're great! :)
briar helton
briar helton Vor Tag
you might get different suonds on the snare if you move the marblr to a different spot on the snare.