iPhone 12 vs. iPhone 12 Pro Drop Test!

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Big thanks to i-Blason for sponsoring this video.
Drop test between the Apple iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro to see how durable the Ceramic Shield glass on these phones actually are.
- The standard drops (back, corner, and face) are conducted from 1m onto a concrete block.
- The "bonus" drops are meant to test impact and shock resistance, therefore are conducted from 1.45m onto a steel surface.
- The bonus "bonus" round (name is temporary) is conducted from 1.45m onto a concrete block.
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iPhone 12 vs. iPhone 12 Pro Drop Test!
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Destroyer 34
Destroyer 34 Vor 37 Minuten
Every know Nokia is the best
Korean Scholar
Korean Scholar Vor 38 Minuten
Ernesto Gastelum
Ernesto Gastelum Vor 9 Stunden
The new phones are creating the need to add new and tougher sections to the drop tests
alabi aisha
alabi aisha Vor 11 Stunden
All thanks to those who recommended #22_crack on Instagram I just received my free iphone 11pro
alabi aisha
alabi aisha Vor 11 Stunden
All thanks to those who recommended #22_crack on Instagram I just received my free iphone 11pro
alabi aisha
alabi aisha Vor 11 Stunden
All thanks to those who recommended #22_crack on Instagram I just received my free iphone 11pro
alabi aisha
alabi aisha Vor 11 Stunden
All thanks to those who recommended #22_crack on Instagram I just received my free iphone 11pro
Rufaro Shoko
Rufaro Shoko Vor Tag
iPhones in the states built different
rocker 10039
rocker 10039 Vor 2 Tage
Even though we know iPhone is the most durable phone atm, we still are gonna meme on it's durability though right?
Vaibhav Puri
Vaibhav Puri Vor 2 Tage
Random fact! Corning: spends years tryna make Gorilla Glass more durable. Apple: unveils ceramic shielded-displays. Corning: guys, we're done.
Jasper Vos
Jasper Vos Vor 2 Tage
2:31... without any cracks to the glass?? the 12 has broken glass...
EP S Vor 2 Tage
wish they used ceramic shield at the back too
MRGG Vor 3 Tage
Gap Issue in iPhone 12 PRO MAX. This might voice your warranty so, have a look before you buy depost.info/one/video/k6p5pXWJgdKp06M.html #ManufacturingDefect
Technical Expert
Technical Expert Vor 4 Tage
*0.1% people who are helping me reach 1k may your parents live more then 100 years with good health God Bless Them* 💝
Adam KFT
Adam KFT Vor 4 Tage
Is this man from macromous ?
Biology Believers
Biology Believers Vor 4 Tage
Very impressive comparison 😉😉
RiskyDuck 760
RiskyDuck 760 Vor 5 Tage
SuperDagod1 Vor 5 Tage
How about some corner drops
Aswin Selvarajan
Aswin Selvarajan Vor 5 Tage
Dude. Too slowww. Waiting for your videos. Upload em faster plss
Srisabari records
Srisabari records Vor 6 Tage
Bro do apple 12 pro vs note 20 ultra
NIGHTMAREuki Vor 7 Tage
looks like the metal bezel is higher than the glass and is taking all he impact
Leon Coleman
Leon Coleman Vor 7 Tage
I just noticed something. The new iphones have their metal side casing protruding beyond the glass screen to create a lip of protection (like with all phone cases). So the ceramic glass isn't necessarily more resistant to drops as Apple might want us to think? We have to test an Android phone with the same (or similar) setup just to be sure. Last thing. I don't care about the extra camera on the pro (i would never use it). What I do care about is the extra ram and battery life. Can you do a speed test of iphone 12 vs 12 pro? I'm pretty sure the 1st lap will be neck and neck. I'm curious about the 2nd lap though.
Henrik Laursen Jonasson
Henrik Laursen Jonasson Vor 7 Tage
Can you pleas test samsung galaxy a71
Justadude Vor 8 Tage
I k
Gaming Tube- Northeast
Gaming Tube- Northeast Vor 8 Tage
That dropping place should have dust and sand on it coz that matters too much.. Coz people would drop their phones anywhere where can be dust and sand like mall floor or on road
Izzy Vor 9 Tage
Coming from a Samsung user, this is actually fucking impressive. Apple did great this time around
Gomatheeshwar M
Gomatheeshwar M Vor 9 Tage
4:30 Cop: "911 what's your emergency" This guy: "The iPhone screens aren't breaking.. something's wrong
Prince Gjb
Prince Gjb Vor 10 Tage
Make A Drop test Note 20 Ultra Vs iPhone 12 Pro Max
Selene Ramos
Selene Ramos Vor 11 Tage
This one might just be worth the $$$ lol specially with a good case!! Cant wait to get it 😁
Quaime V. Lee
Quaime V. Lee Vor 11 Tage
Would you consider using asphalt or more uneven concrete? I feel as though my most damaging drops happen outdoors.
Gagi Vor 12 Tage
David Garcia
David Garcia Vor 12 Tage
Don't upgrade if you have an 11 pro
RickyRotary’s !
RickyRotary’s ! Vor 12 Tage
When he says glass is glass I thought of jerryrigeverything
The untouchable One
The untouchable One Vor 13 Tage
I'm literally crying watching this video🥺
selipar Vor 13 Tage
Its do not shatter becoz its bezel or body frame is higher than the screen.. so the body absord the impact
Farhan Faiz
Farhan Faiz Vor 13 Tage
Can u compare iphone 11 vs iphone 12...as they r almost same
CS Louise
CS Louise Vor 14 Tage
iphone 12 pro performing like it got done fucking a Nokia.
Izzat Zaman
Izzat Zaman Vor 15 Tage
Apple should put the Ceramic Shield thingy on the back as well
Korean Scholar
Korean Scholar Vor 15 Tage
Ew ww
Ew ww Vor 16 Tage
a phone's purpose is not dropping, these drop tests are stupid period lmao
Samiur Rahman
Samiur Rahman Vor 16 Tage
Glass is glass and glass breaks but the glass didn't break
RandomPersondfgb Vor 17 Tage
The Phones might not be broke, but your wallet is. 😂
Chetana patel
Chetana patel Vor 17 Tage
Very nice this video
Craig Browne
Craig Browne Vor 17 Tage
My All Rounder Channel
My All Rounder Channel Vor 17 Tage
asAf Vor 17 Tage
Iphone 12 is better than 12 pro
Saif Shaikh
Saif Shaikh Vor 17 Tage
I love the details in his videos. He didnt even leave the typograph undetailed. 5:14
JJ Kailo
JJ Kailo Vor 17 Tage
iPhone 12 mini?
Tanatswa Chifamba
Tanatswa Chifamba Vor 17 Tage
Do iphone 12 pro vs note 20 ultra
legniak1 Vor 18 Tage
Like to see a drop test with a case on it
BeEme _18
BeEme _18 Vor 18 Tage
Saludos desde México
BeEme _18
BeEme _18 Vor 18 Tage
Me regalaría una así rotito? 🥺
AJ Gatchalian
AJ Gatchalian Vor 18 Tage
Ceramic shield my ass.....its all in the embosed bezel
Dan Earl
Dan Earl Vor 18 Tage
They are tough phones.
Bilal Masud
Bilal Masud Vor 18 Tage
Which music is it? From 0:42
Oj sbog 1947
Oj sbog 1947 Vor 18 Tage
*WANE_007 on Instagram got mine for free*
Andi Sadeed Said
Andi Sadeed Said Vor 19 Tage
I am assuming that you are not from the States? Since the height units is in Metric.. 🤩
Muhammad Shaheer
Muhammad Shaheer Vor 19 Tage
Please do 12 pro vs 20 ultra
Josué YT
Josué YT Vor 19 Tage
Vejy lyp...Cruyff Kylie brazill
Josué YT
Josué YT Vor 19 Tage
Thsz you men kluby grezyl...brooo,hchey zryls¿ myt Day frigy gryup Karl Marx iphone... (gymp)jrep
Anas Muhd
Anas Muhd Vor 19 Tage
I want 12...in 70k Rs anyone have?
Md Adil Ahnaf
Md Adil Ahnaf Vor 19 Tage
Theory: 4X stronger glass has more to do so with the fully flat display than the actual ceramic
Tony Stark
Tony Stark Vor 20 Tage
Is it just me or does the stainless steel on the 12 pro seem softer than previous stainless steel iphones?
J C Vor 20 Tage
I’ve dropped mine few times nothing happened Yet . So a good phone so far
Clarence Loie Prima
Clarence Loie Prima Vor 20 Tage
High hopes for ceramic shield on the back next year!
Ruby Carbuncle
Ruby Carbuncle Vor 21 Tag
Anyone else watch this on Snapchat then came here to subscribe? No...just me. Ooookay 🙄
Asmaul Husna Abdullahi
Asmaul Husna Abdullahi Vor 21 Tag
give me the broken one 😭
Matt Vor 21 Tag
Why doesn’t anyone do drop tests after putting a tempered glass protector on the back (ie dbrand)
Mohammed Afnan
Mohammed Afnan Vor 21 Tag
Please give me iphone as gift i have no phone😥😥
Raunak Shrestha
Raunak Shrestha Vor 21 Tag
I am going to kill a dinosaur with this
Kushal Rathod
Kushal Rathod Vor 21 Tag
Raised Frame helped. Glass is not even touching the concrete.
Razeen Mujarrab
Razeen Mujarrab Vor 21 Tag
I wish it was dropped from higher and higher heights until one screen broke. :P
KataKamee Word Counter
KataKamee Word Counter Vor 21 Tag
my man be holdin these phones like mortal kombat characters.
JaDeGod Mill
JaDeGod Mill Vor 22 Tage
6:09 I understood that reference ;) “Glass is glass and glass can break”
Jorge Rodriguez
Jorge Rodriguez Vor 22 Tage
This iBlason case is badass. probably the best phone case I ever had. I recommend it. no longer going to use OtterBox.
Seezr PlayZ
Seezr PlayZ Vor 22 Tage
I Thought He Already Knew That Phone Only Break When Dropped Accidentally
Parth Phadke
Parth Phadke Vor 22 Tage
Try this drop test after scratching the front glass.
Dark Shadow
Dark Shadow Vor 22 Tage
5:12 the damage is on the glass idiot . If it was the lens then the crack itself would have stayed in the same place when you zoomed in and out
Frank Vor 22 Tage
SupaIsaiah016 Vor 22 Tage
Watching this on an iPhone 12
SupaIsaiah016 Vor 21 Tag
@ALOTNOTALIL I got the black one
What color you get
fernando navarro
fernando navarro Vor 22 Tage
The phone stainless steel edges stick out just enough to take some of the impact from the screen.
Jason Liu
Jason Liu Vor 23 Tage
Do a video where its note 20 ultra vs 12 pro.
justaman Vor 23 Tage
Not a big fan of Apple but well done here Apple. Impressive work. This means I just need a case to protect the back of the iPhone no need to put anything on the front. Hope they bring this tech for both front and back on the next iPhones.
Anthony I
Anthony I Vor 22 Tage
They need to do something about scratches tho. I imagine ceramic shield won’t be on the back due to the magnets
루벤 Vor 23 Tage
Wow, iPhone 12 pro looks better! Thanks for your hard test!
Fredi G
Fredi G Vor 23 Tage
This is truly amazong
Alexandros Aggelakoudis
Alexandros Aggelakoudis Vor 23 Tage
Samsung disliked this video 😂
Solar QG
Solar QG Vor 23 Tage
it *crushes* me seeing them break such expensive phones...
D Vor 23 Tage
Awesome but I have a scratch on mine and idk why
Samantha Jester
Samantha Jester Vor 23 Tage
The front glass said nah fam I’m not breaking
Gurvir S
Gurvir S Vor 23 Tage
Can't wait for Pixel 5 battery test, many reviewers are saying it's the best they've seen in a while. Very curious to see it compared to flagships! 👍😃
jdmasfuck Vor 23 Tage
do a real world test where its rough texture road not a flat surface ..
Abhyuday Paroha
Abhyuday Paroha Vor 23 Tage
Should have done speed test before destroying them
Leo The Gamer Lin
Leo The Gamer Lin Vor 24 Tage
He forgot the speed yest
seif abo elfotoh
seif abo elfotoh Vor 24 Tage
Piet ice-only.de
Piet ice-only.de Vor 24 Tage
probably they didn't even (flat out) lie and really did improve the glass year for year but (and here's where Jerry comes into play) "Glass is Glass and Glass breaks" that just didn't show because the glass was still exposed on 5 sides. now it's only exposed on 1 side and the frame is taking the hits for the other 4 in combination with the improved glass. that being said: gravel parking lot probably still means: DEATH
Freedom Cobra
Freedom Cobra Vor 24 Tage
Design is nice, but shoulda ditched 5g until next year
Skylon The Dragon
Skylon The Dragon Vor 24 Tage
I'm not a fan of Apple but the ceramic shield did surprisingly well. Finaly they did a good job.
KD Vor 24 Tage
12 pro vs 11 pro speed test needed!!!
Noah Lach
Noah Lach Vor 24 Tage
That white iPhone 12 Pro would looks so much better with shiny glass.The iPhone X colour is beautiful.
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