The Rise And Fall Of Pier 1
The Rise And Fall Of Hertz
dustin messner
dustin messner Vor 21 Stunde
I knew this already. He learned this from Obama
Laust Cawz
Laust Cawz Vor 21 Stunde
Look up The Equal Pay Act Of 1963. How did I know about this? I heard about it from a woman!
Raquel Navas
Raquel Navas Vor 21 Stunde
I currently have 151 points & I'm 49 points away from a free coffee 😍 Starbucks needs to step up their game.
S. Lang
S. Lang Vor 21 Stunde
Socialism: Public ownership of the means of production. Saying "democratic socialism" is like saying "global pandemic". Pandemics are global by definition. Socialism is democratic by definition. That being said, socialism isn't a dirty word because it's inherently wrong. It's because it's a fantasy.
Kevin Lewis
Kevin Lewis Vor 21 Stunde
Her adding a 3rd syllable to the word “grocery” made me cringe.
Laziness Socks
Laziness Socks Vor 21 Stunde
Q: Why dont we have electric planes yet ? A: if we make electric planes, only thing they will carry, will be their own weight .
Big Wheel
Big Wheel Vor 21 Stunde
From pay offs and tributes. B - Biden L - Laptop M - Matters
Dominic Fong
Dominic Fong Vor 21 Stunde
It is just plain silly to think the manual transmission is an antitheft device, if a thief wants to steal it, do you think he will give a damn about stripping a few gears in the process. It is actually more of an anti-borrowing device.
# CKMKB Vor 21 Stunde
10:18 watching americans learning to bowl is funny.
tomoko- san
tomoko- san Vor 22 Stunden
Okay everyone watch a kurzgesagt video about meat
Raquel Navas
Raquel Navas Vor 22 Stunden
Dunkin is better AND cheaper.
Val Valiant Thor
Val Valiant Thor Vor 22 Stunden
Wrangler will always be wrangler..
Kimbella Nicole
Kimbella Nicole Vor 22 Stunden
Joe's Crime Family starring Hunter Biden with , Jill, Jim and who knows the cousins etc who became millionaires by selling America to CCP ! Obama and Clinton too who sold military secrets to CCP !
NoobplaysYT Vor 22 Stunden
The first part of the video is literally so wrong in so many ways I can’t even explain
Oswaldo Garcia
Oswaldo Garcia Vor 22 Stunden
Why is race a thing... why can’t we all just be purple or something
Kimbella Nicole
Kimbella Nicole Vor 22 Stunden
jennie walsh
jennie walsh Vor 22 Stunden
Anyone who votes for the BABY MURDERERS cannot expect God's protection for themselves.
Michael Simon Hall
Michael Simon Hall Vor 22 Stunden
puff piece.
Trent Dodd
Trent Dodd Vor 22 Stunden
It was the awful ads for me
Rayzo Vor 22 Stunden
yes i would love to spend 20 minutes watching this
Liang Yu
Liang Yu Vor 22 Stunden
Also an Australian here. I had an uncle who is diagnosed with kidney failure in the early 2000s. The government provided his family with a dialysis machine, a house in the northwest of Sydney to live and renovated the place so that he can easily take the machine from room to room. After a few years of waiting he had a kidney transplant. All of these are paid for (mostly) by our government. Unfortunately, my uncle passed away this year (not covid related), but his wife (my auntie) still lives in the same house our government provided and will be until she can no longer take care of her self. Sometimes, I see republicans talk about US having the most amount of world-class doctors etc. Which I do believe is true... US have this ability to brain drain the rest of the world of its talents like no other. However, what good does having a world-class doctor for you if you cannot afford to see him? TBH If you are rich and wealthy go to US, you will have the most advanced treatment the world has to offer. However, if you are an average Joe, the standard of care you will receive in Australia is WAY ahead of anything US healthcare provides.
mettno Vor 22 Stunden
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FortConspirators Vor 22 Stunden
I do not know of any other trader who has been able to keep his followers in profit even during the bear market.
Juana94100 Vor 22 Stunden
My experience over the past few months with Mr Benjamin mason shows he is a trade guru.
isabel desseaux
isabel desseaux Vor 22 Stunden
I was encouraged by a friend who traded with Mr Mason and after i met him from recommendation, i was able to recover my losses of over $40,000. The lesson I learnt was that the best approach to trading is by using an already proven strategy and I am really happy I met and trade with Mr Benjamin mason .
chocodu76380 Vor 22 Stunden
I’d doubt it but now in appreciation, I always find myself recommending friends and family to him
claudio cilloco
claudio cilloco Vor 22 Stunden
If anyone would tell me a man as experienced as Benjamin Mason exists with so much simplicity and understanding.
TheOerdin Vor 22 Stunden
Amazing! If you don’t bother to pay your rent then you get evicted. Who would have thought?
Rahul Raj
Rahul Raj Vor 22 Stunden
Check out indian roads 😂 I bet u will delete this vedio
Jeff Vor 22 Stunden
Democrats - We need to get Sanders elected. CNBC - Biden and Harris are millionaires who act like they're middle class. Democrats - So... now we need biden and Harris to be elected. Can you change how people view them by the summer? CNBC - Joe and Kamala. They are for working class Americans just like you! That Trump is a billionaire snake. Hissss.
Turkey Bowlwinkle
Turkey Bowlwinkle Vor 22 Stunden
Since you don't need a transmission on an electric car, in 10-20 years transmissions will be extinct.
Brian van vlymen
Brian van vlymen Vor 22 Stunden
Huge war chicken war yes but that would help me to remember today is Sunday. Sorry Chick-Fil is closed.
xevious2501 Vor 22 Stunden
Pst... none of the big automakers wouldve pushed for electric if not for Tesla. Tesla was views closely by the big automakes as a guine pig. They whole hearted believed the company would fail. But with the success of the model S, and more important , that Elon Musk created a world wide recharging infrastructure to support his vehicles, that the time for going EV had come. The people would be willing to buy, the performance level was unexpected as well as the design of such cars. That which prior Ev were always very ugly vehicles with terrible range that no one would buy. All those factors had changed. And something they didnt quite realize was the extreme cost savings in manufacturing. Their would indeed be an initial financial hit to switch over and retool factories for EV manufacturing, but ELon musk proved even a tiny company in comparison could make it work via automation. Robotics were already in use to build cars but now EV's are vehicles that are without no less than 80% of components thats found in a traditional gasoline automobile. The savings to produce a car with equal or better performance all resulting in additional profits is not evaluated in cents on the dollar but rather thousands of dollars. A massive reduction in manufacturing cost, and financial profit for every vehicle sold. Far less factory workers, Far less third party manufacturing support, and far less components to build a car. All a win win for everyone but the factory worker who likely will loose their jobs. Yet another casualty in the evolution of technology.
Jeff Vor 22 Stunden
How do people keep falling for this stuff? Harris and biden are a joke.
Jeff Vor 22 Stunden
So their net worth might be negative? Got it.
Jeff Vor 22 Stunden
Trump should have tweeted a link to this and the biden one.
Jeff Vor 22 Stunden
So the 2 richest are the presidential and vp candidates. Got it.
Jeff Vor 22 Stunden
Trump should use CNBC against themselves.
Trenell Vor 22 Stunden
He literally said very fine people on both sides 1:09
Jack D
Jack D Vor 22 Stunden
The poor have voted Democrat for decades. And theyre still poor...
Richard Donahoe
Richard Donahoe Vor 22 Stunden
He made his millions because he's a crook.
Pat Ehrenfeld
Pat Ehrenfeld Vor 22 Stunden
Harold Sullivan
Harold Sullivan Vor 22 Stunden
Dr. Felty has created the coronavirus for the Democrats look it up on DEpost you'll find out the truth search for the truth and you will find it
Josh Thurman
Josh Thurman Vor 22 Stunden
If only fast food was actually made to be fresh. They'd make so much money
Titot.v t.v.
Titot.v t.v. Vor 22 Stunden
Thats was the best toy store of my childhood.. I miss those days.. That newyork store was so cool so much fun all toys were open to test and play before buying.
David Murillo Turrubiartes
David Murillo Turrubiartes Vor 22 Stunden
The school lunch was always trash but for some reason the burgers, chicken nuggets, and fries were actually pretty good at my school
Ss X
Ss X Vor 22 Stunden
fake democrat plandemic all of a sudden the flu is gone and covid has flu symptoms hmm
Patrick Sargent
Patrick Sargent Vor 22 Stunden
What about Demented Joe Pay for Play and undeclared income. When will a propr investigated journo look into the Fascist Demorats Biden Crime Family. When will the Marxist Mainstream Media do there job.
Raging Monk
Raging Monk Vor 22 Stunden
I stopped eat Popeye's and I use to love it. I liked the chicken thighs, coleslaw, mashed potatoes and gravy. Last two times I they put these tiny little thighs in the box that seemed over cooked. The potatoes didn't come with a container of gravy. They dumped a spoon of gravy on top of the family sized container of mashed potatoes and I had to check my location on my phone to make certain I was still in America and not Canada. That biscuit was a hockey puck. Got a bucket of chicken from KFC and I think they soaked it in grease from an old deep fryer. I went to crush the bucket before placing in the trash and had to let the crease run out first.
Been Washedup
Been Washedup Vor 22 Stunden
There 40 years old time to grow up.
Casey Birdsall
Casey Birdsall Vor 22 Stunden
Old people really do not understand the internet
Kirihana Tanepai
Kirihana Tanepai Vor 22 Stunden
RetroWinnipeg Vor 22 Stunden
In Canada, KFC has fully launched their new chicken sandwich. And it's good.
Betty R.
Betty R. Vor 22 Stunden
Malarkey! LOL
Mr. Luis
Mr. Luis Vor 22 Stunden
Marcus by Goldman S. Savings accounts has an APY of 0.60% and 0.80% APY on CDs. They’re really trying to get people to invest in them.
Kenneth Mabus
Kenneth Mabus Vor 22 Stunden
CNBC can update this news now
Emma Madison
Emma Madison Vor 23 Stunden
The sad thing is when it comes to some of the bills they don't even accept credit card
Hero Of The Soviet Union
Hero Of The Soviet Union Vor 23 Stunden
There's an specific term for trolls in Peru: Fujitrolls.
fuxluck1 Vor 23 Stunden
Biden benfited from TRUMP tax cuts? Ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaa!
Mark Tesoro
Mark Tesoro Vor 23 Stunden
Why don't you save the hypersaline brine for Nebulizer Liquid? You would reduce medical costs for cystic fibrosis patients for example.
Sudipto Kumar
Sudipto Kumar Vor 23 Stunden
The new non conventional youth shifted to more green and tech advanced Tesla
Aaddar L
Aaddar L Vor 23 Stunden
CNBC try moving ur offices to those communities and maybe you’ll find the real answers.
Jason Nabors
Jason Nabors Vor 23 Stunden
His son hold his China money It’s not from books
James Malcolm
James Malcolm Vor 23 Stunden
Its simply because filipinos were weened on spam. Spam goes with EVERYTHING. I would however question it as an inexpensive source of protein tho.
Peter Joseph Intalan
Peter Joseph Intalan Vor 23 Stunden
Typhical filipinoa speaking english soamming "uhmm"
Patrick I
Patrick I Vor 23 Stunden
It's a loveable retro inspired design. But as a Toyota, the practicality and value proposition was just not there. It was essentially an enthusiast car at an enthusiast price, which is why it still commands high resale prices. The interior space wasn't quite as user friendly and didn't quite live up to the expectation that the exterior implied. The view from the inside kind of felt like you were in a bunker, especially with the short windshield and high dash. The trucky ride and the very un-economical V6 I think also made it difficult to live with in the long run. In a Jeep, a lot of these practical shortcomings are expected, but not in $30,000 Toyota. Being bulletproof was not enough. I'd say improve the outward visibility, put in a more economical engine, put on some good shocks with better damping, start with a lower base price (nicely equipped) and let people customize it with factory and TRD accessories. Make a 4 cylinder base and V6 Optional. The base Toyota Tacoma Crew Cab can be had with a 4 cylinder, and it weighs the same as an FJ Cruiser AND gets better gas mileage (if you need to tow or go fast, get the bigger engine). My modern FJ would be a base model with 4 cylinder, Cloth Interior with carpeting, Power windows, mirrors, keyless entry, push to start, basic 6 or 7" touchscreen (like the one's in Mazda's now), basic stereo. That's it. Maybe $25k... maybe $27k with upgraded suspension and wheels.
Philip McDonald
Philip McDonald Vor 23 Stunden
He prostituted his office and Hunter did the pimping.
Evilz Review
Evilz Review Vor 23 Stunden
Next viideo:how fast food lose in India
FabrizioZegarra Vor 23 Stunden
Bezos is a genius.
Leroy Zwane
Leroy Zwane Vor 23 Stunden
Jeep lost its most important aspect "RELIABILITY" that Jeep Renagade was an absolute rubbish. With almost everything breaking before 100 000 km
Nun Ya
Nun Ya Vor 23 Stunden
Slimy Biden Trump 2020!
Maksim Shinkarev
Maksim Shinkarev Vor 23 Stunden
Design that is the main problem! They should have more wide view and do research on the world wise. They won on one market aria but lots of lost on others. Even with i8 - people expected competition with cars like Lamborghini and Ferrari - but power performance so far from them.
Teri Shulman
Teri Shulman Vor 23 Stunden
CNBC such a bunch of lies, it is clear and the FBI, CIA, National Intelligence Agency know that he had cash for influence scam going and it started coming out a year ago and now with the laptop Biden and his cronies are toast
Mike Campbell
Mike Campbell Vor 23 Stunden
There are hige challenges with range when the temperature drops. Batteries typically lose 50% of their capacity at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. I also saw a video of it taking 2 hours to get a Tesla running in freezing weather. I often work up north where temperatures of - 40 is common; my truck can be driven off within 5 minutes.
Maf24label Tacci069
Maf24label Tacci069 Vor 23 Stunden
Trump is real and ran circles around sleepy Joe Biden in this debate. Joe was stuttering and confused at a few certain points. Biden will screw our economy up like never before.
MIKE G Vor 23 Stunden
You cant lie straight in bed...neither can all your family ! Your time is coming China boy and Ukraine boy. Cut the BS...THE CRIMINAL BIDEN FAMILY IS OFF TO JAIL.. CAUGHT
Michaela Vor 23 Stunden
Someone hacked my Amazon account. They bought items with my money and even sent them to my home. Turns out they were doing it to create reviews under my name. It was a very confusing and inconvient situation. I'm still trying to get my money back.
Delicious Tacos
Delicious Tacos Vor 23 Stunden
Straight up: you can talk all that stupid hippie nonsense about fast foods and, fat Americans and, _whatever..._ But!-- A spicy Popeye's chicken sandwich, seasoned fries and jalapeno poppers is a meal that will have in Heaven. Those sandwiches are no joke. Big. Super juicy. Crispy. Anyone mentioning Chick-fil-A is full of it.....
Rick Nelson
Rick Nelson Vor 23 Stunden
Its not who you know but who you blow
Remington Jackson
Remington Jackson Vor 23 Stunden
I'll say this video had some interesting talking points. I appreciate there wasn't a hard push for substitute meat. How employees are treated us questionable, but this can be the case for all kinds of farms controlled by large corporations not just meat. I've cleaned movie theaters and hospital rooms, and I'll say this the needs of employees didn't seem like the top of the list. Getting the job done quickly and efficiently was the main priority. Fake meat is irrelevant. You want healthy proteins that aren't animal products or biproducts there are plenty of options. I'd say we as Americans should learn how to cook, and stop taking the easy way out. I'm an omnivore the can prepare different kinds of beans, lentils, chickpeas, and jack's fruit. Plenty of cooking videos on DEpost to explain. You got a busy life style and not much money/time, a cheap slow cooker and rice cooker are useful.
Rick Nelson
Rick Nelson Vor 23 Stunden
Biggest scam out there. Write a book and your "friends" by thousands of copies, most of which just clog up landfills. Who would read something written by a man who has accomplished so little when he has had so many opportunities?
Gary Chandler
Gary Chandler Vor 23 Stunden
Joe Banaag
Joe Banaag Vor 23 Stunden
This video aged poorly.
Kevin Dalson
Kevin Dalson Vor 23 Stunden
He's not called Joe Briben for nothing.
Modesto Garcia
Modesto Garcia Vor 23 Stunden
Biden Clinton's Obamas pelosis very currupt