Aquascape Tutorial: Non co2 4ft Angelfish Aquarium (How To: Full Step By Step Guide, Planted Tank)

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Aquascape Tutorial: 4ft Angelfish Aquarium (How To: Full Step By Step Guide, Planted Fish Tank)
Full tutorial of the angelfish aquarium plus how it looks after 5 months!! I've put together everything as a final nod to the best tank I've created so far in terms of successful plants, minimal algae and just an overall almost perfect balance.
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MD Fish Tanks
MD Fish Tanks Vor 4 Monate
Full tutorial of the angelfish aquarium plus how it looks after 5 months!! Full disclosure, I added co2 for about 1 week after I set it up but took it off soon after as everything was growing too fast 🤣. I've put together everything as a final nod to the best tank I've created so far in terms of successful plants, minimal algae and just an overall almost perfect balance. LED FLoodlights: Amazon UK Amazon. com Awesome MEMBERSHIP Community:
Sharon G
Sharon G Vor 10 Tage
I would like to get a turtle.can you put any type of fish with him?
aj silencer
aj silencer Vor Monat
This is my favourite tank of yours, other than the cave tank. That was pretty awesome. Will you do another one at some point?
2 gb ram gamer
2 gb ram gamer Vor Monat
Do u breed your own fish
Brigadier X PIRA
Brigadier X PIRA Vor 2 Monate
I love this channel..It introduces us Yanks to aquascaping...and the metric
Yss D
Yss D Vor 2 Monate
@MD Fish Tanks what is the dimension of tank?
Brian Gilman
Brian Gilman Vor 2 Tage
That tank is beautiful
Sherly Fisher
Sherly Fisher Vor 2 Tage
Wow looks amazing😍👍
Jackie Hanson
Jackie Hanson Vor 3 Tage
Amazing tank
Guido Mista
Guido Mista Vor 3 Tage
You have brought a new lease of life to my love of landscape gardening and tropical fish keeping. Can't wait to try out your ideas!
matty burrows
matty burrows Vor 5 Tage
best filter ive used.eheim.from the 80s. it says .made in west germany still on the same original seal too..the pump has been on a marine tank for years and also a pond..they still make this filter and all the spares.its still the best canister filter.
Mickaël Négrobar
Mickaël Négrobar Vor 5 Tage
Caroline Franco
Caroline Franco Vor 5 Tage
Is it true that Buenos Aires tetra eat plants?
good samaritan
good samaritan Vor 6 Tage
Do you have a workout channel too mate? Would love to subscribe to it too☺. I really like the way you explain things as to keep it really simple . Not much drama....just simple & neat
Jonny Cox
Jonny Cox Vor 7 Tage
I really like this scape and I'm pretty confident I'm going to copy it. It's a shame it's not on the tropica inspiration page with all the stuff used listed because they put it all in a pdf. Bit ill watch it over and over to make notes
Stig Rune Svanes
Stig Rune Svanes Vor 8 Tage
Where did you get that thing you snapped on your water faucet?:) I live in norway, so a link would be much appreciated:)
Katrine Zoffmann Flindt Andersen
Katrine Zoffmann Flindt Andersen Vor 8 Tage
Were du you buy your backgrounds
Black Draft Production
Black Draft Production Vor 11 Tage
wow very very nice its make me happy thanks bro
Carl Stevenson
Carl Stevenson Vor 11 Tage
Can you confirm size of the tank please I know you said it was 600mm high but I am looking for the same tank from A4L and they say it would only be 500mm? thanks
Bettaholic! Vor 11 Tage
It's almost 2am, but that was worth it. Beautiful set up! Gives me more to think about with my 55 gal coming soon. 🤔
DJpro Music
DJpro Music Vor 11 Tage
Hi bro What is you full tank size
Cha-la head Cha-la
Cha-la head Cha-la Vor 12 Tage
where did you buy the JBL proscape?
Baci Azizolli
Baci Azizolli Vor 12 Tage
How do u te mantein the write temperature please??
Fernando Ramirez
Fernando Ramirez Vor 13 Tage
amaicing are yuuu
Humble Dandelion
Humble Dandelion Vor 14 Tage
How do u manage to keep the glass clean with all those plants...
33alwright Vor 15 Tage
Your aquariums are the best I've seen.. I love the videos.. Very inspirational. They look fantastic. Well done 👏 👏👏
Morgan W.
Morgan W. Vor 15 Tage
I have a question, how do you keep your plants from decomposing? Im having trouble from my tank keeping plants from falling apart easily and browning, I use a few chemicals but I was just curious how you do it! Thanks
Manh Dung Pham
Manh Dung Pham Vor 17 Tage
I’m so enjoying your video! Thank you for sharing!
Jesús David León
Jesús David León Vor 18 Tage
Prashant Pendurkar
Prashant Pendurkar Vor 19 Tage
What’s the exact size of this aquarium ??
Sabir Vor 19 Tage
TheVinn3h Vor 20 Tage
chucking it on with a tub... my kid of scaper right there :D
Frame shots
Frame shots Vor 24 Tage
Glass thickness?
michael wilson
michael wilson Vor 24 Tage
can you possibly upload a Google document/word document to Google drive with a list of plant's and materials used in this aqua scape please? Great channel, subscribed 👍
Michael Dominguez
Michael Dominguez Vor 25 Tage
Bullshit..alot of talking..why you do not finished your job first before you talked alot!!!
SeeMovie Love
SeeMovie Love Vor 25 Tage
I would like to know how to clean fish waste with planted fish tank. Thanks
Hengst Kings Chemnitz
Hengst Kings Chemnitz Vor 25 Tage
430 Liter Water = 430 kg //// siehe sehr schön Aquarium mit Stein / Pflanzen und Holz . Top !!!!
Gencay Turan
Gencay Turan Vor 28 Tage
watched the hole vid, LOVED IT.
CCC Vor 29 Tage
Like this guy esp. how he gets on to it without YAPPING for 20 minutes first; GOOD JOB!!! CCC /Austin, TX
CottonWildBlades Vor Monat
Thank you, this really made my day better, by watching you plant an aquirium! I'm going to make an angelfish tank (50 gallon) soon!
Marluxae Shafyu
Marluxae Shafyu Vor Monat
This guy is the Ali A of Aquascaping
Petko Meshov
Petko Meshov Vor Monat
May I ask for the model of that what you are putting on the tap? I need the same and I haven't seen it so far. (46:10 min)
Melissa Lopez
Melissa Lopez Vor Monat
my favorite aquascaper!!!!
Craig Perry
Craig Perry Vor Monat
How do you clean the substrate in this tank??
Ole Jurczok
Ole Jurczok Vor Monat
How big is the Tank? So how long and high and this things
Alex Ward
Alex Ward Vor Monat
I’ve noticed from some of your previous videos that we must live in the same area as I recognise a lot of your shops. I was wondering do you have the same issues with high nitrates coming out of the tap? Interested to see what you do about it as you don’t appear to use RO water
waldir estrada
waldir estrada Vor Monat
I wanna know how much money this dude makes. Jesus
Issa Iss
Issa Iss Vor Monat
woow)wery nice tank)
Steven Napier
Steven Napier Vor Monat
What substrate is this
Help Mizo
Help Mizo Vor Monat
Im so thankful thia channel existed
Jeff Kramer
Jeff Kramer Vor Monat
Your the man! I'm such a fan now. Just stumbled upon the channel.
Gabrielle Corkran
Gabrielle Corkran Vor Monat
Sometime could you PLeAse make a video talking about all the types of water plants that you have and you use!? While putting the names of them up on the screen?. And what they help with/ or just what the plants are good for in the aquariums they are in?? I really need and want better knowledge with planted tanks... as far as best substrate to use and everYthing!? It was be amazing (: you explain things awesomely!!
Ricardo Junqueira
Ricardo Junqueira Vor Monat
Just so you know, XINGU is pronounced like SHEEN-GOO. AMAZING scape. Thank you for sharing it with us.
randomness channel
randomness channel Vor Monat
Khanh Vor Monat
I Love this video. awesome
Cem Kızılçeç
Cem Kızılçeç Vor Monat
40 W lighting 30 cm above the aquarium, approx.440 lt low tech tank. This changes many assumptions about required lighting wattage for low tech...My understanding was roughly tank volume x 1/3 for led lights would put you in the mid range for lighting needs. You are at 1/11 even though all plants are easy beginner plants...
James Vor Monat
For your light brackets: You have made a "hinge" that is held in place only by friction. I suggest putting one more screw in so that the light does not come down into your tank over time. Love your videos.
Lawrence Norman
Lawrence Norman Vor Monat
That’s beautiful man I want a tank just like that
Aryan Tallam
Aryan Tallam Vor Monat
Your videos are amazing I'm learning so much thanks a lot ❤️
Lucas Mironne
Lucas Mironne Vor Monat
I’m going to do this scape myself, how much aqua soil did you use ? Two 9L is enough ? Thanks, I hope someone can give me an answer
Daniel Massicotte
Daniel Massicotte Vor Monat
All done, without a pair of shoes!
Aquascape lover
Aquascape lover Vor Monat
I watch all your videos, and every time i have only one Q in mind. Are you just fcking rich and dont know where else to spend money at or what? Ifnot, where you find money for all that.. 2 huge filters, one just for a flow. And 250 cost probably couple of 100s. So much stones. And that tank cost a fortune, and you say price is afordable, wtf. Dude you hve talent, dont gwt me wrong, but with that kind of equipment space and time, no wonder it looks fantastic. I learned a lot from you, started my own aquascaping, but man, i dont have a money for decent tank or stones. And i fcking fall in love with aquascaping that my wife is gonna leave me 😔😒😁
Walter Morgante
Walter Morgante Vor Monat
Hi man, how big is this thank?
Lieve Vlindertjes.
Lieve Vlindertjes. Vor Monat
Why are you using so much glue? That is poisen for the plants and the fish.
Paris Sideridis
Paris Sideridis Vor Monat
hi dude where i can buy this superb product for connecting the hose to the faucet? 46:10
Marija Tešović
Marija Tešović Vor Monat
Fantastic setup, clean and so natural!
Jay Webb
Jay Webb Vor Monat
Beautiful! Where do you buy your Manzanita wood from MD?
Raccoon Eyes
Raccoon Eyes Vor Monat
Angelfish are cool looking but i never had good luck with them in my community tank, they are nasty. no idea where they get "angel" fish from lol, they are the bluejays of the fish world.
sanjog pawar
sanjog pawar Vor Monat
i blocked the bathroom for over an hour because of this video
aj silencer
aj silencer Vor Monat
Beautiful tank! It really has grown in and it's really cool to see the 5 month progress (must have been a long video in the making lol)
k9feces Vor Monat
You give a lot of great tips
William Vor Monat
@ 18:52 someone ripped you off by sending you Manzanita that had been in a wildfire. Manzanita grows all over California, most likely that's where your Manzanita came from, so they obviously went for the cheap and easy to get burnt stuff.
Yacht Tech Solutions LLC
Yacht Tech Solutions LLC Vor Monat
So enjoyed watching your artwork. Amazing therapy.
SantaMonicaHelp Assistant
SantaMonicaHelp Assistant Vor Monat
Great setup! What type of algae did you use? - Isabel
Anson Vor Monat
You have inspired me to setup a planted tank. All of your planted aquariums look really decent! Could you please share what fertilisers do you use and how regular you dose them? It would be really helpful.
Matthew Illingworth
Matthew Illingworth Vor Monat
Love it, I'm having a go at aquascaping an angel fish tank next week so this is quite informative. I've kept fish for decades but have never planted a tank before.
Ramah ;-;
Ramah ;-; Vor Monat
Very nice and very risky adding buenos aries tetras in a planted tank as they are know to feed heavily on stemmed plants. I know this from first hand experience.
Charlie Merritt
Charlie Merritt Vor 2 Monate
I see you now have co2 on this tank what is not coping without?
Ricardo Vallejos
Ricardo Vallejos Vor 2 Monate
El serrucho milenario!!! Con esa herramienta hicieron el arca de Noé. 1000% Épico 😎👍
Jose Fernandez
Jose Fernandez Vor 2 Monate
Could you tell me how good do plants grow with these 6500k flood lights thanks
Chess Expert Chaney
Chess Expert Chaney Vor 2 Monate
The zebra angelfish is my favorite so beautiful 🐟
Gareth Norwood
Gareth Norwood Vor 2 Monate
Are you using co2 in this set up
01 bonzai
01 bonzai Vor 2 Monate
Abi benbi türküm dedinizden anla masam bile sizi severek izliyorum eline salık çok güzelbi akvaryumolmuş güzel hobiler
JOE ၊ Vor 2 Monate
For sell?
JOE ၊ Vor 2 Monate
Kevin Weller
Kevin Weller Vor 2 Monate
as always.. amazing job mate!!!! Great video killer tank!!
Tim Trueblood
Tim Trueblood Vor 2 Monate
The right angle triangle was a great idea!
Onnsss Record
Onnsss Record Vor 2 Monate
is it difficult to clean the whole tank which is full of aquascape? how you clean it?
Mourad MKHAKH Vor 2 Monate
Amazing vidéo. Thanks you, you made me want to resume this passion after 4 years of stopping
Mark Anthony Flores
Mark Anthony Flores Vor 2 Monate
How to maintain the water condition and cleaning the algae?
chickenliam Vor 2 Monate
Absolutely beautiful 😁
Fish Tropic
Fish Tropic Vor 2 Monate
He cuts good wood yes 👍
Joe Schmo
Joe Schmo Vor 2 Monate
Pro tip: if you don’t want your brackets to split or look like shit pre drill your holes!
jesse ramirez
jesse ramirez Vor 2 Monate
Angelfish keeper 302
Angelfish keeper 302 Vor 2 Monate
Amazing aquascape
World Aquarium Singapore
World Aquarium Singapore Vor 2 Monate
nice the thing is need to have lots of plants to fill in the tank, things comes when i need to cut and trim my plants cause i dont want to trim back my plants but if i dont trim my tankk will look messy, what is your advice anyone?
sazji Vor 2 Monate
Really gorgeous. I love the dense explosion of plants after 5 months, and the way the moss covered the rocks. Part of me would like to see more of the rock itself, but being a plant geek first and foremost, I can live with it. :-)
Antron Gilbert
Antron Gilbert Vor 2 Monate
How do you keep your water so clean...I got some products that get it clear but not like yours
Sam Krieger
Sam Krieger Vor 2 Monate
I never killed a plastic plant.
Jerry Dease
Jerry Dease Vor 2 Monate
20:00 Just say “do” once, lol 😂 not “do do”!
Fábio Prata
Fábio Prata Vor 2 Monate
Great work! Really love it. What is your fertilization regime?
luster 5
luster 5 Vor 2 Monate
You didn't give the Ottos a shout out, I'm unsubing......
luster 5
luster 5 Vor 2 Monate
The scape on his face looks better than the planted aquascape.
Valmir M
Valmir M Vor 2 Monate
Perfect 👌
Paul Foster
Paul Foster Vor 2 Monate
Great video. I'll be watching again once my tank arrives
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