Behind the Drama: Season 1 and 2 || Downton Abbey Special Features Season 3

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Behind the Drama: Season 1 and 2
With Julian Fellowes, Joanne Froggatt (Anna Bates), Phyllis Logan (Elsie Hughes), Alastair Bruce, Sophie McShera (Daisy Mason), Lesley Nicol (Beryl Patmore), Allen Leech (Tom Branson), Brendan Coyle (John Bates), Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary Crawley), Laura Carmichael (Lady Edith Crawley), Elizabeth McGovern (Cora Crawley, Countess of Grantham), Jessica Brown Findlay (Lady Sybil Crawley), Zoe Boyle (Lavinia Swire), Dan Stevens (Matthew Crawley), Iain Glen (Sir Richard Carlisle) and Thomas Howes (William Mason).
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GleePotter8468 Vor 2 years
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tammy winter
tammy winter Vor 2 Monate
tammy winter
tammy winter Vor 2 Monate
tammy winter
tammy winter Vor 2 Monate
Buddy Obbard
Buddy Obbard Vor Tag
“We all know who the boss upstairs is” Shows Robert. “The Dowager Countess” 🤣
Dee Vor 4 Tage
11:21 "The Turk is a true story." 🤤😨
Mayson Vor 29 Tage
Mrs Hughes actress. I'm shookith
Ashton Yoshi
Ashton Yoshi Vor Monat
I was disappointed in myself that I didn't watch this on PBS. But I was able to binge watch all the seasons on Amazon prime few months back. Sadness hit when it was all over but wow what a awesome cast, story, very intriguing.
Alex Shuysky
Alex Shuysky Vor Monat
Dan Steven's so meaty haha I just want to pinch him in the cheek! :p
Da Tinh
Da Tinh Vor Monat
if you want God to forgive you dont commet here just go to the church and pray.
Issa Soliongco
Issa Soliongco Vor Monat
Lavinia was really lovely. Even her actress seems lovely.
Doctor who XOX
Doctor who XOX Vor 2 Monate
“I still think Maggie smith should be in this scene, lobbing mint imperials over the top” 😂😂
Rosa Martins
Rosa Martins Vor 2 Monate
"Spanish flu was the worst pandemic in History"... corona heard and thought "hold my beer"
12from121 Vor 2 Monate
What a remarkably beautiful woman Jessica Brown Findlay is
PB 16
PB 16 Vor 2 Monate
Watching this during the pandemic of 2020
Hollie Leonard
Hollie Leonard Vor 3 Monate
"worst pandemic in history." Me in 2020: 👁️👄👁️
Matt Taylor
Matt Taylor Vor 7 Tage
Yeah Spanish flu was still significantly worse :/
Faith Evelyn
Faith Evelyn Vor 17 Tage
Haha I know same! The spanish flu is still definitely the worst pandemic in history though! It killed over 15 million people! How sad! 😭😭
Cornelia Berz
Cornelia Berz Vor 3 Monate
Sometimes Thomas looks like a vampire.🧛‍♂️ Maggie Smith is sooo brilliant!!!👸
Rani Køster
Rani Køster Vor 3 Monate
God, I love the narrator's voice. I wonder why that is ;)
Rani Køster
Rani Køster Vor Monat
@Little Bubbles yep 😊
Little Bubbles
Little Bubbles Vor 2 Monate
Hugh bonneville
Anusha Singh
Anusha Singh Vor 3 Monate
I get teary eyed every time i see the beauty of this series.. the beauty is in everything..
Anusha Singh
Anusha Singh Vor 3 Monate
Lord how much i love this show
Vanessa Villamor
Vanessa Villamor Vor 3 Monate
Just became a superfan of Downton Abbey.. loooovveee the characters so much especially the love story between Mr. Bates and Anna. Cried a lot in their scenes together. Superb acting! 🥰👍💕😘
Dean Fuller
Dean Fuller Vor 3 Monate
Phoenix Vor 4 Monate
My goodness, Dan Stevens can even look good covered in mud in the battle scenes 😘. Sybil was the youngest of the sisters, but the most mature, and she really came into her own as a war nurse. Lavinia was a sweet character, if a bit one-note, but she definitely deserved better. And Mary despite her huge faults is still my favorite character, and her relationship with Mathew in the second series was the best part.
Lisa Stallings Keelor
Lisa Stallings Keelor Vor 4 Monate
I wish Dan would hurry up and come to terms that he’s mine all mine and just marry me. 💘💔❤️
Albert Tsai
Albert Tsai Vor 3 Monate
He’s already married and has three kids! LOL 😂
Tajrin Zoarder
Tajrin Zoarder Vor 4 Monate
Golly!! Matthew was beast from The Beauty and the Beast 😱❤
Martin Albert
Martin Albert Vor 4 Monate
Downton is a doughnut, it's delicious, it's a dream !
PMA Judge
PMA Judge Vor 5 Monate
Humbulani Munonde
Humbulani Munonde Vor 5 Monate
Может у вас есть опыт продвижения с EnotGlobal ?
Matt Handy
Matt Handy Vor 5 Monate
Could someone please tell if This Behind The Scenes Documentary Is Included In The Dowton Abbey DVD Box-Set I absolutely love Dowton Abbey It’s an absolutely amazing Program
Nana Sophie Holm
Nana Sophie Holm Vor 5 Monate
Is Hugh Bonneville the narrator in this? It sounds so much like Lord Grantham!
Nana Sophie Holm
Nana Sophie Holm Vor 4 Monate
@Ossie Mc Thank you! :)
Ossie Mc
Ossie Mc Vor 4 Monate
Yes it is Hugh Bonneville
Rose Ringer
Rose Ringer Vor 5 Monate
I was wondering the same thing. I think it is Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham!!
Caz Dowd
Caz Dowd Vor 5 Monate
Love Downton Abbey, then you will love C.A MacRae's Gemini Complex, The Cabal: After the final demise of the Cathars at Chateau Mount Montségur in the south of France in 1244, a heroic rescue by a Knights Templar took place. Six hundred and fifty-three years later a murder and spate of suspicious deaths of the clergy become linked in the south of France. Flo’s first day (10th November 1918) at Chandringham doesn’t work out quite how she imagined. A bright but humble farm girl finds herself thrust into the upper echelons of society. Rather than being trained in the everyday tasks of a maid, she’s told she needs to leave her old life behind and immerse herself in the life of the aristocracy, as Lady Mary Tavistock. Her world is turned upside down, Flo realises she’s not the person she’s always thought she was and to make matters worse she finds out her life is endangered. In order to make sense of who she really is and what her purpose in life is, she’s sent to Switzerland to meet others of her kind. the first book of a trilogy. It's going to be released later this year.
Sarah-Ann Hassall
Sarah-Ann Hassall Vor 5 Monate
As an actor and viewer, I love this!
Interstellar💥 Vor 5 Monate
My Goodness Mathew looks so gorgeous in real life
Albert Tsai
Albert Tsai Vor 3 Monate
Matthew is gorgeous in real life and in the show! I was especially in love with him in S2, when he had the shorter military haircut and all those sexy soldier uniforms 😍🤩 damn 🔥
Samantha Catherine
Samantha Catherine Vor 6 Monate
I will never forget a moment on Graham Norton when Graham says anytime he sees the Downstairs actors all dressed up for an event hes like "oh isnt that lovely! They've given Mrs. Hughes a day off!"
S E Barbar
S E Barbar Vor 6 Monate
What a shame to hear Mary’s real accent
jehanne thompson
jehanne thompson Vor 4 Monate
It’s kinda cute. It’s very soft and I love it
Etanashe Vor 6 Monate
18:10 *m i s t e r p A M U K*
Etanashe Vor 6 Monate
17:33 Mary: *Damn that’s hot*
A King
A King Vor 6 Monate
This is one of the best series I've seen to date.
Mary Vor Monat
This serie is not like the other. DA is better !
Aylu Kw
Aylu Kw Vor 6 Monate
10:30 Amen Joanne
Lenore Justman
Lenore Justman Vor 6 Monate
Im watching this in the middle of the covid pandemic. Unfortunately there is not an easy cure now, either.
Doubting Thomas
Doubting Thomas Vor 6 Monate
I'm just watching it for the first time!.. not normally my kind of thing, but it's beautifully made, great acting! 👍
Glorious Tara
Glorious Tara Vor 7 Monate
Matthew was the best man ever! The most beautiful, magnetic and smart
Albert Tsai
Albert Tsai Vor 3 Monate
Yes he was! And don’t forget he was kind to everyone, honorable, charming and affable!
Carmen Tschanen
Carmen Tschanen Vor 7 Monate
I am a 🐕 person so I have to say Is was a beautiful dog.
Apolo Adonis
Apolo Adonis Vor 7 Monate
This show portraits the UK from 100 years old . The true UK . Not inmigrants from africa or assian or muslims . This shows reflects the true UK spirith
Anya Vor 2 Monate
Ah so you believe the true UK was when they were invading and colonizing other countries, but irs not cool when people from those countries moved to the UK. Makes no sense but ok.
slip noot
slip noot Vor 4 Monate
@Apolo Adonis homie xenophobia is essentially a hatred of immigrants you're a xenophobe anyways stank energy England was shit back then it's shit now it's nothing to do with immigrants
Apolo Adonis
Apolo Adonis Vor 4 Monate
@slip noot this not xenophobia . Is the truh . Time changes not better
slip noot
slip noot Vor 4 Monate
Xenophobia is stank energy bro
Leane Yohan
Leane Yohan Vor 7 Monate
"Spanish flu was the worst pandemic in history," Corona virus: *chuckles while sipping tea
inspired14U Vor 5 Monate
For those who die, little diffeence does it make.
Christina Holmes
Christina Holmes Vor 7 Monate
no word of a lie if only i were 20 years older. i genuinely love allen leech
Kevin Finn
Kevin Finn Vor 7 Monate
My wife and I just began to binge watch this series....we are finding it wonderful to watch....we are towards the end of season three...
Gilded Liberty
Gilded Liberty Vor 5 Monate
@Flinty101TTV Is the best Peacock app has seasons to watch for free.
Adeel Ali
Adeel Ali Vor 6 Monate
@Flinty101TTV Is the best Amazon Prime
Flinty101TTV Is the best
Flinty101TTV Is the best Vor 6 Monate
Where can you watch it? It's not on Netflix unfortunately.
Ania Bielecki
Ania Bielecki Vor 7 Monate
It’s so weird because of Spanish flew and then one of the lines later on is “I’ve been studying the effects of quarantine” and well
Anthony Vor 7 Monate
Never heard that line
musicalmarion Vor 7 Monate
Is this Behind the Scenes or a synopsis of the whole story with spoilers?
Tracy Johnson
Tracy Johnson Vor Monat
It's a re-cap of 1&2, ahead of 3. It does say so in the title, so hopefully people know not to watch, until they've seen the first 2 or more.
edukid1984 Vor 5 Monate
It's full of spoilers because people usually watch these "behind the scene" featurettes after finishing the series proper.
wurzelaus9 Vor 6 Monate
Lots of spoilers.. Better watch the series first
Teri Sanchez
Teri Sanchez Vor 8 Monate
Absolutely love this show!!! I have watched it so many times and I never tire of it. I hope they will make more. I love all of the actors. I wish Sybil's character didn't have to go out so early. I especially love the scenes with Lady Rose, she is such a happy breath of air!!!
SuAlteza92 Vor 8 Monate
William looks good 🥰🥰
Marlene DeSouza
Marlene DeSouza Vor 8 Monate
Just enjoy it every time i see the series.
brontew cat
brontew cat Vor 8 Monate
Edith’s character has the most interesting story arc. My dear one gave me a jigsaw puzzle of the characters from the movie.Edith is completely on par with Mary. But the best character is the woman who is nearly 90
brontew cat
brontew cat Vor 6 Monate
zina chrys We love Dame Maggie.
zina chrys
zina chrys Vor 7 Monate
Maggie Smith
Rodk Vic
Rodk Vic Vor 8 Monate
Anna sounds different in real life :(
SheilaghmBrosky Brosky
SheilaghmBrosky Brosky Vor 8 Monate
She was using an Yorkshire accent.
Pamelia Yulianto
Pamelia Yulianto Vor 8 Monate
Listening to Dan's comment about the war scenes, I bet the experience was one of the reasons he wanted to move on from DA and avoid being type casted, trying more variations of characters
Pamelia Yulianto
Pamelia Yulianto Vor 8 Monate
OMG Dan is so gorgeous. He was not chubby whatsoever in the interview but why he is so different now. Still charming, not Matthew Crawley charmimg and gorgeous, but still 🥰
Lauren Stich
Lauren Stich Vor 6 Monate
@Her Majesty Royalty He looks very sexy in "Eurovision" -- still so very thin, but obviously he has enjoyed being very thin since 2013.
Her Majesty Royalty
Her Majesty Royalty Vor 6 Monate
I do agree his healthier appearance added to his charm as Matthew Crawley. It was not the same in Beauty and The Beast.
Lauren Stich
Lauren Stich Vor 7 Monate
Dan Stevens was never as attractive as he was in Downton Abbey. While hardly fat, he was "soft", but his appearance only added to his charm and hypnotic good looks and mesmerizing voice. He did "Summer in February" during the last season of DA, and looked the same, but for his next movie, "The Guest", the director wanted him to buff up -- lose about 40 lbs and get ripped. Which he did!! That was in 2013, and while he's not as buff as in that movie, he remained incredibly thin. While he obviously is healthier and is still a very handsome man, he definitely lost something. Still gorgeous, but the appeal he had with his longer hair and "soft" face, has disappeared. But I'll always be a fan as he's a very gifted actor. For all of you who enjoyed Dan Stevens in DA, you definitely should see him in the two movies he did previously, which got him the part. First was his first big break, when he played the lead in the BBC 3-part mini-series, "The Line of Beauty", adapted by the really talented Andrew Davies. Dan is brilliant and steals the entire movie. Then came the BBC version of "Sense and Sensibility" in 2008. Another beautiful portrayal which led to Downton Abbey.
Jotham Able
Jotham Able Vor 8 Monate
Bella Ventimiglia
Bella Ventimiglia Vor 8 Monate
Have become a new fan of “Downton” while staying at home...🤗🤗🤗
Quinacridone Rose
Quinacridone Rose Vor 8 Monate
Besides the script, costumes, scenery etc the casting for Downton Abbey was spot on!
Rebecca Anderson
Rebecca Anderson Vor 8 Monate
Mrs Patmore is so pretty in real life!
Marina W
Marina W Vor 9 Monate
DA is one of those timelessly classic show that you could rewatch 100th times and still don’t get tired of it and you find new interesting things you hadn’t noticed before.
J M Vor 9 Monate
Watching this as I'm recovering from Covid-19... 😁
Melly Vor 6 Monate
Hope you’re doing well now! :)
J M Vor 6 Monate
Euni I’m getting there, thank you!
Euni Vor 6 Monate
Hope you are all better!!
Raspberry Dove-Ali
Raspberry Dove-Ali Vor 7 Monate
@J M That's Awesome!! Take Care 💜.
J M Vor 7 Monate
@Raspberry Dove-Ali Thanks! I'm doing very well and tested negative about 6 weeks ago. Still have minor breathing issues but otherwise I'm ok :)
Sammy Vor 9 Monate
I just finished rewatching it and I'm debating on starting it over again for the third time, its so good!
jehanne thompson
jehanne thompson Vor 4 Monate
I’ve watched it for the 9th time lol. I’m obsessed
Christina Holmes
Christina Holmes Vor 7 Monate
@Raspberry Dove-Ali lol
Raspberry Dove-Ali
Raspberry Dove-Ali Vor 7 Monate
@Christina Holmes I doubt it. Besides a conversation has to start somewhere. 😉
Christina Holmes
Christina Holmes Vor 7 Monate
@Raspberry Dove-Ali the person who wrote this is probably really annoyed we had a whole conversation on their comment
Raspberry Dove-Ali
Raspberry Dove-Ali Vor 7 Monate
@Christina Holmes Dan Stevens who played Matthew Crawley was offered a part in a movie and had other offers coming his way. He had already done period drama and didn't want to be "typed cast" for those sort of roles. Jessica Brown Finnaly who played l Lady Sybill was looking to return to dancing. Her 1st Love and Career before she began acting. That and talk that she wasn't liking how her character arc was fading in the background against Lady Mary. (Can't blame her if that's the case.) But for their characters story lines, they had to leave in such a way that it would Not diminish the future of #DowntonAbbey. Their deaths paved the way for BOTH Lady Mary and Tom Branson to grow and mature (a bit in the case of Lady Mary) as individuals, and their roles within the family.
Barbara Wells
Barbara Wells Vor 9 Monate
Back then Spanish Flu today COVID19 😔😔😔😔
ravin P
ravin P Vor 9 Monate
Spanish Flu in those days. Now it's the Corona virus.
Lori Cooke
Lori Cooke Vor 8 Monate
@Chris Piercey actually I believe Spanish flu was an orthomyxovirus. Same class that cause avian influenza.
Chris Piercey
Chris Piercey Vor 8 Monate
ravin P The Spanish flu was a corona virus.
ravin P
ravin P Vor 9 Monate
Lady SYBIL!!!!
ravin P
ravin P Vor 9 Monate
Well time to rewatch Downton Abbey. Which in lockdown.
Sheila Burns
Sheila Burns Vor 7 Monate
I'm going to rewatch too!! LOL!!! I've already rewatched The Crown. PEACE to ALL ... and STAY SAFE and HEALTHY.
Diana Thakur
Diana Thakur Vor 9 Monate
Love love Downton Abbey!!
Rebecca Hopkins
Rebecca Hopkins Vor 10 Monate
Poor William. Never got over loosing him, Sybil or Matthew.
jehanne thompson
jehanne thompson Vor 4 Monate
cell pat I like Micael Gregson but I wish he met Edith when he wasn’t married to avoid all scandal possible. Even tho I don’t like Edith.
Rebecca Hopkins
Rebecca Hopkins Vor 9 Monate
cell pat yes Michael Gregson too! I remember watching the show in real time and just knew for sure he would show back up. And together he and Edith would go to Switzerland and get Marigold. Of course that never happened. He did deserve better and his fate was very sad.
cell pat
cell pat Vor 9 Monate
I've been sad for Michael Gregson as well. He was so kind and generous to Edith and to the family, that to loose him to Hitler's thugs was very sad. He deserved better.
Rebecca Hopkins
Rebecca Hopkins Vor 10 Monate
Lavinia was SOOOO much more beautiful and certainly kinder than Mary. Never understood why she was supposed to be some kind of “downgrade” from Mary.
Rebecca Hopkins
Rebecca Hopkins Vor 4 Monate
Martin Dennis well, there are a lot of things I could send back your way. Some nastier than yours. But no. I’m not going to clap back with vitriol, and write nasty things and degrade your character, or call you nasty, unverifiable names. You who is a complete stranger. Not going to escalate more back and forth ridiculousness. I’m going to do something outside the norm. Something Trump would NEVER do😂Maybe something most people, surprisingly, don’t do when writing back and forth with complete strangers they know nothing about personally, especially in these horrible times we both find ourselves living in. And ESPECIALLY when discussing fake ass characters and things that don’t matter at all, and are so insignificant it’s a wonder anyone ever writes backs at all really, when you think about it. But here I am, writing back again😂no, most people these days seem to give into the darker demons of their nature, and write terrible things to people they’ve never even met, and probably never will. But I’m not going to do that. What I’m going to do is, I’m going to genuinely wish you well, thank you for your time, and say good night and good luck to you. There is enough hatred in this world as it is Martin. Downton Abbey rebuttals don’t need to be included in it. Downton Abbey video comment sections should be a safe place of expression without name calling and nastiness for Christ sake! If not here, where?! Let’s make it one right here and now. Let’s choose to make it that, together. Hope you will. Genuinely hope you will. And maybe remember the time a complete stranger actually turned the other cheek, and decided to respect you as a human being (despite not having your picture on your profile. I still believe you’re a person not a bot😂) and treat you with courtesy, despite the shade and rudeness that you may have already slung their way. And Maybe, just maybe, you’ll remember this moment; the next time you feel yourself getting pissed at a complete stranger, over nonsense that doesn’t matter in the least. And maybe, that’s how changing these horrible times actually starts. One, two people and one, two decisions at a time. We are bigger than this moment. We can choose the right path. Here I am a stranger, being vulnerable, being real, and wishing you all good things. Sorry so long. Hope it was worth your time to read it. And with that, Peace I’m out 👍
Rebecca Hopkins
Rebecca Hopkins Vor 4 Monate
Martin Dennis ok MARTIN, not hysterical not name calling. I made a joke. The hysterical and name calling would be you darling. Just think she’s prettier and one does not need to lecture, name call, and degrade someone and insult their intelligence in being able to follow a story, just for having that opinion; an opinion different than yours. No need to get so hostile over fake characters and stuff that doesn’t even matter in the long run. Let it go. Wasted energy. Especially when there’s over 180,000 dead from covid in the US and civil war and murder in the streets. Breath deep and level your perspective. This stuff doesn’t matter. Good luck to you in real life✌️
Rebecca Hopkins
Rebecca Hopkins Vor 4 Monate
Martin Dennis it’s my personal opinion and I’m perfectly entitled to it. You don’t get to decide what people think, or what they are supposed to think like and not think like. So agree to disagree and move along, cause there’s nothing else to discuss. Also this is the same show that married the Earls youngest daughter to the Irish Chauffeur, so I think having an opinion about Lavinia’s looks over Mary’s fits right in 🤣😂👏
Rebecca Hopkins
Rebecca Hopkins Vor 4 Monate
Martin Dennis well aren’t you just the one 😂🤣
Nancy Wilcocks
Nancy Wilcocks Vor 8 Monate
She was only seen as a downgrade by Carson and granny really. Carson because Mary was his queen and granny because she was about keeping DA in the family. Or should I say keeping the family in DA , lol
msinvincible2000 Vor 10 Monate
I never understood why Mary attracted all men: she's skin on bones and not really pretty. Edish is a thousand times prettier (and nicer)
jehanne thompson
jehanne thompson Vor 4 Monate
msinvincible2000 Edith was a selfish person. I don’t care is she helped soldiers or did good at a magazine. she is racist, petty and always playing the victim
msinvincible2000 Vor 4 Monate
@Lilay Lray I didn't say that being skinny makes one ugly. Audrey Hepburn was skin on bones and was pretty. I said that Mary is both: skin on bones AND not pretty. Mary was also a selfish, nasty bully, who didn't get better over the series, unlike Edith who grew up and became a great person
jehanne thompson
jehanne thompson Vor 4 Monate
Marconus Jam exactly. People are disgusting.
Lilay Lray
Lilay Lray Vor 9 Monate
msinvincible2000 being skinny doesn’t mean someone isn’t beautiful
Emma Jonas
Emma Jonas Vor 10 Monate
For the time period, especially the 1920s, she was considered the epitome of beauty. Especially with how slender her frame is. Sybil's frame fits what was considered attractive for the 1910s, where the series starts.
Annie Mac
Annie Mac Vor year
Big fan of Downton abbey. Looking forward to seeing the film.Thanks for uploading..
Randy39761 Vor year
Daisys a looker in real life 😉
Lynn S
Lynn S Vor 9 Monate
I was really surprised too.
Kyle Brown
Kyle Brown Vor year
I don't know who the guy is at 19:19 but he's more upper class than any of the characters
Rebecca Hopkins
Rebecca Hopkins Vor 10 Monate
That would be Academy Award winner, His Lordship, TRH Julian Fellowes, Baron Of West Stafford. The creator and writer of Downton. As in he’s written every single episode of the show, all six seasons, and the movie. An incredibly talented, witty, intelligent and believe it or not, humble person. Maybe he seems more upper class because he’s genuinely upper class 🤣 But he’s truly down to earth as well.
The Earl of Grantham
The Earl of Grantham Vor year
Lord Fellowes
D T Vor year
He’s the writer
Anne McCall
Anne McCall Vor year
Has Anna's voice changed
georgia Vor year
Do u have season 3??
Sophie Nugre
Sophie Nugre Vor year
It's kind of jarring to hear Lord Grantham narrate downstairs storylines. But a cool behind the scenes look altogether.
Crystal Plaid
Crystal Plaid Vor 7 Monate
I thought that was his voice doing the narration. Glad to find confirmation.
Daniel Gardecki
Daniel Gardecki Vor 2 years
Owned by *ITV.*
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