misplacednewyawker Vor 12 Stunden
He threw coach under the bus.
T M Vor 12 Stunden
Please take the full time job😳. Tired of you bro🤣🤣🤣🤣
Debbie Worth
Debbie Worth Vor 12 Stunden
Boring monotone voice
Adam Nugraha
Adam Nugraha Vor 13 Stunden
I'm afraid that Mike Richards will be signing Amber Tamblyn as new host of Jeopardy! instead of LeVar Burton or Ken Jennings.
G Whiz
G Whiz Vor 13 Stunden
I'm totally hatin' on the dude right now. Rodgers is one of the NFL's best QB talents ever, looks like that and seamlessly transitions into being a great host of an iconic game show. Damn man, save some of the talent for the rest of us! Apparently he feels comfortable following icons.
Adam Nugraha
Adam Nugraha Vor 13 Stunden
I'm afraid that Mike Richards will be signing Amber Tamblyn as new host of Jeopardy! instead of LeVar Burton or Ken Jennings.
Walter White
Walter White Vor 13 Stunden
The kids a natural I say!
Jude Mascarenhas
Jude Mascarenhas Vor 13 Stunden
Great job Aaron
Dylan Vor 13 Stunden
That was really nice of Trent Dilfer to give prop to Aaron Rodgers
Lion's Den
Lion's Den Vor 14 Stunden
I feel like people are forgetting that this is a FOOTBALL QB who still is playing football. Not sure why people are so pushy for him to be host. Ken did say that he wanted to try again. I personally wanna see him again AND STAY HOST! He was not liked and then this roulette of Guest Hosts kinda made me feel like Jeopardy had a identity crisis. Sad to see. Aaron is NOT bad but he has a career called football and football he will keep doing. Bring Ken back as permanent host Jeopardy.
Bobby Mechling
Bobby Mechling Vor 15 Stunden
I guessed guessed Lizzy Borden and was right...hot dog.
Nikita Kucherov
Nikita Kucherov Vor 15 Stunden
Most misleading category of all time
Ariel Natalene
Ariel Natalene Vor 15 Stunden
Why don't they include "glow stick of destiny"
wayne Johnson
wayne Johnson Vor 16 Stunden
Give me this and marvel I’m good to win some money
Ryan Vor 16 Stunden
Nobody going to talk about how the walmart Ryan Gosling in the middle?
172km Vor 16 Stunden
what does it mean?
Joe R M
Joe R M Vor 16 Stunden
Very nice job matching the winnings to a charity helping small businesses.
LeRoy Punzi
LeRoy Punzi Vor 17 Stunden
Rodgers is an embarrassment.
Abiel Joshua Sy
Abiel Joshua Sy Vor 18 Stunden
I knew why they announced early because of James' strong gameplay, so the other contenders prepared for 2 months before they started taping.
Goatlady Gletha
Goatlady Gletha Vor 18 Stunden
Dear God, wake me when it's over. 🤦‍♀️ This man puts me to sleep! Does he have a pulse?
Goatlady Gletha
Goatlady Gletha Vor 18 Stunden
He was the best!! Hire this guy now!😁
Goatlady Gletha
Goatlady Gletha Vor 18 Stunden
My husband and I loved having Dr. Oz as guest host ! You should hire him right now ! He has done the best job of all the guest hosts so far. I felt he had been hosting Jeopardy the whole time, he was such a natural at it!
Ceares Vor 19 Stunden
came to see the answer and then was like, holy shit, is that Aaron Rodgers or just some guy that really, really looks like him? Honestly, maybe I need to watch him more because I was underwhelmed. He seems kind of lethargic. Shows more voom, voom in his State Farm commercials.
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Vor 20 Stunden
That was very hilarious !!
Cory Wilson
Cory Wilson Vor 20 Stunden
I'm not a fan of aaron rodgers but he's been really good on here!
revin hatol
revin hatol Vor 21 Stunde
*Ken Jennings has left the chat*
Procrastination Vor 21 Stunde
Well shit I got 0/5, I guess that's how you know I wasn't alive in the 80s (born in 2000)
revin hatol
revin hatol Vor 21 Stunde
From the very first day My journey has led me Through all the seasons The Lord has shown me The way I´ve tried to obey For all the right reasons The rain has set out To drown me Right from the start Raging storms have Delayed me Clouds have shaded my heart But the sun has reflected My faith in its rays Smiling down as I follow His ways Help me fight a good fight Help me win with Thy might Help me follow the light Help me Lord Help me fight a good fight From the distance I see The light beckoning me Toward eternity And day by day I'll always pray Oh what He´s given me The rain has set out To drown me Right from the start Raging storms have Delayed me Clouds have shaded my heart But the sun has reflected My faith in its rays Shining down as I follow His ways Help me fight a good fight Help me win with Thy might Help me follow the light Help me Lord Help me fight a good fight
gioyu comi
gioyu comi Vor 21 Stunde
He wasn't trolling him it was a shot at the coach for closing to kick a field goal when they were 3rd and goal and needed a TD. Thats why Aaron loved it.
ken aka mrgentleman lifestyle tv
ken aka mrgentleman lifestyle tv Vor 21 Stunde
I like him as a host
redhotchilifan98 Vor 22 Stunden
Never thought I'd see him doing something like this lol but he's actually doing great wouldn't mind him doing it during off seasons
john phillips
john phillips Vor 22 Stunden
Well Aaron does great as a host for Jeopardy. I think he would be a great choice. Some big shoes to fill, but I think he would be great.
Eddie42023 Vor 22 Stunden
TOOO easy.
JA CRISPY Vor 23 Stunden
He’s probably a big Packers fan and knew Rodgers would of got a kick out of it 😂
Lois Newton
Lois Newton Vor Tag
He does a very nice emcee for this show! Keep him on, please.
AstrooDocc Vor Tag
Okay I admit I didn't know the Joust one but I'm pretty sure all of you didn't either
Chesscom Support
Chesscom Support Vor Tag
Why would you wager nothing going into Final Jeopardy when you're in third place?
inf gang530
inf gang530 Vor Tag
Fun fact my mom went to high school with Aaron rodgers
Tai Vo
Tai Vo Vor Tag
Aaron is doing well but he’s too monotone and need to work on being creative with his deliveries to bring out excitement as a professional host.
ba55letmysoulfly Vor Tag
Man so sad not having Alex and I would have though they would have made Ken Jennings the new host... but tbh this guys voice quite soothing.
Keith P
Keith P Vor Tag
Give the show to Aaron. Anyone who cares already knows what he’s put into it. He’s probably the only one who will give Jeopardy and Alex’s legacy the time and respect that it deserves.
vern wallen
vern wallen Vor Tag
That hotel was the location for the comedy"some like it hot".🗽🗽🗽👍👍👍
Reeanna S
Reeanna S Vor Tag
Gruden's name means December
Bryan Ganz
Bryan Ganz Vor Tag
Mister Rodgers of course
gioyu comi
gioyu comi Vor 21 Stunde
Man, did he miss his career!
Luis Ventura
Luis Ventura Vor Tag
The hard-to-find cormorant serendipitously smoke because beard speculatively fasten off a judicious doubt. ancient, xenophobic income
Staci Thompson
Staci Thompson Vor Tag
Aaron is a little flat.
Johnny Roberts
Johnny Roberts Vor Tag
I would have instead written “Why did you throw the ball on 3rd and 8?”
Matt Jackson
Matt Jackson Vor Tag
Matt Jackson for Jeopardy Host!
If Aaron seems wooden, it's because he respects Alex, and isn't gonna try to make the show his interpretation. This ain't Night at The Improv.
The Book Was Better
The Book Was Better Vor Tag
I didn't know you could ring in twice. I guess SNL celeb Jeopardy got that part right.
Adit Mukherjee
Adit Mukherjee Vor Tag
Yes, Animal Farm, a book about communism in Russia was written in 1930s....that makes sense
nerkyder Vor Tag
Atta boy Aaron
terri trowbridge
terri trowbridge Vor Tag
He's doing a great job
CoolNerd lll
CoolNerd lll Vor Tag
Ran the category, but I usually run movie categories.
monny287 Vor Tag
Hilariously, there aren't even any rabbits in "Animal Farm." Pigs, cows, horses, goats, puppies, sheep, chickens, and even a raven...but no rabbits.
Dalton Higbee
Dalton Higbee Vor Tag
RIP Alex Trebek. July 22, 1940 - November 8, 2020. ❤️
googoo gjoob
googoo gjoob Vor Tag
who doesn't know Martina Hingis? _neanderthals!_
Kao Saechao
Kao Saechao Vor Tag
Aaron should’ve replied, ‘ask that genius head coach of the Packers.’
Yung Daz • 13 years ago
Yung Daz • 13 years ago Vor Tag
It's like when the TV celebrity wants to do movies they only see him as what he played on TV not the actual movie role this is what they're doing to Aaron Rodgers they only see him as a football player they don't see him as a host to me he's good either way it's not that bad
Yung Daz • 13 years ago
Yung Daz • 13 years ago Vor Tag
he isn't that bad as people say I think people are honestly just scared of change and when somebody that they know and love maybe hosts the show that's when they'll say oh my God he's so good it's just honestly people are scared of change he's not that bad he's not that bad
Stephen Chase
Stephen Chase Vor Tag
George Alexander Trebek was born on July 22nd, 1940 in Sudbury, Ontario, and died from Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer on November 8th, 2020 at the age of 80 years old in Los Angeles, CA!!!!!!!!!!! He will be #Missed!!!!!!!!!!
Jim Clark
Jim Clark Vor Tag
Talk about bland, drab and boring, that sums up Aaron Rodgers. Stick to choking in big games Rodgers.
jb111082 Vor Tag
This might be the first time ever that I knew a Final Jeopardy answer!
James Jones
James Jones Vor Tag
I would of answered "Who wanted to draft jordan love?"
Steve Macdonald
Steve Macdonald Vor Tag
Although not an Aaron Rodgers fan on the field. He has done an amazing job while on Jeopardy, absolutely nailing it with his cool and calm personality. Great job.. Go Bears!!
Bubba Guy
Bubba Guy Vor Tag
"I'm old.." Naw bud, you just have taste....
Rhaegar Rubey
Rhaegar Rubey Vor Tag
No one will be better than Trebek. Aaron Rodgers would be a suitable replacement tho.
Add E
Add E Vor Tag
I'm sure he's a wonderful person, but Aaron Rodgers' voice is putting me to sleep. The search for the next host of Jeopardy continues.
Crusher Fang
Crusher Fang Vor Tag
Never mind the field goal he should’ve ran it in when he had the chance...Brady 7 , Rodgers 1. Lolol
Rhonda Traywick
Rhonda Traywick Vor Tag
Aaron should stick to football 🏈 not that he’s not a nice guy! My suggestion is Levar Burton, he’d be fabulous!
Jack Foley
Jack Foley Vor Tag
Now, 90% of the Jeopardy questions are like these. Designed to make idiots feel smart.
edeltwice Vor 12 Stunden
Hyperbole notwithstanding, so what? Trivia is trivia.
Sven Bens
Sven Bens Vor Tag
Please make Aaron the full time host when he wants!
John Bourgeois
John Bourgeois Vor Tag
Rodgers is the worst of the guest hosts so far the best to the worst so far have been in order with Jennings being the best then the producer next then Katie
1sttvbn Vor Tag
Don’t want to say it, as a long time Viqueen fan. But Aaron Rodgers is damn good on jeopardy.
Joel Dick
Joel Dick Vor Tag
At first I thought Watership Down, but that's British, not American. I thought of Of Mice and Men, but too late.
Justin Kubicz
Justin Kubicz Vor Tag
Paul Murphy
Paul Murphy Vor Tag
I have to admit...he's starting to grow on me. I like this Rodgers guy.
Mr T Gaming
Mr T Gaming Vor Tag
#gopackgo #aaronrodgers #packers #jepordy
Browns 05
Browns 05 Vor Tag
Jesus Christ is king 🤴
sonteeg B
sonteeg B Vor Tag
Best guest host so far, in my opinion.