May Vor Stunde
oooh, now I understand why people marry virtual characters
Exterminador GM
Exterminador GM Vor Stunde
No siempre se trata de matar slimes Spiderman
Robin Snoer
Robin Snoer Vor Stunde
wow great music greats from germany
Queef Stew
Queef Stew Vor Stunde
Cuteness overload
OnePlusTwo 1
OnePlusTwo 1 Vor Stunde
-patiently waiting for Nintendo release so my iPad wont be abused anymore-
Heavenly Mystra
Heavenly Mystra Vor Stunde
I'm crying for missing those free redeemable codes primo gems 😢
Cédric Nyaron
Cédric Nyaron Vor Stunde
The best announcement in this trailer is ley line overflow, yeeees, give me all that sweet XP!
Eirwyn Things
Eirwyn Things Vor Stunde
WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS Like, furreal, give em' like a medal or something idk.
vqlcriє Vor Stunde
I don't hav friendssss aaaaaa
alex Vor Stunde
is nobody gonna talk about how cute Qiqi looks sitting down looking at the fireworks???🥺
Tadashi Kamizaki
Tadashi Kamizaki Vor Stunde
When mihoyo knows were simping: Barbara make em bleed
esther st. aude
esther st. aude Vor Stunde
The music in this is so good, from the calm Liyuean theme to the chaotic battle music for Xiao, not to mention the sad bit that plays for Aether?? It fits so well... I love it
RPGzin Vor Stunde
The voice actors are so lovely and humorous
Reydon Rasmussen
Reydon Rasmussen Vor Stunde
To sum it up: the childe is badass
User_DIO Vor Stunde
I got Diluc on my first pull of my wishes
ばかやろう Vor Stunde
POV: you picked Lumine as mc 10:27
Bananakiri Ayame
Bananakiri Ayame Vor Stunde
dadxai _
dadxai _ Vor Stunde
his so similar to me bc we have no soul in our eyes lmaoo
Ning XU
Ning XU Vor Stunde
As a Chinese, my guess about Hu Tao is that she works for the dead, and this update will be during Chinese New Year, so it’s not quite well to release her. And at the beginning of April we have a festival for the dead, so she will be at the end of 1.3 as third banner or in 1.4
Akari Oborodzuka
Akari Oborodzuka Vor Stunde
38:45 recuerdo que estaba terminando la misión legendaria de Zhongli cuando termine de escalar la colina donde el estaba empezó a sonar esta música y el empezó a hablar sobre la diosa de la Sal y como le hubiera gustado que ella viviera en tiempos mas tranquilos sinceramente me saco un par de lagrimas por el OST :)
NA Vor Stunde
I just hope inazuma soonnn
Kuching.sniper Vor Stunde
Spoiler warning even before the game comes out?
Awkward Katalyst
Awkward Katalyst Vor Stunde
🤔 the boy wanted to see the birds fly but according to ambers story the birds didn't learn to fly until after venti became the archon
Afatar Ing
Afatar Ing Vor Stunde
When i try to pulled and dreamed ganyu everyday. But mihoyo give me keqing when i am patient waiting for 81 pull🗿
Kiba 15
Kiba 15 Vor Stunde
map expansion when
MattsoPiratoso Vor 2 Stunden
Bruh if Act 2 music is the same as Inazuma's World Music, i'll actually stop putting my own list of other game music to play. I love that kind of music oof.
Alex Berger
Alex Berger Vor 2 Stunden
Don't act interesting in us Barbara we all know its a front for Jean.
R E Vor 2 Stunden
F2P: Xiao may be another Zhongli (1.2) a disaster
Anana Deshidratado
Anana Deshidratado Vor 2 Stunden
Luego de ver este video me arrepiento de haber escogido a la prota ;-;
Consquela Latson
Consquela Latson Vor 2 Stunden
Klee-ing the Sunlight in the Night"
Sanuku Vor 2 Stunden
She Has a good taste.
Jorge Viley Tadei Serpa
Jorge Viley Tadei Serpa Vor 2 Stunden
This is one of the best teaser format that I've seen in my life. Besides the resin thing, I love you MiHoYo.
Nur 光 Hikari
Nur 光 Hikari Vor 2 Stunden
Brandon Martínez
Brandon Martínez Vor 2 Stunden
Obviamente es por qué se ve divina :v
Kaila Huynh
Kaila Huynh Vor 2 Stunden
Why is Xiao so beautiful... this was breathtaking and really changed my life.
Rise Vor 2 Stunden
Can we get machinima mode? or a hide UI while playing? depost.info/one/video/pYWjrqqkoMeLr2Q.html
kageyamoon Vor 2 Stunden
Why am I crying
Jayden Noone
Jayden Noone Vor 2 Stunden
18:47 “Great, I’ll take ‘em all!” Zhongli: i have taught you well
LlamaRuna Vor 2 Stunden
wtf ._.
Duxi Vor 2 Stunden
More of this please
Lemonoda Vor 2 Stunden
It feels like keqing might get a new weapon 35:57
esther st. aude
esther st. aude Vor 2 Stunden
It's all coming together...
esther st. aude
esther st. aude Vor 2 Stunden
Coming back after four months is so weird. The game's grown so much in so little time...
Cyrus Vor 2 Stunden
Yea she derverd to be max leveld I don't regret anything
Berry Best
Berry Best Vor 2 Stunden
I have every 4 star character except one and I have 5 5 star characters. All I have paid for is the blessing each month for daily primogems and the battle passes. Crazy how i I hear people spending so much money on this game
JanJanNik Vor 2 Stunden
I just noticed that Corina (Paimon) also voiced a character from the 2016 Anime Erased. I recommend anyone to check it out, it's streaming on netflix now, I binged the entire season
༺༼ᗪᕮᏉłⱢ༽༻ Vor 2 Stunden
waiting for the only fans link
Entity Mesu
Entity Mesu Vor 2 Stunden
He not sad he just like to stay alone in peace he old not like we young people always wearing fuc clothes like northshi7 and saying always man man man
M o n s t e r
M o n s t e r Vor 2 Stunden
Me: calm down calm down calm down calm down,don’t panic please don’t panic and please don’t scream.. also me: *SCREAMMSSS *
Jose Plancarte
Jose Plancarte Vor 2 Stunden
Bro am Zach at 22:07
ッJeck Zafado
ッJeck Zafado Vor 2 Stunden
boyyyy my depression is falling apart
José Lopes
José Lopes Vor 2 Stunden
1:28 is that td? It's weird, but I hope so
Arthur L.
Arthur L. Vor 2 Stunden
w e
w e Vor 2 Stunden
Простите я заплакала
いあるー Vor 2 Stunden
xia Vor 2 Stunden
will the god for Sumeru be a bit darker, as Egyptians were usually quite dark ?
いあるー Vor 2 Stunden
Why is there no Japanese version?
M o n s t e r
M o n s t e r Vor 2 Stunden
Buttercup Lilac
Buttercup Lilac Vor 2 Stunden
@mihoyo it’s been a whole year since the Nintendo switch announcement. Lots of us have been waiting and waiting and nothing. Can you please give us SOMETHING? 💔
а а
а а Vor 2 Stunden
Мне опять реветь идти?
Kirigaya Kuromori
Kirigaya Kuromori Vor 2 Stunden
Me in the future watching that video to cure my depression after not getting Xiao.
Victoria S
Victoria S Vor 2 Stunden
if anyone has the name of the background music?
William Ledesma
William Ledesma Vor 2 Stunden
So sad to see Aether like that.
MOMEN GAMES Vor 3 Stunden
I cant wait i love this game
Genderless Neko
Genderless Neko Vor 3 Stunden
Is it possible I can have that last scene of Venti sitting on the log as a pc background
Stitches Vor 3 Stunden
If u want to help me get me a C6 venti
Johnny Joestar
Johnny Joestar Vor 3 Stunden
He is not alone he is with his father
sodaa_ Vor 3 Stunden
Me, who plays as lumine not knowing i should’ve chose aether cause anytime i talk with someone the dialogue keeps referring to me as a male:
Administrator Vor 3 Stunden
Since Xiao banner is only 2 weeks I take it there's a hidden meaning behind these
竹中平蔵Official YouTube Channel
竹中平蔵Official YouTube Channel Vor 3 Stunden
I am depressed
kathlyn ann estrella
kathlyn ann estrella Vor 3 Stunden
istg after we finish teyvat theyre gonna say "well done youve finished the tutorial"
Jovanni Hernandez
Jovanni Hernandez Vor 3 Stunden
I love how they still act as there characters
mars Vor 3 Stunden
pls marry me barbara <3
Heathcliff veritate
Heathcliff veritate Vor 3 Stunden
Tout ça pour des vu
Resin Rev
Resin Rev Vor 3 Stunden
Where Tao...
Kuzey Aydın
Kuzey Aydın Vor 3 Stunden
"i'm sure we will meet again" suicide rates drop to zero everyone is waiting for an another video
Jujuwu Vor 3 Stunden
This is so funny to watch now that xiao and the lantern rite is right around the corner
Dennis Lay
Dennis Lay Vor 3 Stunden
Does anyone know the name of the OST used from 36:01 - 35:56? Would greatly appreciate it!
ʙᴀɴᴀɴᴀʙʀᴇᴀᴅ Vor 3 Stunden
The ost is called "Liyue". Quite fitting.
Eagle Boy
Eagle Boy Vor 3 Stunden
Everyone simping for ganyu and xiao me simping for Barbara
Zan Zabob
Zan Zabob Vor 3 Stunden
32:13 message says " It will showcase any living beings that Travelers have defeated, CAUGHT or ...... so lets stop there . CAUGHT?? I would like to know more please.