DAX  first Live Show VLOG
DAX - History (Audio)
FaTaL Vor 56 Minuten
"I snap a niggas whole career like Thanos"
Lol Get nosescip
Lol Get nosescip Vor 56 Minuten
bro he didnt shoot him there was a dollar in the gun :)
Big T
Big T Vor 57 Minuten
Bring back x
fictional x lynnjah
fictional x lynnjah Vor 57 Minuten
Every time I hear one of your songs it sends a shiver down my spine and I get goosebumps. I want to say that I haven’t had such a reaction to music for a long time.
Ian Shpritzer
Ian Shpritzer Vor 58 Minuten
Who else isn’t religious but can’t stop listening to this song🤣🤣
Miranda Tweeton
Miranda Tweeton Vor Stunde
You really made this your own 🥰
FaTaL Vor Stunde
"Your music is better on mute"
Nelize Botha
Nelize Botha Vor Stunde
To everyone who disliked this song.... Jou poes my bruh ek hoop jy brand van binne af van al die haat binne in jou... Yes every life matters but not every life is threatened daily so if your life isn't in danger but you don't help those whose are, are you even human? Nee dude jy is net vuilgoed I love your music Dax and I hope you reach so many people with your heartfelt music cause today a lot of your songs changed something in me today. I feel like I can get up with more motivation from now on. Thank you
Shalom Sims
Shalom Sims Vor Stunde
feat. Fred from SpongeBob @0:26
Jenna Torres
Jenna Torres Vor Stunde
bruh I’m 13 and me and my father jam out to Dax 24/7 almost every song of his we heard and so far this is THE BEST, Camera’s mans skills 100% Dax- 1000000000% Bruh slay- 💕✌🏼🖤
Laura Hendershot
Laura Hendershot Vor Stunde
Soooo underrated. I’ve loved Dax from day one. Always a huge fan ♥️
Alexzander Azriel Chen
Alexzander Azriel Chen Vor Stunde
fast rapping when you don't practice doesn't work. This definitely practice
LT Mr Adam
LT Mr Adam Vor Stunde
Shalom Sims
Shalom Sims Vor Stunde
5:57 ...wait. Was that his first breath?
CMA Vor Stunde
“Your musics better on mute” 🥶
RRRM Vor Stunde
This dude Dad and Tom McDonald should do a rap video together. It would probably unite us a lot better than these politicians have ever done. Sort of like back in the day Run DMC Public Enemy Aerosmith Beastie Boys.
Kenny Robinson
Kenny Robinson Vor Stunde
I love Dax man really awesome rapper
Yahtzee •
Yahtzee • Vor Stunde
get this on spotify, this is fkin fire !!!
Can cel
Can cel Vor Stunde
Holy Shit, DAX still checking his comments, youre insane man🤙
Shellie Smith
Shellie Smith Vor Stunde
Wow 👏
I think I'm here now the 300th time😂😂😂✌🏼,dax was right this track got enough bars to feed whole Village:)))))). @Im_young.singh
Best song of 2021 so far, keep it up
Domonik Carrol
Domonik Carrol Vor Stunde
Yoo he does it again bro bullying do be killing tho
Zunane Kyle
Zunane Kyle Vor Stunde
Bro that intro so hot , it's like you're describing the beat omg , 🔥
Austin Sanders
Austin Sanders Vor Stunde
Hell the song definitely for me I'm so glad I broke up with my ex I can relate to this song thanks Dax
Tanner Taylor
Tanner Taylor Vor Stunde
God fuckin damn dax your goin FUCKIN OFF my guy, like i said I love all your music, been a fan since you hit the media and started making music, you were killing it back then, and still are today, just going WAAYY FUCKIN HARDER nowadays
tristan Goodman
tristan Goodman Vor Stunde
Great song
Jane Richards
Jane Richards Vor Stunde
Love this wow
tristan Goodman
tristan Goodman Vor Stunde
Sorry about my comment I was just sad and love you song great rap
KJ On The Beat
KJ On The Beat Vor Stunde
james ramey
james ramey Vor Stunde
Nobody: Dax: chillin on a dirt road
Tanner Taylor
Tanner Taylor Vor Stunde
Even though it got the amount of likes that you wanted in order to stay in this jonra I would still like to hear music from you in other genres you're such a versatile artist I feel like anything you make in any genre that you choose it will still be good, no not good so very far from good more like absolutely amazing love you Dax keep killing the game #WeAreTheLabel
Jogue Jojo
Jogue Jojo Vor Stunde
Best...B...B...i Like it..🔥🔥🔥💯 go..Don't stop brp.🇲🇾😍😍
Klaas Schraal
Klaas Schraal Vor Stunde
dont walk beside your shoes boy
Scarem180 Vor 2 Stunden
Back here
DamnFoxCat Vor 2 Stunden
That intro hahaha
Uisu Gaming YT
Uisu Gaming YT Vor 2 Stunden
Whoever read this,may you have a bright future.. And please don't forget to subscribe my channel.
Hamim _
Hamim _ Vor 2 Stunden
Still giving heart after 1 year... ❤️❤️.. love your every music dude
Hamim _
Hamim _ Vor 2 Stunden
I've just listened to " Dear God" and I'm sure your mind must be at a beautiful place.. so far away than an average thinker like us.... Love your music ❤️❤️
Chance Bacon
Chance Bacon Vor 2 Stunden
honestly my favorite remix of this songs. i true legend in making
Shadow M
Shadow M Vor 2 Stunden
Dax, this track Epic yo fuck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Erik Shotwell
Erik Shotwell Vor 2 Stunden
Damn bro , respect . mad skills
Trevor cybercafe
Trevor cybercafe Vor 2 Stunden
DAX i be popping your songz on my block so Loud .....mayne gat five O dropping up my pad like crazy. My neighbours nkt!! This Mfs.... Still popping them though....LOL!!
BCV Entertainment
BCV Entertainment Vor 2 Stunden
Fully impressive
Casper Billy
Casper Billy Vor 2 Stunden
hey @Dax ik i dissed you last year but man this song hits me hard then any, i take back that shot. after i seen that video you did with my own crew " stompdownkillaz" i was like aw shit he has them turned on me now, well bud i found another even though i still hang with merk
Jr.Kings89 Vor 2 Stunden
He wants an Em feature...I say just give it to him
Deep Vibes
Deep Vibes Vor 2 Stunden
1 love Dax 💜
SweetiePai Vor 2 Stunden
Dax, you're a musical genius! IDK how you put out so much new stuff so quickly, but it never disappoints! You always leave me in anticipation, wanting more!
LL POP Vor 2 Stunden
Like how dax love all his fans comments thats fr love too fans🔥💫
LL POP Vor 2 Stunden
Arbelio Gramajo Arreaga
Arbelio Gramajo Arreaga Vor 2 Stunden
DAMN, I can understand everything that Dax is saying, he is a machine, Fuck mumble rap! like the new album of playboi Cardi it's trash, you can't understand anything, Dax you the man bro!
Sugi Motto
Sugi Motto Vor 2 Stunden
Why is youtube not recommending me these songs before..... I literally found his music through NCS HAHAHAHA MAN AM I LIVING UNDER A ROCK