Nordic Nosedive: Skiing Fails

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Happy Tuesday! Let's hit the slopes with some fresh ski fails!
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Goldjoe Vor 2 Tage
Watching this after coming super close to busting my ACL while skiing earlier today
Mini Bowling
Mini Bowling Vor 4 Tage
5:11 Danm snowboarders
Rayan Daas
Rayan Daas Vor 4 Tage
No one understand, he does these sound effects of accidents, it s a “fail”
HappyAnathema Vor 5 Tage
This video should have been called "what happens when skiiers really wish they were actually snowboarders" 😂
anna g.
anna g. Vor 6 Tage
Sami idioci. Seitdem Internet weiß man wieviele idioten auf der Welt sind.
Kam Novak
Kam Novak Vor 8 Tage
without a doubt, the stupidest sound effects of a failarmy video
Félix Belleville
Félix Belleville Vor 11 Tage
America : they never wear helmet
bass Peter_yt
bass Peter_yt Vor 14 Tage
Best 👍👍👍👍:-D
drive_and_drink Vor 17 Tage
2:43 respect to this dude
FUCK SAND Vor 17 Tage
Fail army productions are so professionally cringe
Michael Hall
Michael Hall Vor 18 Tage
Wait, aren’t hand rails for safety
Alpha Jerry
Alpha Jerry Vor 19 Tage
ThePandaahBear Vor 22 Tage
Those aren’t really fails. Why did you make your channel family friendly, it’s about fails
Tuukka Silventoinen
Tuukka Silventoinen Vor 29 Tage
Look, the shitty sound effects don't make the shitty clips you chose or stole any funnier. If the clips needs an effect to be funny, it's not worth putting in the video. Not saying the sounds are funny, because they seriously aren't
Ed K
Ed K Vor Monat
@1:48 though... sometimes lucky is better than good.
сçaный Vor Monat
I prefer 131216 to this
Yes, we have no bananas today
Yes, we have no bananas today Vor Monat
This is what all the very best trick skiers looked like when they started. Some of these people could be stars someday.
Rocstoneau Vor Monat
Loved the well placed and excellent choice of that music bit.
Emre Cardano
Emre Cardano Vor Monat
Biz izlemeye gelmişiz amk biz düşsek düşsek yolda yürürken buzlanmadan düşeriz
Kelsea Nova
Kelsea Nova Vor Monat
These are still pretty cool.
1:10 Rip balls
ouasba Vor Monat
Stop with the shitty sound ffects omg
marvin martin
marvin martin Vor Monat
Yeah, couldn’t see that tree with all that snow on it, so I cleared that off for ya
Joachim Dittrich
Joachim Dittrich Vor Monat
Lol. In Germany we say "Selbst schuld!".
Kingdom Key 2015
Kingdom Key 2015 Vor Monat
Okay, you see what he did there? He french fried when he shoulda pizza'd. You french fry when you pizza, you're gonna have a bad time.
T BZ Vor Monat
If you're skiing rails by steps, or huge hucks near trees without a helmet... organ donor recipients applaud your efforts.
Alexander Ritchie
Alexander Ritchie Vor Monat
This is what happens when you arm an intern with a soundboard and turn them loose on a video...
papapalpatine Vor Monat
jesus christ how hard is it to understand? Get rid of the Soundeffects ! Please and thank you
Masaharu Morimoto
Masaharu Morimoto Vor Monat
Sound effects SUCK, whoever put them in and also whoever approved it should be fired.
CFC thegreatesttherecanbe
CFC thegreatesttherecanbe Vor Monat
Boring as the outcome of these videos is inevitable 🙄
KandidVision Vor Monat
I'm sorry, but I really think I can edit this better....
kakashi sempai
kakashi sempai Vor Monat
I don’t know who gave you that idea of putting sound effects, but whoever it is, throw him/her from the window
lil bert's mom
lil bert's mom Vor Monat
The jump and rail fails are my favorites. There are a hundred fails before you get to success.
Warren Jensen
Warren Jensen Vor Monat
Snow videos in summer is a big fat tease 🇦🇺
石川凌雅 Vor Monat
Scottish Unicorn Glitter
Scottish Unicorn Glitter Vor Monat
When did Urban skiing become a thing? After urban kayaking in Jackass?!?!
boom 1024
boom 1024 Vor Monat
I'm trying to figure out who annoys me more. Skiers/snowboarders or skate boarders
Adeum Deus
Adeum Deus Vor Monat
1:05 - what the fuck is wrong with that guy? Extremely lucky to not have caught a ski/leg in between the bike racks and broken a leg or messed up a knee.
Andreas Andersson
Andreas Andersson Vor Monat
wtf is that editing, adding sound to all clips doesn't make it funnier
Thad Lapointe
Thad Lapointe Vor Monat
Sound effects! Bad! Stop it!
Hedvig Marie Harjo
Hedvig Marie Harjo Vor Monat
Michal Pifko
Michal Pifko Vor Monat
7:18 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Jim Davis
Jim Davis Vor Monat
A&J Stop Motion Studios
A&J Stop Motion Studios Vor Monat
what is this music called
me a
me a Vor Monat
So much wet snow ... oh gawd the end is near
Jon Slater
Jon Slater Vor Monat
Used in the right way sound effects can be pretty effective but they just seem out of place and in some random places in these videos
Efsane Oyunlar
Efsane Oyunlar Vor Monat
Karim TV
Karim TV Vor Monat
Linus Broll
Linus Broll Vor Monat
6:42 so relaxing
Maguire Mercer
Maguire Mercer Vor Monat
сçaный Vor Monat
wth what are these stolen annoying sound effects?
Sebas H
Sebas H Vor Monat
Wooow the sounds effects are amazing! said noone ever
naufal the funimater
naufal the funimater Vor Monat
Do a triple fail
Gary Cosmos
Gary Cosmos Vor Monat
For the love of crud, please stop the sound effects
Eldrog Vor Monat
The extreme secondhand embarrassment from the horrible sound effects, oh God.
not so sure
not so sure Vor Monat
Music: Good 👍🏼 Cheap sound effects: Bad👎🏼 ☹️
Nathan Black
Nathan Black Vor Monat
You really don't need the sound effects.
Adam Brooke
Adam Brooke Vor Monat
Those sound effects actually make me cringe every time
Jonas Nilsen
Jonas Nilsen Vor Monat
Why the f would you add music? And even worse; god damn sound effects?
On The Scene
On The Scene Vor Monat
The guy at @7:41 goes flying headfirst down the steps then, "You ok?" "Yeah I'm fine"
Dániel Papp
Dániel Papp Vor Monat
Some of these are still amazing and could be considered wins
Alice Vor Monat
“You ok?” 😂
DiscoVolante Vor Monat
im impressed, not a single vertically filmed clip.
عجائب حميدو& Hamido wonderland
عجائب حميدو& Hamido wonderland Vor Monat
‏You who saw my comment, may God bless you with joy that you have never before ♥ ️ ♥ ️ experienced
Callum Vor Monat
you should try without the sound effects they make no sense
Mоtо_ Fox
Mоtо_ Fox Vor Monat
fell just like me, but I'm off the ATV if you are interested you can see !!!!
Дмитрий Смирнов
Дмитрий Смирнов Vor Monat
какое-то унылое говно...
Ralph Bagnall
Ralph Bagnall Vor Monat
The irony is that most these people are practicing stunts that we will never see them complete. Only the failures get shared!
MeiCosta89 Vor Monat
Justgerman Pleas excuse my writingstyle
Justgerman Pleas excuse my writingstyle Vor Monat
Gosh I forgot how much I miss snowboarding vacations.
diablos250 Vor Monat
Wtf are these sounds? Don't do shrooms while editing pls
Malcolm Geldmacher
Malcolm Geldmacher Vor Monat
Stopped watching because of the stupid sound effects.
Master Yoshi
Master Yoshi Vor Monat
This is why Snow Boards are better!
Gerard Day
Gerard Day Vor Monat
Pls stop it with the sound effects....
yaboyimdabaum LEGIT
yaboyimdabaum LEGIT Vor Monat
I broke my leg snowboarding. Lol. Actually not. BC it hurt. Alot.
SinKadian Vor Monat
Based on the sound effects and the timing of the effects, they have hired a 14 yo, with no experience, to edit their videos now... Not an improvement.
Sache0190 Vor Monat
what are those stupid noises during the fails? what dumb kidos do the editing? failarmy is getting worse by the day
Evilwhiteclownpunk Vor Monat
Didn't global warming put an end to all this back in the '90s???
Nicholas Scarano
Nicholas Scarano Vor Monat
Please cut the sound affects
Understanding is Power
Understanding is Power Vor Monat
Moste of them probobly know what their doing judging by how they fall/recover
Андрей Сергеевич
Андрей Сергеевич Vor Monat
Sound effects for idiots?
Shakur Vor Monat
Niko Garcia
Niko Garcia Vor Monat
Whoever edited this video... don't.
Henry E
Henry E Vor Monat
They just stole all the crashes from Level 1 movies. These are from all the different the crash segments in their ski movies.
Pets Awesome
Pets Awesome Vor Monat
I like this thanks of this video
Funny Central
Funny Central Vor Monat
These accidents are a bit dangerous, I think🤥🤥🤥
Kubi93 Vor Monat
last time I laughed on a failarmy video was 2-3 years ago
Chihiro Vor Monat
I'm seeing a lot of rude comments about the sound effects. Those are personal choices, you may like it or not. The point is another: whether they are good or bad, they totally change the video's atmosphere. In my case, this video didn't make me laugh because it seems to be just a series of bad accidents, in a sport that is really difficult. If you want to maintain your sound style, you should not make videos about these kind of accidents, since they are very ripetitive and very hard to make people laugh about. Hope this is helpful. Keep it gentle guys, they are here to make us laugh, but you aren't here to ruin their day. Peace out 🤟🏻
Andrew Payne
Andrew Payne Vor Monat
I came here to comment on the stupid sound effects but it looks like everyone already has it under control lol.
MeiCosta89 Vor Monat
Right 😂
Chris Durrant
Chris Durrant Vor Monat
The terrible sound effects make this unwatchable. Please stop
Александр Крашеннинников
Александр Крашеннинников Vor Monat
Александр Крашеннинников
Александр Крашеннинников Vor Monat
Ноль лайков за комент.. Да идите вы в жопу, жадины.
Ghost Vor Monat
Sound effects ruined this video.
siye a
siye a Vor Monat
The photographer is too dedicated
Очола Очалл
Очола Очалл Vor Monat
Зиму ненавижу!
FrogsInThePot Vor Monat
This video needed more cowbell sound effects....I am disappoint.
Thomas Mimeault-Langis
Thomas Mimeault-Langis Vor Monat
Vivian DeVille
Vivian DeVille Vor Monat
Fishbonefla ,
Fishbonefla , Vor Monat
I skied for 12 years now I play tennis
Studio Seven
Studio Seven Vor Monat
2:40 Awesome!
Trainable Vor Monat
Imagine, if you will, a Failarmy video with no sound effects, no music, and no dull "commentary"; simple, effective, entertaining... everything you'd hope for in a good compilation channel. Now open your eyes and accept the truth.
Conrad Spoke
Conrad Spoke Vor Monat
What the hell is going on with the music editing? Is this Fail Army or the Teletubbies?
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