Common PC Building Mistakes that Beginners Make!

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Here are the most common PC Building mistakes I see when people are building their first PCs! Don't let these happen to you!
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Sidney Hodges
Sidney Hodges Vor 50 Minuten
For a closed-loop cooler is it beneficial to do a push-pull configuration?
MrFeyerwire Vor 5 Stunden
Download updated drivers for all of your hardware components, then flash them to a thumb drive prior to starting the build. If you are not sure about which drivers you need to download, there are plenty of checklists available online. For a gaming build, up to date BIOS, Network Card, GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) and any MS Service Packs, will minimize compatibility issues. Windows has a set of default drivers, but predictably most of them blow.
ZFPAkula Vor 6 Stunden
Most common mistake I've seen not listed in the video. Thinking that you can get away with using just any power supply you happen to have around. A good (not expensive) PSU that has both the number of 12v rails and the wattage to power everything makes a huge difference.
Scott71 Vor 8 Stunden
02:02 Great! Guys, this is the easiest way to activate the system: 𝗽𝗿𝗼𝗸𝗲𝘆.𝗺𝗲 I got my Windows activated. It now shows as a genuine copy. No more not activated window! Shit, it's the best deal i had in while. Highly recommended, licensed os is cool. Getting a key is cheap and safe
Mr Anderson
Mr Anderson Vor 3 Stunden
Wow 5 hrs and 37 likes and counting, you bots sure are advanced.
mysteryshrimp Vor 13 Stunden
Make absolutely sure that you have installed exactly as many motherboard standoffs as you need and not any more or less.
Kandem-Yee Vor 15 Stunden
Never try to build a PC id you haven't purchased your graphics card yet. Probably the best advice ever.
Mr Anderson
Mr Anderson Vor 3 Stunden
Especially if you opting for cpu without igpu :D
walkeracid Vor 16 Stunden
Oh dear :-O I did that with my RAM. Guilty as hell :-D
DarkHaven Vor 19 Stunden
What if you have 4 ram sticks and put them in all the ram slots? Will that give you quad channel or just dual channel
Jose Javier Flores
Jose Javier Flores Vor 3 Stunden
As far as I'm aware, only the Core i9 series, Thread Ripper, and Xeon CPUs support quad channel memory. Anything else "only" supports dual channel even if you have 4 or more RAM modules.
Lex Dunmon
Lex Dunmon Vor 22 Stunden
don't buy GPU's from scalpers.
Vladislav Tishakov
Vladislav Tishakov Vor Tag
#1 tip : wear anti static wrist band while working on your PC's hardware
David Smith
David Smith Vor Tag
Don't crack the motherboard...
Devin Lehmann
Devin Lehmann Vor Tag
So I just built my second pc with an Intel 7 10700, 32gb ram, msi mpg z490 gaming edge, 850 watt psu and GeForce gtx 760 gpu (I know it is old) waiting on better gpu. Screen sometimes freezes or occasional shutdown happens. What could cause this?
Horrorman009 Vor Tag
If only using a single gpu card, there is an optimal slot for pci-e. i.e. x16 instead of only x8.
Zach Shartzer
Zach Shartzer Vor Tag
anyone else really like the star wars inspired corsair case mod? or is it just me?
Santiago Aras
Santiago Aras Vor Tag
That case be lookin sexy
Crystal The Wolf
Crystal The Wolf Vor Tag
Something I learned the hard way: Twist the cpu cooler on Ryzen cpus to make it come off, don't brute force it or you'll break your cpu
Andre Vor Tag
Single channel here lol
james dean
james dean Vor Tag
My own tips..... Always check and double check standoff locations..... Its really easy to miss one or misalign one Try not to build the unit on a box then add it all to the chassis.... I build all mine inside the case with a well fixed board... My forearms are always in contact with ground.... Also its quite horrible watching your new mobo flex as applying the components... I know its a pig for space... But safer imo Never let your fans run 100% all the time if using a large air cooler..... Your temps will be worse as the cooler cannot properly saturate the heat... Set a decent fan curve.... Sometimes less is more lol Try to maintain a positive pressure in the case... More in than out.. This will help prevent a little dust ingress..... A negative pressure will clog it up pretty quickly All imo of course
Abhilash Das
Abhilash Das Vor Tag
Most important tip: Don't doubt yourself lil hommie
Xazhax Vor Tag
It is good to discharge any static energy your body has before unpacking. Any electrical dev. that has metal case and additonal ground pin is ok
Mr Anderson
Mr Anderson Vor Tag
Humidity plays a big part. I don't "spark" when I am in humid region, but once I moved to dry region for studies, even the trolley in the mall will go zap! once I touch the metal parts.
Hoa Nguyen
Hoa Nguyen Vor Tag
my tip is: "just go for the best, so you don't waste time to watch comparison videos"
UndyingEuphoria Vor Tag
GPU companies need to tell the consumer to use two separate pcie cables for the power. Multiple companies have literally no signage stating to use two seperate cables and I think they should be held accountable for that considering that you could potentially ruin the gpu and power supply.
Christopher Warren
Christopher Warren Vor Tag
Aby George
Aby George Vor Tag
Do rams have to be dual channel ? or can I use 2 single channel ram stick.
Disco Dan
Disco Dan Vor 2 Tage
Dont be afraid to ask questions mo matter how stoopid they may sound! Water off a ducks back! 🥰👍
Max Wilson
Max Wilson Vor 2 Tage
I like the handheld vibes
J. Scully
J. Scully Vor 2 Tage
Who watching this AFTER making the mistakes?
Todd Rose
Todd Rose Vor 2 Tage
Scott Shaffer
Scott Shaffer Vor 2 Tage
Free games and rebate that come with parts can have a relatively fast expiration date. Most of the time it doesn't matter.
Joaquim Gillustrations
Joaquim Gillustrations Vor 2 Tage
Thank the PC lords I watched enough of these vids here before building my 1st rig ever! Stepped into some luck, with a somewhat bitter taste cuz all I'm missing now is a power hungry GPU! Nowhere to be found! So.... I guess my dream build will only be complete in maybe another year?! Using Integrated graphics processor for now!
Tribal2029 Vor 2 Tage
A decent power supply is the base for a stable system.
fafardh Vor 2 Tage
4:30 Ah, the nostalgia. The first PC I ever owned (a hopelessly outdated machine I bought with my measly pocket money from my school when they replaced them) used to have a Pentium II like that... But it was MINE. No longer did I have to beg my parents every time I wanted to program something, play a game, try out some new registry hacks, or---the Light forbid---install Linux! 4:45 And that's why I read the manual first ;) The rest seems to boil down to "Check out the specs & make sure it's compatible. And RTFM."
Daniel Preciado
Daniel Preciado Vor 2 Tage
ALWAYS make sure you have a swiss army knife that hopefully has a philip's head screwdriver.
Phantom Pictures
Phantom Pictures Vor 2 Tage
He's manhandling that board oh my xD
J. Bernays
J. Bernays Vor 2 Tage
Linus Rothmann said JayzTwoCents is a Computer Killer, a deranged manic, Rothman in NYC not Hamilton, Ont.
Conrad Lange
Conrad Lange Vor 3 Tage
I have built a few different PCs but always have the same problem with internet drivers not downloading after installing windows the first time I copied my old hard drive with acronis and tried to do it again for a second pc and it failed and I’m lost with what to do I’ve also tried downloading the drivers online and it won’t recognize them
James Ocker
James Ocker Vor 3 Tage
read the manual before you start step 1, use a magnetic screw driver, read the manuals. plan before you act.
Orion Alathorn
Orion Alathorn Vor 3 Tage
if you're building a toolkit, make sure you have a long necked philips on top of everything, the amount of times components have made it difficult to use my ifixit driver due to not being able to get my hand in is too many
IME TV Vor 3 Tage
Don't forget the PCIe griddle for a hot CSGO panini!
Andrew Diplock
Andrew Diplock Vor 3 Tage
If it hasn't already been said, read/watch reviews for the important components you're wanting, cpu, gpu, motherboard including the chipset, case etc. Have a clear understanding and expectation of what you're build is for and what you have as a budget. No point spending 25% of your budget on the most awesome gpu if you can't afford the motherboard and psu to support it.
Marcelo Esteban Mauricio
Marcelo Esteban Mauricio Vor 3 Tage
#1 TIP: ALWAYS install an antivirus BEFORE installing drivers, updates or going online
dont_got_a_name Vor 3 Tage
I already knew all of these. Thanks for making me feel smart, Jay.
andrew Mansfield
andrew Mansfield Vor 3 Tage
psu need to know how many connectrors
Tip: you dont need many fans, you need like jay said in the video, good/correct airflow! another one: dont just buy a 1000€ pc (in parts) because most of them are tech edge, or RGB gold limited version (just made it up), so you can just go on youtube or make video calls or browse the internet. First decide what you wanna do with it and use common sense.
Frank Santora
Frank Santora Vor 3 Tage
Yeah..... I give up. Console for life. Built mine, got to the Bios screen, made it to the windows install, started install, Aaaannnnddddd it died after reaching 5%. All that money and work for nothing.
Mr Anderson
Mr Anderson Vor 3 Tage
Get the parts RMA-ed. Sell that gpu for a hefty chunk of money on ebay or something.
Central Aviation
Central Aviation Vor 3 Tage
yeah I'll admit I have 2 sticks next to each other... *because I only have two dimm slots*
Jose Morales
Jose Morales Vor 3 Tage
Enjoy your build. Take your time, don't rush. You only build your first pc once. Savor the moment.
buster2938 Vor 4 Tage
When installing m.2 SSD: MAKE SURE that the mounting screw is on if it came individually. If you do not put that on before screwing down your drive, you can bend it!
Megachinima Vor 4 Tage
20:30.... I've been doing it all wrong! Maybe THAT'S why I've not been able to fully feel the raw power of my 1080 ti!!
Capthrax1 Vor 4 Tage
I upgraded from a 1080 to a 2080 TI didn't think about it plugged both pigtails and from one cord and it would occasionally shut my computer off completely off and I'll be like a click sound turned out it was the power supply tripping. It's a courser 750x Platinum and when I touch the cord it was physically warm and then it hit me if I should run two cables instead of one haven't had the problem since. Although it was pulling how about 240 250 Watts without Tripping but anything over 250 and it would trip out
Ι.A.C. Vor 4 Tage
Great video.... as someone who does not build machines regularly, I made lots of those mistakes.
No Man's Land
No Man's Land Vor 4 Tage
This will be nice to as soon as I can actually get a graphics card...
Damien Charton
Damien Charton Vor 4 Tage
I went from knowing nothing in PC building in October, read and watched videos, learned and built my first PC in December. Incredibly satisfying feeling! Thanks Jay, your videos helped me a lot !! If you are new, don't stress too much. If you are careful and know what you are doing, you'll be fine !!
Damien Charton
Damien Charton Vor 2 Tage
@PipsqueakKing good call, my bad. Not my first language.
PipsqueakKing Vor 2 Tage
"If you are knew"
Magyar Bencee
Magyar Bencee Vor 4 Tage
And buy good quality PSU. Literally every friend of mine bought a cheap shit, even i said them to buy from good brands and at least 80+ bronze. And of course they didnt listened, bought "600w-750w" noname psu-s, and all of them died within a few months. It was funny my EVGA 750 GQ cables were heavier than an entire noname 750w psu with cables.
Jake Hollcroft
Jake Hollcroft Vor 4 Tage
My biggest mistake is not starting sooner so I could have found you sooner
hyon games
hyon games Vor 4 Tage
i got thermal paste in my cpu shocket but i used a tooth brush and got it off :)
Dibbs_ TTV
Dibbs_ TTV Vor 5 Tage
I installed two 2gb and two 1gb ram chips, should I install them in an alternate pattern 2,1,2,1 or in order 1,1,2,2
Ada J.
Ada J. Vor 4 Tage
Ryan McCormick
Ryan McCormick Vor 5 Tage
Don't multitask, eat, or watch TV while doing the assembly. Ya don't want food droppings inside, and a distraction can mess up anything from CPU damage to front IO connections (WHY CAN'T WE GET A SINGLE STANDARDIZED CONNECTION!)
Nordamerikanische Fußball
Nordamerikanische Fußball Vor 5 Tage
Is building a pc really that easy
Andre Vor Tag
I did my first and it’s not as bad as it seems
David Bradley
David Bradley Vor 5 Tage
Bru why have no other tech youtubers mentioned the pigtail thing. Wtf that’s extremely relevant info. Literally the first time I’ve heard that mentioned and I’ve watched hundreds of build videos lol, props to this guy
Demetris Demopoulos
Demetris Demopoulos Vor 5 Tage
Try not to sweat (drops falling) over electronics.... !!!!
Seb Julien
Seb Julien Vor 5 Tage
The thing I fear the most as a noob is setting my RAM in the Bios. I've never done it in all my build in 25 years.
Derek Carter
Derek Carter Vor 5 Tage
It probably doesn't make a heap of difference, but I usually keep my sticky greasy fingers away from the top of the processor and the heat block of the cooler. I doubt a thin layer of grease contamination will affect the heat transfer significantly but might clean with acetone if I saw Jay handling my cooler HAHAHA!!! ;-P
TNZN Vor 5 Tage
I have my build all hooked up and it's not working, no idea what I've done wrong.. Spent so much money on it and with a couple hours, all that money wasted
Jose Javier Flores
Jose Javier Flores Vor 5 Tage
Did you try double checking every single connection and component?
stuart taylor
stuart taylor Vor 5 Tage
I really like his comment in the first minute, that even if you are a master builder you should watch. Because you might be able to help with anything we missed. It's a really good way to work and shows that he is willing to accept that no one person can know everything.
hahash hfshyr
hahash hfshyr Vor 5 Tage
make sure to put thermal paste on the pins of your cpu or else your computer could catch fire. 🧛‍♀️
Fish Tacos
Fish Tacos Vor 5 Tage
My tip: don't skip out on cable management, as tedious as it may seem.
mysteryshrimp Vor 12 Stunden
This applies to upgrades, too. My original built pc from about 6 years ago was fine, originally. Then I kept adding pcie cards and hard drives to the system. I am fairly certain that I shortened the life of my graphics card by not taking the time to manage the new cables and blocking some airflow to/from my graphics card fans. In a standard tower case, both side panels come off. That helps in cable management.
stefan isn
stefan isn Vor 5 Tage
I want to build a gaming/streaming pc in the near future. I'd like to play games like warzone and triple A games like Valhalla, Far cry 6. Is this configuration a solid one for my needs and should I be able to skip next 2 generations of graphic cards? i7-10700KF, 3060ti, 32gb ram (3200-3600 mhz), Z490 motherboard, 2tb hdd, 1tb ssd, 700W power suply. I,m not sure about the processor, should I get and AMD? Thanks anticipated!
Pro tip: If you have a high refresh rate monitor, DO NOT use HDMI like JTC did in the video because you will get 100hz max. Instead, use a display port cable to get 120,144, or 244hz.
n310ea Vor 5 Tage
Another mistake people make is that they install OEM version of Windows and having to deal with bloatware. They should install the Retail version.
DZEyoyo123 Vor 4 Tage
n310ea - The main difference between OEM and Retail of Windows is that you don't get Microsoft support with OEM. With OEM, the operating system installs onto your motherboard so you can replace your hard drive without having to reinstall Windows. With OEM, if Microsoft wants to upgrade your OS, they will, you can't stop them. With Retail, it comes with Microsoft support. With Retail, it installs onto your hard drive, so you have to reinstall Windows if you replace your hard drive as well as reinstall your hardware drivers. With Retail, Microsoft cannot touch your OS without your permission.
Jose Javier Flores
Jose Javier Flores Vor 5 Tage
?? That makes no sense. There's no difference between an OEM W10 product key and a retail product key in terms of bloatware.
neef68 Vor 6 Tage
Definitely need to check my monitor setting in windows. Seriously couldn’t figure out why some of my games are capping at 60fps. Great tip 😁
Jorge Pimentel
Jorge Pimentel Vor 6 Tage
Awesome video good information thanks !!!!
Mike Comas
Mike Comas Vor 6 Tage
Mashallah brother may allah guide you
Kevin Foley
Kevin Foley Vor 6 Tage
I'm glad I found this; thanks man
Shawn Paul Zuccarello Asbury
Shawn Paul Zuccarello Asbury Vor 6 Tage
Beginner then how to connect headers
Shawn Paul Zuccarello Asbury
Shawn Paul Zuccarello Asbury Vor 6 Tage
I think it's a great video. I had to get this knowledge in the form of a college degree. These folks are getting it for free. Good deal!
alexis morin
alexis morin Vor 6 Tage
what's the name of the song in the background?
Morse Code Reviews
Morse Code Reviews Vor 6 Tage
....I stuck it in single channel... that was 6 years ago 😳😅
Pancho Velazquez
Pancho Velazquez Vor 6 Tage
Well we'll well If it isn't ol jay the secret scalper.
SparkyGT Gaming
SparkyGT Gaming Vor 6 Tage
I have to say thanks to watching Jays Videos i have put together my first pc, having the right tools is very important, i have watched a lot of videos of his, and it helps a ton. So thanks for the great content which helps us all :)
Rhod Nill
Rhod Nill Vor 7 Tage
"start watching those Adult videos." 😂😂😂
Daily in the life Of Me
Daily in the life Of Me Vor 7 Tage
Ryzen 7 3700x processor, 16GB DDR4 ram, and an AMD 5700 XT gpu, is this a good build ? And what's it worth ? Thanks. ( I'm a noob ) lol
CrxMix Vor 7 Tage
Idk y I have a 1660 super with 750 watt power supply nd i cant even get + 30 clock speed to over clock wih out out ma game crashing
Joshua Nuttall
Joshua Nuttall Vor 7 Tage
Why didn't you just call this "A beginner's guide to building a PC" rather than the current title which is assuming people commonly make these mistakes. These mistakes wouldn't be so common if the people they see on youtube explained them better.
Fun With Kaylee
Fun With Kaylee Vor 7 Tage
Can you buy your parts then buy a case based on your parts
Adam Carder
Adam Carder Vor 7 Tage
6:20 Another tip for RAM would be if you are using two different kits that have multiple RAM sticks then alternate them ie if kit A has a red heat shield and kit A has a black shield it would be RED BLACK RED BLACK not RRBB as my friend did.
any thoughts on the Origins Chronos Desktop?
AzureWind91 Vor 7 Tage
First time watcher. That is a fucking awesome PC case
Jokery Vor 7 Tage
never buy minitower, always go for mid to high tower
Rock&Roll Vor 7 Tage
Mistake one would be seeing those video cards behind him.
arrowman Vor 8 Tage
DON'T GET TN PANEL...but I recommend VA or IPS
christopher gliaos
christopher gliaos Vor 8 Tage
Try not to touch the metal fins on a radiator they break easily depending on the rad and do not use winzip driver updater on your pc because it could corrupt your operating system
Selim Yetkin
Selim Yetkin Vor 8 Tage
Don't freak out when u push the power button for the first time 🤫
Christopher Donnelly
Christopher Donnelly Vor 8 Tage
ive built my first pc last week, but i cannot find a gpu ANYWHERE. I want an RX5700 XT but they are going for upwards of £700 now.
ThoSR Vor 6 Tage
expect to have a unfinished PC sitting there for a few months.... unless you want to support a scalper by handing over an eye watering amount of money
Ethan Tryhard
Ethan Tryhard Vor 8 Tage
needs more RGB
Anthony Pein
Anthony Pein Vor 8 Tage
I definitely couldn’t build a pc and neither can my dad so should I bring the parts to Best Buy and have them build it...
Jose Javier Flores
Jose Javier Flores Vor 8 Tage
I would consider a reputable and local PC repair shop instead of BB.
QuickSqueeze Vor 8 Tage
Make sure your power is seatted properly. I RMAed two mobos before I realized I wasn't pushing power plug all the way in
Milan Nedeljkovic
Milan Nedeljkovic Vor 8 Tage
And here I am, I was planing to put my new motherboard in the new pc case I got, but without any ram and cpu just yet.
Dan Redding
Dan Redding Vor 8 Tage
We kept power supplies hooked up on benches to POST our boards outside of the case even.
Kliven G
Kliven G Vor 8 Tage
Watch adult videos 🧘🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Watch This BEFORE Building A Gaming PC! 🙏
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