Dear Elon Musk
Vor 11 Stunden
Ronald Cura
Ronald Cura Vor 57 Minuten
you should try the most spicy noodles ever! and BTW I don't know what it is sorry
EP1C Vor Stunde
Did you get your things back
Hello There
Hello There Vor Stunde
What are you talking about, who are you!?
Tom Ward
Tom Ward Vor Stunde
Elon if this man doesn't get a Tesla specifically from you I'll be furious
Jacquelin Elizabeth
Jacquelin Elizabeth Vor Stunde
Finally found something less productive than screaming into the void.
Misan Vor Stunde
It's okay, there's a big chance that the subscribers you would have gained wouldn't have been as active as what u would have got organically
You Vor Stunde
So he wanna do the impossible.. doesn't that make it not impossible if it's possible.. and if it's possible why everyone saying it's impossible
dark ice dragon
dark ice dragon Vor Stunde
George Lee
George Lee Vor Stunde
Ur such a lad, we r so lucky u didn’t give up haha🤙🏼 surely do a review and performance test of the Tesla😎
Deian Kent Coronado
Deian Kent Coronado Vor Stunde
69k likes... N I C E !
shigaraki simp
shigaraki simp Vor Stunde,my spicy homemade sauce!!! 1 pot of chilli flakes, Tomato ketchup 3 crushed ghost peppers Mix together
James Burge
James Burge Vor Stunde
Try it without the honey
robstar ski
robstar ski Vor Stunde
You dont
Jacek Szulist
Jacek Szulist Vor Stunde
Don't forget about 'trenbologna' sandwiches for breakfast every day for at least 12 weeks
VrexzIOS Vor Stunde
end satisfying finnaly the wait idk lol
Efloor Vor Stunde
Honestly if you do manage to succeed and inspire a lot of people to do the same, Elon and other company ceos might get annoyed by the whole thing.
Farris Kroonstadt
Farris Kroonstadt Vor Stunde
Which crypto wallet do you use and which stockmarket app do you buy stocks or crypto?? I wanna start doing this.
Bruh Bruh
Bruh Bruh Vor Stunde
You don't suck but dream sucks
Yogsothoth Vor Stunde
"I totally bullshit and lie for x amount of videos"
big leg
big leg Vor Stunde
That’s my favorite shopping centre
Christopher Elm
Christopher Elm Vor Stunde
The hardest thing sometimes is managing your expectations.
Shahzadmirza Mirza
Shahzadmirza Mirza Vor Stunde
If a normal person did this, it would be called "Begging".
Eclipse Vor Stunde
Good mindset “ I don’t deserve it” “ So nobody deserves anything”
TheEthiopian1987 Vor Stunde
This is inspirational, you will not give up on your dreams. I hope your hard work pays off.
M ZIDAAN Z Vor Stunde
I cant feed myself Mom: son u hungry? Lemme spoon feed u
Yex Imma
Yex Imma Vor Stunde
Respect for the mr. beast merch
A__Lone_ Warrior
A__Lone_ Warrior Vor Stunde
How much does a Tesla cost?