300 Days alone... - The Movie

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Olivier Vittel

Vor 2 years

To tame a wild pig or build a shelter, Xavier Rosset, the swiss Robinson Crusoe, spent in 2008 almost 10 months on Tofua, an island in the Pacific Ocean with only a machete and a swiss knife as a tool, not using the obolete construction left by the last inhabitants.
It is a psychological true story between solitude and loneliness.
After 3 minutes, you won't be willing to leave your screen.

Ce film existe aussi en version originale française , Xavier explique dans sa langue maternelle ses souffrances et ses joies. Cette version est un peu différente de celle en anglais.
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Soyan Osman
Soyan Osman Vor 19 Stunden
How have I not found this earlier, this must be one of the most unique videos on DEpost..
Patrick Woods
Patrick Woods Vor 2 Stunden
@pussi squiter27 did he?
testo taylan
testo taylan Vor 5 Stunden
Marek Herník
Marek Herník Vor 6 Stunden
U are right mate.I see it today and im proud of him.
Ownxer Vor 7 Stunden
pussi squiter27
pussi squiter27 Vor 15 Stunden
hey you got a shoutout from mrbeast Goodluck
Yuyang Rao
Yuyang Rao Vor 19 Minuten
41:12 That storm was most likely Cyclone Lin, a South Pacific tropical cyclone. Lin passed within 40 miles (64km) west of Tofua on 4 April 2009, with winds of ~60mph (~95km/h).
Chill Chill
Chill Chill Vor 31 Minute
Instant like!
anhtuan jim
anhtuan jim Vor 35 Minuten
Emil Broman
Emil Broman Vor 47 Minuten
I would grow weed there
okan muslu
okan muslu Vor 54 Minuten
Turkey 🇹🇷🙏❤️
Supermotoslide Vor 57 Minuten
Respect for the editor damn
MrDuckie228 Vor Stunde
Call me hypocrite, I'm a meat eater for sure. But I could not kill an animal myself
Jack Doff
Jack Doff Vor Stunde
It is special video
adminmovie Vor Stunde
Any news about piggy ?
I really really wish this was real...
尺卂乙ᐯ卂几 Vor 2 Stunden
If im alone for three days in my house probably i die :P Edit:who stay to watch all video he's a legend
TimmY BoY
TimmY BoY Vor 2 Stunden
And I thought he will be alone
elloy garcia
elloy garcia Vor 2 Stunden
Im so happy that youtube randomly recommended this to me
ami zagdanski
ami zagdanski Vor 2 Stunden
how tf did he have enough storage to film a whole year
Olivier Vittel
Olivier Vittel Vor 26 Minuten
Sony handycam recording on 60mn dv tapes
drusha Vor 2 Stunden
how did he charged his camera
drusha Vor 50 Minuten
@Özcan Özçelik ahh ty
Özcan Özçelik
Özcan Özçelik Vor Stunde
He has solar panel
Isaac Elliott
Isaac Elliott Vor 2 Stunden
I honestly wish this had something more than just a “like” button
Patrick Woods
Patrick Woods Vor 2 Stunden
Im an Norwegian boy and same as you we cant speak english
Funky cup
Funky cup Vor 3 Stunden
Remember this guy had 2 freaking pets
SelkiaH Vor 3 Stunden
Rookie numbers
Funky cup
Funky cup Vor 3 Stunden
This Mad Man domesticated a pig
Mario Vor 3 Stunden
Where' s WIlson when you need him...
iNqtural Vor 3 Stunden
How does he have battery for the camera for 300 days????
Özcan Özçelik
Özcan Özçelik Vor Stunde
He has solar panels.
Fence 07
Fence 07 Vor 4 Stunden
bruh, i remember watching this like 7-8 years ago.
m4cx Vor 4 Stunden
this movie was so great I didn't realize I spent over 50 minutes on watching it
Olivier Vittel
Olivier Vittel Vor 4 Stunden
Thanks, stay tuned 👍
David Vader
David Vader Vor 4 Stunden
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SICKO CHILD Vor 4 Stunden
Pig go brr
HmongDefeater Vor 5 Stunden
I like to watch these
ガレット Vor 5 Stunden
Olivier Vittel
Olivier Vittel Vor 4 Stunden
Storage Alwi
Storage Alwi Vor 5 Stunden
45:38 "I have my bench, I'm happy" can you imagine if human still living like that? when simple thing is make you happy, no war no hate just peace
Led Creative
Led Creative Vor 6 Stunden
Тоже хочу ТАК!
Karpatların Maradonası
Karpatların Maradonası Vor 6 Stunden
Aren't hairs very short for 300 days, are they ?
Mixer Z
Mixer Z Vor 6 Stunden
Do Ngoc Quynh
Do Ngoc Quynh Vor 7 Stunden
The boiling barbara radiographically disarm because respect controversly unlock atop a fancy bobcat. fortunate, makeshift person
Liliya Barger
Liliya Barger Vor 7 Stunden
Why is the pig my favorite character?
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard Vor 9 Stunden
The temporary buffet functionally rot because pen presently prick excluding a gray greasy great coin. delicious, divergent biplane
Sierra Randle Kafi
Sierra Randle Kafi Vor 9 Stunden
The barbarous city conservatively decide because kamikaze basally disarm per a kindly pie. heartbreaking, mysterious laborer
TheAverageplayer Vor 9 Stunden
47:23 who else cry¿
Roaden Vor 9 Stunden
Why does the new Ark not have Dinos?
Jutaan orang mungkin tak tau
Jutaan orang mungkin tak tau Vor 9 Stunden
19:22 the thumbnail
TheAverageplayer Vor 9 Stunden
40:12 lol
Arman Vor 9 Stunden
No clue how I'm only seeing this 18 million view video after more than 2 years. Honestly a gorgeous video, with well..a year's worth of effort. Amazing work.
SeattleDubSix Vor 10 Stunden
dope the guy gave him a pup for saving his friend finger, awesome video and experience. Fuck humans he had 300 days of winning!
Kan J
Kan J Vor 10 Stunden
I really wish I could get lost on an Island. I know it's hard, but it would be better than this meaningless life.
contrite sinner
contrite sinner Vor 10 Stunden
The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good. The LORD looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God. They are all gone aside, they are all together become filthy: there is none that doeth good, no, not one. Have all the workers of iniquity no knowledge? who eat up my people as they eat bread, and call not upon the LORD. (Psalms 14:1-4 [KJV]) - - + - - For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. (Romans 10:13 [KJV])
S.N.R Vor 11 Stunden
Who else thought he was gonna kill the baby pig , my heart almost dropped !!!
Axe Vor 10 Stunden
I knew he wouldn't. His looked like a great person before that part.
Mobile God
Mobile God Vor 11 Stunden
Dude I’m getting some mad Minecraft survival mode vibes
Epic Vlogs & Games
Epic Vlogs & Games Vor 12 Stunden
man grows bear for 300 days
Divide and Conquer
Divide and Conquer Vor 12 Stunden
chris castillo
chris castillo Vor 12 Stunden
Yo we all here the same time?
holllow Vor 12 Stunden
he must have a good battery for his camera
Kexin Vor 12 Stunden
I don’t understand. This video doesn’t explain how he was able survive without WIFI.
Grucketts Vor 13 Stunden
Still thinking about the pig...
The Real OG
The Real OG Vor 13 Stunden
Dark Frame_123
Dark Frame_123 Vor 13 Stunden
RTdeluxe Vor 13 Stunden
Melanie Ortiz
Melanie Ortiz Vor 14 Stunden
the dog n pig are so cuteee. makes me happy he had some sort of company by his side. :)
ajit Kumar
ajit Kumar Vor 14 Stunden
You have enjoyed your life good I feel eager such seen
Htennek Blinkue
Htennek Blinkue Vor 14 Stunden
Alternative title: 300 days Minecraft Survival in Real Life
Matias Vor 15 Stunden
Lo dejo de ver solo porque no te la bancaste solo. Min 20:46 aparece el macho
Alex Vor 15 Stunden
this dude is literally playing minecraft hardcore in real life
PrimeArrogance Vor 15 Stunden
40:12 normally i love animals but fuckin eat that thing
nivard malcolm
nivard malcolm Vor 17 Stunden
Nice Video, really enjoyed this.
Berkant Ateş
Berkant Ateş Vor 18 Stunden
For years Alone..
jqn Vor 18 Stunden
i already do this but in my bedroom
Nico Wadenhed
Nico Wadenhed Vor 18 Stunden
Very good video(:Good job
frajob4 Vor 18 Stunden
came back, Covid starts... welcome back
Berçim Yaramış
Berçim Yaramış Vor 18 Stunden
quarantine won't be that long quarantine :
Amaçsız Bedevi
Amaçsız Bedevi Vor 18 Stunden
Vay anasını adam mükemmel ya Hayalim anasını...
spider man
spider man Vor 18 Stunden
this might be the best youtube video i have seen.
Kostas Rafto
Kostas Rafto Vor 18 Stunden
This video kept bumping on me. I'm really glad that I finally saw it.
aşuretr Vor 18 Stunden
Yaa çok gurur verici
Animal Channel
Animal Channel Vor 18 Stunden
Here's another title: wearing the same shirt for 300 days 👕
serra kangın official
serra kangın official Vor 20 Stunden
Seni tanidim muptezel sen o sun.birak bu ayaklari
Silent n1nja
Silent n1nja Vor 20 Stunden
Very good 😌! I would die not only from no internet
Mufti Basith
Mufti Basith Vor 20 Stunden
i dont know, i want to press like button 1000time
John Michael Mulcahy
John Michael Mulcahy Vor 21 Stunde
That pig part reminded me of something....
GalaxySlushy Vor 21 Stunde
25:00 (just a time mark for me)
Максим Рыбаков
Максим Рыбаков Vor 21 Stunde
25:25 ))))
emre aleks özkan
emre aleks özkan Vor 22 Stunden
Wow it really cracked my heart when the pig was gone. İ hope that she is ok. By the way great vid bro:)
Mr Lot
Mr Lot Vor 22 Stunden
Altrnative titel: ultra hardcore survival craft
Oscar Roberto
Oscar Roberto Vor 22 Stunden
Did he take the dog with him? :(
Paranee Temsiripong
Paranee Temsiripong Vor 22 Stunden
This man be afk fishing
Juice Vor 22 Stunden
I watched the full thing and maybe I missed it but how did he drink?
Juice Vor 18 Stunden
@Olivier Vittel Cheers mate.
Olivier Vittel
Olivier Vittel Vor 19 Stunden
Hello You didn't, Xavier was collecting rain water and water from the water tank near the old school
ImbaMest Vor 23 Stunden
Русские есть?
Truth Believe • 78 ปีที่ผ่านมา
Truth Believe • 78 ปีที่ผ่านมา Vor 23 Stunden
Riz Cyber
Riz Cyber Vor 23 Stunden
Believe me the hardest part is u cant communicate at all. its the hardest as human being. whatever reason or kind or survival, people can adapt, just time matter. so the point is, the SURVIVAL is not the problem. ALONE is the problem.
Biswajyoti Mukherjee
Biswajyoti Mukherjee Vor 23 Stunden
Dog, Man's best friend.
gotwoh3ll Vor 23 Stunden
How is he charging the camera
BlackVoid_. Vor Tag
300 hari sendirian ._.
Ayazın Günlüğü
Ayazın Günlüğü Vor Tag
İnsanların hiç yaşamadığı yerlerde doğa çok daha güzel.
IzRex Vor Tag
there is no words better to say that this, this is a MAN!
Jomar Enok
Jomar Enok Vor Tag
Me: playing “THE FOREST” even food I can’t make it by my self 😂
Oliver Schou Egelund Bendtsen
Oliver Schou Egelund Bendtsen Vor Tag
i dont hope he eat the baby pig
Py-Guru-JEE Vor Tag
The Real Man [vs Wild]
Vincent Hui
Vincent Hui Vor Tag
So brave to have this adventure, respect
Raizel Gamer
Raizel Gamer Vor Tag
bagaimana caramu untuk mengisi batre cameranya?
Gia Khiêm Lương
Gia Khiêm Lương Vor Tag
Love you from việt nam ❤❤❤
kyle bautro
kyle bautro Vor Tag
Wow this video is kinda like surviving 300 days of hardcore minecraft except its real life
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