FMF 2015: International TV Series Gala: Vikings suite, Trevor Morris, Einar Selvik

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The performance of Trevor Morris’ and Einar Selvik’s co-composed „Vikings Suite” was one of the most electrifying moments of the International TV Series Gala at 8th Krakow Film Music Festival. The orchestra Sinfonietta Cracovia, Polish Radio Choir and extraordinary soloists (Einar Selvik and Tina Guo) were led by the composer himself who conducted the suite.

Antihelix Vor 4 Stunden
Tina Guo uiiiiii hot
KILMETOV / Art Vor 9 Stunden
Tabatha Aguilar
Tabatha Aguilar Vor 10 Stunden
I was transported somewhere far away and left gladly
abhishek mittal
abhishek mittal Vor 11 Stunden
Does these kind of music really existed in 7th century during the reign of Vikings?
Lucas Coleman
Lucas Coleman Vor 21 Stunde
Legion Boesebin
Legion Boesebin Vor 2 Tage
Du er ikke en rigtig viking.
Aly Khan
Aly Khan Vor 3 Tage
Daniel O'loughlin
Daniel O'loughlin Vor 3 Tage
dislike are christian
Timur Petrov
Timur Petrov Vor 3 Tage
Many sagas are already told about this skald
Cristobal X
Cristobal X Vor 3 Tage
You deserve more than anyone to go Valhalla Einar.
Victoria Caballero
Victoria Caballero Vor 4 Tage
DGMT Vor 5 Tage
Shes a dime.
josip tomic
josip tomic Vor 5 Tage
Battle Of Brothers best one! 3:31,look at them .... from the bottom of their hearts they sing and play the perfect performance 🧡🧡🧡🧡
Rick villaloros
Rick villaloros Vor 7 Tage
titas raha
titas raha Vor 7 Tage
Angeluv Depone
Angeluv Depone Vor 7 Tage
nice, imma main olaf now
Ate67 Five309
Ate67 Five309 Vor 7 Tage
So glad Ubisoft introduced me to this man, extremely talented. Couldn't have been a more perfect choice to pick this man to help make music for them
Mathias Van Den Torren
Mathias Van Den Torren Vor 8 Tage
3:20 wow
Cyn .P
Cyn .P Vor 8 Tage
Imagine being a villager in the 800s and hear this coming towards your town 😶
Corteslatinodude Vor 2 Tage
* Villager husband looks at wife * "Your fucked."
Majid Ibragimov
Majid Ibragimov Vor 8 Tage
Ажжж мурашки до костей!!шедевр!!
Piper Grant
Piper Grant Vor 8 Tage
That solo cellist is just *chef's kiss*
Rinaldo Pecari
Rinaldo Pecari Vor 9 Tage
Ein Meisterwerk der Hammer
youcef Tlemcani
youcef Tlemcani Vor 9 Tage
From algeria i love la culture Nord scandinave
Alex Miller
Alex Miller Vor 9 Tage
Camera man really lingered on that Asian lady.. can’t say I blame the person 😂
xCurlyFry_TTV Vor 9 Tage
not only is Ragnar Lodbrok a ferocious Viking, he is also a damn good singer. The more you know lol
Redneck Dipper
Redneck Dipper Vor 9 Tage
oh ya btw he played in the tv show vkings
Redneck Dipper
Redneck Dipper Vor 9 Tage
so this hits the hart
Redneck Dipper
Redneck Dipper Vor 9 Tage
im 50% viking and 50% irish
Sánchez Anthny
Sánchez Anthny Vor 10 Tage
que tal hijos de odin
Richárd Balogh
Richárd Balogh Vor 10 Tage
Is it available on spotify?
Stefan Woudenberg
Stefan Woudenberg Vor 10 Tage
She just bloodeageld that chello
Robert Proboszcz
Robert Proboszcz Vor 10 Tage
wow! This MasterPiece was Made in Poland hmm Vikings and Slavic on one stage ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Skål ! Na zdrowie!
TheBlackFire _483
TheBlackFire _483 Vor 11 Tage
Marko Marusinec
Marko Marusinec Vor 11 Tage
Viktor Sköld
Viktor Sköld Vor 12 Tage
’Hol up, isn’t this the music being played when you’re traveling in your longboat in AC: Valhalla?
Viktor Sköld
Viktor Sköld Vor 10 Tage
@backturn1 Yeah
backturn1 Vor 10 Tage
Pretty sure it's not exactly this. But Einar also worked on AC Valhalla so they should sound pretty similar.
Daniel Vor 10 Tage
Ian Michael
Ian Michael Vor 12 Tage
The Irish Viking
The Irish Viking Vor 13 Tage
Listening to this while playing assassins creed Valhalla
Rem Rem
Rem Rem Vor 10 Tage
My MoThEr ToLd Me-
Darren Neilson
Darren Neilson Vor 13 Tage
Spectacular & Chilling I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. VERY powerful.
Jeff Carmody
Jeff Carmody Vor 13 Tage
seriously IMDB Trevor Morris, & you'll realize he's done a lot of your favorite tunes, from things that you love.
Mr Heisen
Mr Heisen Vor 13 Tage
это божественно! кем нужно быть что бы это могло не понравиться
Young Guy Wasting His Life
Young Guy Wasting His Life Vor 13 Tage
Petition for all country to play this on end of the year while on screen are the event that occurred in 2020
marc novotny
marc novotny Vor 13 Tage
EINAR the Viking GOD looks better than ever!!
agustina rivarola
agustina rivarola Vor 14 Tage
Nashe nasheee nasheEEEEEEEEEEEE
Branden Strongman
Branden Strongman Vor 14 Tage
If the Vikings could’ve pulled off a performance like this the saxons wouldn’t have had a chance
Hh Кришна
Hh Кришна Vor 14 Tage
I wish i was tina guos violin 🎻 ❤️❤️❤️🔥
James Lappin
James Lappin Vor 14 Tage
Can anyone tell me this is on Spotify? This was fantastic
Seiferboy Gaming
Seiferboy Gaming Vor 14 Tage
3:16 what this part needs is a Callisto scream from Hudson Leick! The one below is perfect!
danthor45 Vor 15 Tage
I am all in for this shit!
Seb Chess
Seb Chess Vor 15 Tage
Jessi Pinkman
Jessi Pinkman Vor 15 Tage
For the one who don't know , he is the singer in Odin room in Valhalla 😍❤️
Madhav Talwar
Madhav Talwar Vor 15 Tage
He is a actual viking who timetravelled!!!!
Ernest Presley
Ernest Presley Vor 16 Tage
Trevor Morris Is the Shit
K.O.S -ბ.მარიამული
K.O.S -ბ.მარიამული Vor 17 Tage
Does anyone know the lyrics of the song? I really love this song
Viksa ManNoname
Viksa ManNoname Vor 18 Tage
Nice ..very good this is a beautiful composition🥰 i love Vikings series and hope they will continue filming 😍
Heinz von der Leyen
Heinz von der Leyen Vor 18 Tage
See you in Valhalla my friend
Liz Hei
Liz Hei Vor 18 Tage
Wow... Totally hypnotized... Felt it in my bones😮❤
Zack Prime
Zack Prime Vor 19 Tage
I’m going to Valhalla
Nelson Teixeira Teixeira
Nelson Teixeira Teixeira Vor 19 Tage
Já ouvi mil vezes e me emociono em todas elas
Lance Henry
Lance Henry Vor 20 Tage
Where do I find this song available to buy?
Anthony Chevalier
Anthony Chevalier Vor 20 Tage
Anna Serrano
Anna Serrano Vor 20 Tage
david pakman
Damian Swarlik
Damian Swarlik Vor 20 Tage
when Slavic legacy waking up? We have amazing history, music, rituals, faith, Gods, legends. Christians almost barred old Europe traditions, but we standing up !!! Slava for all
Safa Bishara
Safa Bishara Vor 21 Tag
It doesn’t matter how many time I have watched or listen to Einar sing. I always get a chill and goose bumps.
Berat Aydoğan
Berat Aydoğan Vor 21 Tag
Ragnarok Türkleri sever miydi?
Doreen Dotan
Doreen Dotan Vor 23 Tage
Sounds like the tortured cries of those who don't enter Heaven.
Rodrigo Baro
Rodrigo Baro Vor 22 Tage
You mean valhalla
Juan Veloto
Juan Veloto Vor 23 Tage
Meriem P
Meriem P Vor 24 Tage
Bravo !👍👍👍👍
Meriem P
Meriem P Vor 24 Tage
Un pur bonheur votre voix monsieur est magnifique, et l orchestre splendide
Till Wagner
Till Wagner Vor 24 Tage
Magic Ice Cube
Magic Ice Cube Vor 24 Tage
and what instrument do you play? - well... the anvil xxDD
redflight91 Vor 22 Tage
And brakedisk?
Noble's Vault
Noble's Vault Vor 25 Tage
oh fantastic they even have the ZS WONDER WOMAN CELLO girl //////kewwwwllll
Hazell K
Hazell K Vor 25 Tage
I dont understand why they allways have to put a giant screen to display BS. If you're here, you come for the music and see the orchestra.... I've allways found those screens were as ugly as a turd on a silk sheet.
Angela Mageau
Angela Mageau Vor 26 Tage
Fire...absolute fire
mickey mause
mickey mause Vor 27 Tage
quiero el instagram de la china si alguien lo sabe por favor es para una tarea
Elena Sanchez
Elena Sanchez Vor 23 Tage
es Tina Guo ve a su canal de youtube
Jodo JD
Jodo JD Vor 27 Tage
oooh yes please.
Denise Tonet
Denise Tonet Vor 28 Tage
Zionist Slayer
Zionist Slayer Vor 28 Tage
Maestro: What key are you in? Einar: Wotan
Alex Hogh
Alex Hogh Vor 29 Tage
Probably thanks to the Vikings series, I really like the music of Einar Selvik, which was in the series, but as I know, he specially wrote new new music for the Valhalla games, well, the old tracks will also be, I will already watch the gameplay of the game and there the music is just awesome playing when you fight
Calm - Mueyn
Calm - Mueyn Vor 29 Tage
can I use the music ??
Дмитрий Страж
Дмитрий Страж Vor Monat
но с победой! просто то,что мне нравится не значит ничего.
Дмитрий Страж
Дмитрий Страж Vor Monat
позор.я был выше мнения.
Roy Vor Monat
how the little pigs grunt, when they hear how the older boar suffered.
Ewa D
Ewa D Vor Monat
Wykonanie utworu fenomenalne.Ogień. Einar , jesteś dynamit.
alexus 9957
alexus 9957 Vor Monat
Holy shit🔥🔥🔥
Omarra67 Vor Monat
Alex Vor Monat
One thing is sure... the singer is HOT... Omg marry me. So handsome
Erica Vanina Sala
Erica Vanina Sala Vor Monat
TheBlackFire _483
TheBlackFire _483 Vor Monat
So good
Alkesh Dodke
Alkesh Dodke Vor Monat
when Old Norse Viking hero the king Ragnar Lodbrok and Amazonian Princess Diana of Themyscira perform together.
Lennart Gaming
Lennart Gaming Vor Monat
I love vikings and hiss songs
Edgar Antonio Cortés Guerra
Edgar Antonio Cortés Guerra Vor Monat
El día de hoy confieso que, he descubierto una canción igual de poderosa que la de tipo nacionalista. 👌
Frankie Shankly
Frankie Shankly Vor Monat
Nevermind AHA, long distance skiing, Magnus Carlsen etc.. And thx to the fantastic Orchestra
Serj Batcovich
Serj Batcovich Vor Monat
From Russia with love :)) I don't have enough words for how good! Excellent!!!
Елена Гуринович
Елена Гуринович Vor Monat
Artas Art
Artas Art Vor Monat
Охуеть как красиво)
A mas de mil
A mas de mil Vor Monat
que hermosa música y tremendos musaicos
Gusttavu FPS
Gusttavu FPS Vor Monat
Beautifull !!!!
PEDRO HR Vor Monat
Alguém BR que veio só por vikings?
Juli Caldera
Juli Caldera Vor Monat
Me encanta traslada a otro tiempo
Lilith Lilith
Lilith Lilith Vor Monat
Vous êtes d'utilité publique. Merci
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