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It's time for The Fails of the Week! This week we have a man just trying to enjoy a bubble bath, a cat who loves catnip to much, and more!
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Angelo Vor 20 Stunden
even if you dont watch any video for a year... every new one has at least 5 repeated videos from all over the place xD how is that possible
Cairo chaney
Cairo chaney Vor 3 Tage
4:27 Paranormal Activity
Zyy Zarr
Zyy Zarr Vor 9 Tage
Because of these pranks i learned how to speak fluent english,thank you FAIL ARMY,,😉😉😉😊😊
ado fonconi
ado fonconi Vor 13 Tage
Jindra Smutný
Jindra Smutný Vor 13 Tage
4:26 that cat was cuuuute 😂😂
Steve Drongowski
Steve Drongowski Vor 14 Tage
1:49 he fell to sleep
Jason Anderson
Jason Anderson Vor 22 Tage
Aaron Townsley
Aaron Townsley Vor 24 Tage
Back tire broke off but he landed right side up and is uninjured. That's a win.
Bryan Molina
Bryan Molina Vor 29 Tage
Same clips are being used. Disgusting
Marco Arbia
Marco Arbia Vor Monat
omg wtf is up with that paranormal activity one?
Lorik Qui'in
Lorik Qui'in Vor Monat
0:28 Looks like my kind of party! Sometimes we put COM players in PVP and cheer like that while drinking.
RØBØ-FIZZ異差意 Vor Monat
4:28 THE GHOST IS REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 👻
Amadis Demitrius
Amadis Demitrius Vor Monat
I suspect the bit edited out from the convo with the guy in the bubble bath was him explaining how fucking high on heroin he was.
Typical Flash
Typical Flash Vor Monat
Legend has it. The cat is still crack.
Chris Tian
Chris Tian Vor Monat
Not good
ChrisC Vor Monat
It says "Cat Crack" right on the jar. What were they expecting?
Hubert Carwyn
Hubert Carwyn Vor 28 Tage
Chris Guarana
Chris Guarana Vor Monat
8 min wow
Hubert Carwyn
Hubert Carwyn Vor 28 Tage
theeverlastingspiral Vor Monat
Failarmy is now officially a fail
John Seung
John Seung Vor Monat
Wtf do people really run and bury their face in the bed when scary shit happens LOL
TheDjcobra2001 Vor Monat
The first one. She hit him on purpose for yelling
king james
king james Vor Monat
Why blur out captions
Hubert Carwyn
Hubert Carwyn Vor 28 Tage
n c
n c Vor Monat
Fail army sucks now. Step it up people wtff
Charlies MSP Welt
Charlies MSP Welt Vor Monat
Wer deutsch?
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Vor Monat
1:55 "You could have died!" Guy in....thing: Throws hands in the air? ah what ya gonna do!
furrygamer 922
furrygamer 922 Vor Monat
You here too
SUI-cidal Dadbro
SUI-cidal Dadbro Vor Monat
THIS CHANNEL STILL EXISTS? Holy shit it's been so long...
Thanakorn PonPon
Thanakorn PonPon Vor Monat
What is on 4:30
Micheal Kruz
Micheal Kruz Vor Monat
2:22 the cats on mars
Altide Vor Monat
What was wrong with the cabinets? He got pranked?
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Vor Monat
1:55 "You could have died!" Guy in....thing: Throws hands in the air? ah what ya gonna do!
Explorative Sam
Explorative Sam Vor Monat
Pranks, where animals and babies are involved, shouldn't be part of these videos. They feel abusive. Also, the fails that contain spoken words are often more than not orchestrated.
Tsichlaki Areti
Tsichlaki Areti Vor Monat
Do a video with the worst jokes!!!👍
Meet Shah
Meet Shah Vor Monat
4:35 wtf??
Tomasys Vor Monat
FailArmy are over :(
Terkano Vor Monat
The part of the diaper, man, worst I've seen in years.
Gorillaz Italia
Gorillaz Italia Vor Monat
4:29 when Failarmy becomes Top 5 Nuke
aposslex Vor Monat
Death by bubbles, what a way to go
Raed M1
Raed M1 Vor Monat
لعيون RR
TheHowTo House
TheHowTo House Vor Monat
most of these videos arent fails, i guess its the end of the era of the fail army
Anthony Vor Monat
You guys beeped out the word "poop"?
Memerino !
Memerino ! Vor Monat
the biggest fail no masks
JoeSloppyJoe Vor Monat
is it possible to upload all the vertical ones in their own vertical video?
Malizzel494 Vor Monat
hardly any of these are fails
Peter Schulze
Peter Schulze Vor Monat
I wonder how many of these clowns are FrumpFails -- see ya Donny!
Brendan LeMaire
Brendan LeMaire Vor Monat
I am still laughing at the nutella prank 😂
Jonathan Bergman
Jonathan Bergman Vor Monat
4:25 i dont get how that is a fail
Lazy Carlsen
Lazy Carlsen Vor Monat
3:25 Savearmy!
Nini Homeboy
Nini Homeboy Vor Monat
5:31 Wow, she's so beautiful...
Fly-High Vor Monat
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez Vor Monat
dont block captions if already made. uncool
Belinda Fastletoff
Belinda Fastletoff Vor Monat
Is there any way to view Fail Army videos other than DEpost?
Quebecois Tbkk
Quebecois Tbkk Vor Monat
They have an mobile app: FailArmy
thizzle91 Vor Monat
Those cabinets lol burn the house down
Bryan Miguel Ramírez
Bryan Miguel Ramírez Vor Monat
5:34 What's the name of the original video?
Lolhi The moron
Lolhi The moron Vor Monat
Feel sad for that baby ;-;
Film Vert
Film Vert Vor Monat
😂😂 these are amazing!!
Benjy Dale
Benjy Dale Vor Monat
That Nutella prank... crying lol :-D
Edyta Vor Monat
I hate this music 😑
Błażej Vor Monat
I hate added music xd
Alexandre Pirquin
Alexandre Pirquin Vor Monat
Who also thought that at 2:25 the guy was jumping from a mountain ?
Shelby Seelbach
Shelby Seelbach Vor Monat
roomba popping a balloon, not a fail. baby crap prank, not a fail. cat eating catnip, not a fail. I'm less than three minutes in, already disappointed.
Shelby Seelbach
Shelby Seelbach Vor Monat
cabinet appearing to move on it's own, not a fail. someone eating your jambalaya, not a fail. six minutes in.
Shelby Seelbach
Shelby Seelbach Vor Monat
beach balls on a/c, not a fail. successfully dodging an 18 wheeler in traffic, not a fail. I'm less than four minutes in now. WTF?
Sean Mathews
Sean Mathews Vor Monat
I think it's time to get that cat with his face stuck in the catnip into rehab.
Wacky Dad
Wacky Dad Vor Monat
Wacky Dad
Wacky Dad Vor Monat
Samantha Vor Monat
Jebus H Crust, that's not actual abuse. Abuse is when a child isn't fed, when they're deliberately harmed, put in danger, etc, etc. Putting Nutella on a baby is not technically classified as abuse.
Edvan Campos
Edvan Campos Vor Monat
Sensacional! SP Brasil
Red Vor Monat
U should make better beats to go over other people's music
Владимир Круглов
Владимир Круглов Vor Monat
Abigail is beautiful! But what on Earth is jembalaya?
TheBennedy85 Vor Monat
1:55 "You could have died!" Guy in....thing: Throws hands in the air? ah what ya gonna do!
Dusty Driskell
Dusty Driskell Vor Monat
So no cares about them kitchen cabinets???
Shmitty Vor Monat
Soooo is no one going to talk about 4:29 ???
Hirsute Bodkin
Hirsute Bodkin Vor Monat
I don't get where the fail is in the third clip with the robots and the balloons. Can anyone help?
Yvonne Francis
Yvonne Francis Vor Monat
The Nutella one is stupid. Like I would be pissed at my husband for staining all of that with greasy ass Nutella.
blckrainbow Vor Monat
I'd me mad because he wasted all that heavenly Nutella on a stupid prank
Mike Rotch
Mike Rotch Vor Monat
4:25 Where is the fail? What even happened? Boring.
DerGarry Vor Monat
Darth Sidious: "Do it!" And got hit by spoon
MGT Productions
MGT Productions Vor Monat
Nutella - what sort of parent does that to a child?
Berato.tech Vor Monat
So we all just actin’ like @4:25 didn’t happen?
Never Stop Asking
Never Stop Asking Vor Monat
By far the most boring fail army compilation
Hunter Wyatt
Hunter Wyatt Vor Monat
Please use a compressor to equalize the sound volume so it's not loud in one video and quiet in the next...
ruchittenme Vor Monat
Most of these videos in this one make no fucking sense...Huge THUMBS DOWN
Wtf that ghost kitchen tho.. If that was real i wouldn't hide in my bed i would have run out of the house and leave the cat.
Johnathan Dozer
Johnathan Dozer Vor 4 Tage
Shiiiiiii-t that was definitely real. That man was f*****g terrified
2000 D
2000 D Vor Monat
Yeah I'm curious if that was real
Taz Shaw
Taz Shaw Vor Monat
NEWtella? its NUTella
OP NITISH official
OP NITISH official Vor Monat
Welcome 15M sub 😅👌
Mrunal Gandhi
Mrunal Gandhi Vor Monat
4:19 When you are playing PUBG for the first time
Mrunal Gandhi
Mrunal Gandhi Vor Monat
1:46 WTF!!!!
Mash Malik
Mash Malik Vor Monat
People watching this like: 🤳 - in bed - not in a full screen - reading comments.
= Pappo =
= Pappo = Vor Monat
4:25 WTF?!?!?! That gave me fucking chills
RIVERSIDE Productions RSP Vor Monat
Was bro's kitchen haunted?? Or was it something else that got him so damn worked up @ 04:30 tho 🤔???
Vincent Hagan
Vincent Hagan Vor Monat
Yeah. I could not really figure out what happened...
Guardian Bear
Guardian Bear Vor Monat
That cat is absolutely lost in the sauce
Tom Pato
Tom Pato Vor Monat
not once i even smile
rennie rad
rennie rad Vor Monat
2:34 self-control I get you on that kitty, I get you on that, LMAO ❤ Some days you need just a little bit more. 🙄
Helder Garcia
Helder Garcia Vor Monat
You guys always end on the worst ones.
alexkram Vor Monat
This channel has gone downhill. How is a girl denying eating jambalaya a fail? Unsubbed.
صبرا. ياكريم
صبرا. ياكريم Vor Monat
Dacey Warner
Dacey Warner Vor Monat
This video made me sad even though I’m sad now I’m more sad
Peligroso Mucho
Peligroso Mucho Vor Monat
How can i find this girl at 5:38 ? If anyone knows, help me please
Benjamin From The Tribe of Judah
Benjamin From The Tribe of Judah Vor Monat
Only white people get excited about a balloon popping lol
yukuhana Vor Monat
0:46 I hope the husband cleaned up the Nutella mess he created.
Sylpho14 Vor Monat
@GregoriusMagnus there goes the karen again
GregoriusMagnus Vor Monat
@3rdPassenger Thanks for asking!
3rdPassenger Vor Monat
@GregoriusMagnus Are you alright?
GregoriusMagnus Vor Monat
I hope he spent at least a week in forced parenting education. I know nothing about the afterlife of the baby, but that man of several qualities simply endangered a toddler of sugar rush and allergic reaction. No toddler should be disposed to that amount of any nut product. I would introduce a new kind of punishment for these IQ-warriors. Temporary ban from social media. All accounts should be closed. These maniacs do this for attention. Attention they should rather get from professionals.
Sarah Przybylski
Sarah Przybylski Vor Monat
For a FailArmy, this video was as disappointing as 2020.
Quineta White
Quineta White Vor Monat
Tune to 0:28 for USA 2020 election results
TKMs Lux
TKMs Lux Vor Monat
2:24 welp that cat is gonna get high or should I say Higher?
Donnie V.
Donnie V. Vor Monat
The bubble guy was hilarious, "I fell asleep" then proceeds to immediately get berated by wife and friends for living!
Donnie V.
Donnie V. Vor Monat
Great video done in the format that brought me here!! What was the video at 4:27, kinda spooky if real. God bless
Tony Midyett
Tony Midyett Vor Monat
I am calling upon all intelligent aliens to save us from ourselves. Immediately, if possible. Thanks.
Ali Kemal İltuş
Ali Kemal İltuş Vor Monat
3:20 if this is from 2021 January. The people must be stupid to not wear masks.
themawqs Vor Monat
Whats the difference of cleaning Nutella and shit? Selfmaded.
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