Conan Gray - Overdrive (Official Video)

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Official music video by Conan Gray performing "Overdrive”
Overdrive available now:
Connect with Conan:
Instagram: conangray
Twitter: conangray
Facebook: conangrayofficial
Official Site:
Video Directed by Dillon Matthew & Conan Gray
Direction Assistance by Kendall Mayo
Produced by Dillon Matthew, Conan Gray & Kendall Mayo
Shot by Dillon Matthew
Edited by Dillon Matthew & Conan Gray
Color Grading by Dillon Matthew
Styling by Katie Qian
Starring: Conan Gray, Sara Fernández & Ed Campbell

Only met on the weekend
Said I’m not catching feelings
Oh I guess I lied
Diving off the deep end
I can’t think of a reason
We should take our time

All or nothing
Let’s just trust the night

Burning down the street no left right left right
I don’t want to see no red light red light
Fast lane on the beat go ten five ten five
You right next to me, feel the heat
Going overdrive
Going overdrive

Yeah I know you’re a stranger
But I’m liking the danger
Of the “I don’t know”
Don’t give a fuck about labels
Throw the dice on the table
And just let them roll

All or nothing
Let’s just trust the night

Burning down the street no left right left right
I don’t want to see no red light red light
Fast lane on the beat go ten five ten five
You right next to me, feel the heat
Going overdrive
Going overdrive

All or nothing
Let’s just trust the night, night
All or nothing
You’re my ride or die

Burning down the street no left right left right
I don’t want to see no red light red light
Fast lane on the beat go ten five ten five
You right next to me, feel the heat
Going overdrive
Going overdrive
Going overdrive
Going overdrive

#ConanGray #Overdrive

polina Vor Stunde
omg i think i follow this girl on ig😳😳😳
Eat the Cookies
Eat the Cookies Vor Stunde
He kinda sounds like Justin Bieber
aphex brothers
aphex brothers Vor Stunde
someone said “so he not gay just annoying?”
Bethany Lingle
Bethany Lingle Vor 2 Stunden
ⲥⲛⲥⲟ ⲥⳑⲟⲱⲛ⳽
ⲥⲛⲥⲟ ⲥⳑⲟⲱⲛ⳽ Vor 2 Stunden
Te amo Conan
Otavio Motta
Otavio Motta Vor 3 Stunden
jana xo
jana xo Vor 3 Stunden
93_ym_95 Vor 3 Stunden
I want a friend like conan :(
narubi sanchez
narubi sanchez Vor 3 Stunden
i really love this song
Sen Vor 3 Stunden
I'm having a heart attack rn brb
mari films
mari films Vor 4 Stunden
Conan happier= me happier(◍•ᴗ•◍)
Xio mara
Xio mara Vor 4 Stunden
It’s like literally me when a stranger says hello to me. I just imagine that we become best friends :)
Amier Turner
Amier Turner Vor 4 Stunden
where's abel?
Macie Mikota {*Kiwi*}
Macie Mikota {*Kiwi*} Vor 5 Stunden
I can just imagine his daughter asking her mom " Mommy why does daddy wear clothes like you, isn't he a boy?" and the mom saying "Because Daddy is Daddy and he does what he wants. He doesn't let judging get into his mind and continues to be himself, remember to always be like your daddy." We need more people like this in the world
madcactusgrr Vor 5 Stunden
Eu nao consigo parar de escutar essa música pqp que hino
Keara Vor 5 Stunden
He looks so pretty here
Cynthia Ximena Acosta Escamilla
Cynthia Ximena Acosta Escamilla Vor 5 Stunden
Dios ahhhh nunca superaré este video amo amo aml
christabel Vor 6 Stunden
imagine mixing "driver's license x overdrive" together, what a masterpiece
Fernanda Cruz López
Fernanda Cruz López Vor 6 Stunden
over driveeeee
tosre zmaj
tosre zmaj Vor 6 Stunden
Andy Jr Salinas
Andy Jr Salinas Vor 7 Stunden
Aishika __
Aishika __ Vor 7 Stunden
I am too much attracted to Conan Gray
Axngelface th0t
Axngelface th0t Vor 7 Stunden
Don’t know who im more in love with Conan or his imaginary girlfriend 🥺🥺😫
Iffa Fatima
Iffa Fatima Vor 7 Stunden
Fun fact : she is one of conan's old bestfriends😁
Ashiya Zayn
Ashiya Zayn Vor 8 Stunden
Eye contact with strangers Me : plan wedding 😂
livinglife Vor 8 Stunden
can here this in forever 21 now
yellow teddy
yellow teddy Vor 9 Stunden
Beatrix Lowe
Beatrix Lowe Vor 9 Stunden
ahaha another song i can associate with a friend that only hits me up every couple of months so we can go do crazy shit, and i fall deeper and deeper in love with her each time!! gay people smh
Kim Martina
Kim Martina Vor 9 Stunden
te amo me encato ctm no me esperaba menos de el
A D Vor 11 Stunden
I think i am in love. Just need to find my guy now.
Big Charmander
Big Charmander Vor 11 Stunden
0:15-0:18 blinding lights🤔?
Clarence Galapin
Clarence Galapin Vor 13 Stunden
His armpits are brighter than ur future
В’ячеслав Бибиков
В’ячеслав Бибиков Vor 14 Stunden
タスニム Vor 14 Stunden
anyone else excited right now for no apparent reason ? the fact that we can too enjoy freedom like that one day :)
반시카Banshika Vor 14 Stunden
Let's appreciate the concept please 👏👏👏
lina Vor 17 Stunden
Damn, it's been a long time since I've loved a song from its first listen
More Lopam
More Lopam Vor 18 Stunden
Conan es el verdadero rey
__peachteas Vor 18 Stunden
I'm 1week late because my intetnet was cut 2weeks ago im crying
Evan Christopher
Evan Christopher Vor 18 Stunden
Love yaaaa smmm
ZoetheOneandOnly Vor 18 Stunden
This is such a beautiful video, and I get BIG San Francisco energy from this
angiee Vor 18 Stunden
the watching and scrolling gang
JaBriah Jabriah
JaBriah Jabriah Vor 19 Stunden
2:34 yassssssssss
JaBriah Jabriah
JaBriah Jabriah Vor 19 Stunden
Definitely my new favorite song!!!!
Gaddy Becki
Gaddy Becki Vor 20 Stunden
"Who’s here cause quarantine got their sleep schedule messed up "
madogsun :0
madogsun :0 Vor 21 Stunde
Iza Berlanga
Iza Berlanga Vor 21 Stunde
So no ones going to say how this is a literal coming of age film.
Billy Elio
Billy Elio Vor 21 Stunde
This is not blindin lights Conan, go back to sad boy singing sadness songs
Cat Valentine
Cat Valentine Vor 21 Stunde
Conan with bunny ears is exactly what I needed.
Paul Vor 21 Stunde
so this what's happened when you don't have DRIVERS LICENSE... get it get it? yeah lame
Fer Vor 22 Stunden
God i love him sm
Sam Perreras
Sam Perreras Vor 22 Stunden
dsjahdkjshdhsadklasj i love it sm.
Sydney #pineapple
Sydney #pineapple Vor 22 Stunden
i love this so much!!
MASA Vor 22 Stunden
new taste
Luisa Torres
Luisa Torres Vor 23 Stunden
this needs more viewers
Sujey Gallegos Gámez
Sujey Gallegos Gámez Vor Tag
Lo malo de esta canción es que termina :v
Jaimes Diaz Dayil Naomi
Jaimes Diaz Dayil Naomi Vor Tag
Esta canción es mi nueva razón de vivir
rose Vor Tag
casually falling for both of them in this mv😖💞
rose Vor Tag
anyone else just rlly needed this ajsks something abt new music from him is so comforting🥺
rose Vor Tag
rose Vor Tag
conan singing one line and me being convinced it’s the prettiest thing I’ve ever heard AJSKS
Jacqueline Miranda Benitez
Jacqueline Miranda Benitez Vor Tag
Conan:dancing around a kitchen Me: scared to get burned by oil
Christian Emedo
Christian Emedo Vor Tag
Hey whoever is reading this right now, I want to say I'm glad you woke up today, I'm proud you're still here and breathing, I'm proud of you, so fucking proud. I love you please don't forget that, so many other people love you too so please stay, don't listen to anyone saying you're not good enough don't you fucking dare listen to them, because you are good enough. I know I don't know you but I love you and am proud of you. Please realize that the hard part you're going through is just for now, it gets better. No matter how hard everything is you will get better I promise it will. I got better so that means you can too. So please don't give up please, I'm begging you not to. I fucking love you and am proud of you. please have a great day and life. You deserve all the good in the world. I love you
Lars Hogelucht
Lars Hogelucht Vor Tag
Wait... That's the bridge I drive on all the time! Coronado AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
sara de la cruz
sara de la cruz Vor Tag
just - wow
wolfguy2008 Vor Tag
What happened to men in the 21st century?? Jesus. Hey, I'm not complaining.. more for me (and my friends). Bloody hell, sometimes, too much is too much
Julia Yuqui
Julia Yuqui Vor Tag
sólo deseo ser la modelo en el minuto 1:53 para que Conan me mire como la mira a ella
Channel Fleming
Channel Fleming Vor Tag
Broooooo can we just talk about how the vibe Conan created for this song is 🐸immaculate 🐸
Thaís Rippel
Thaís Rippel Vor Tag
that was great 🙌🏽💘
hey nicole
hey nicole Vor Tag
Cadê os brasileiros???
Bio - Rap
Bio - Rap Vor Tag
aquí antes de que se haga viral
Aditi Dutt
Aditi Dutt Vor Tag
I haven't moved on from Heather yet and conan threw another amazing song at my face 🔥.. I like it❤️😂
faraby glee
faraby glee Vor Tag
i literally cannot wait to see conan on tour
лол кокос
лол кокос Vor Tag
это просто жесть, трек бомба, послушайте пожалуста
toxy cherry
toxy cherry Vor Tag
I thought he's gonna have he's first kiss here
yani paul
yani paul Vor Tag
Oliva Rodrigo: Drivers license Bebe Rexha: I'm A Ferrari Conan: Going Overdrive
Misael Vasquez
Misael Vasquez Vor Tag
Este comentario está dedicado a las personas que hablamos español y aún así escuchamos estas canciones sin entender ni madres 👩🏽‍🦲👍🏽
noah drew
noah drew Vor Tag
use this as the "i knew him before heather" button
meera lol
meera lol Vor Tag
this makes me wanr to fall in love
shannitzel Vor Tag
t amo conan gray teamoteamoteamo
Vanya Ibrahim
Vanya Ibrahim Vor Tag
This sounds EXACTLY like blinding light
Yadira Rodríguez Daza
Yadira Rodríguez Daza Vor Tag
" Fans Latinos de Conan "
Swati Gautam
Swati Gautam Vor Tag
I don't know why..but I literally want Conan to play Jacob black..his damn features those teeth, hair, the facial structure...He gives away those werewolf vibes 😂 Please someone agree with me or I'll go crazy😵😵😵
Eleven Vor Tag
Everyone is talking about outfits, lyrics, Conan or the girl, but I think that the song itself is supppeeerrr good!
Lei Román
Lei Román Vor Tag
Audriana Hindman
Audriana Hindman Vor Tag
Dude this was such a fun video, and I wanna do that with someone!!! But can we give an award to her for nailing every single outfit and just existing, she's so prettyyyy. LITERAL queen
Alejandra Betzabe Bazan Tavera
Alejandra Betzabe Bazan Tavera Vor Tag
amooooooo 😭✋🏽
Aki V
Aki V Vor Tag
can't stop listen to this song
라미리 Vor Tag
love you conan🥺💛
Andreea și Ana
Andreea și Ana Vor Tag
e gay?
seize the opportunity yo
seize the opportunity yo Vor Tag
This song is a BOP
The Black Baron
The Black Baron Vor Tag
I didn't know NFKZ started a music career.
leni lunatic
leni lunatic Vor Tag
love this song :) perfect
Fenicia Sande
Fenicia Sande Vor Tag
Big love for Conan ❤
dr. quinnzel
dr. quinnzel Vor Tag
I'm imagining two bisexual friends running away together and maybe fall in love okay I need this movie
Weird Stuff
Weird Stuff Vor Tag
Plot twist, this is Heather
Ceren Ama Mosby
Ceren Ama Mosby Vor Tag
the vibe is..i can’t’s fascinating dude
coraline Gaspar
coraline Gaspar Vor Tag
my sister told me that she doesn’t listen to conan anymore but lil does she know that she is missing out on a heck lot of fun
Lysa Games
Lysa Games Vor Tag
Legit had a bi panic this whole video💀✋ Please say this wasn't just me lmao
@Sweetpea Vor Tag
A complete success...been a fan since the beginning and so happy to see You RISE!!!💜🧡💙🤍❤🖤🤎💛💯
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