The best Blind Auditions of The Voice of Germany Season 10

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The Voice of Germany turns 10! With this anniversary season, both new talents and talents from previous seasons (the All Stars) all have a chance to get a chair turn! What do you think is the best Blind Audition of The Voice of Germany season 10? And, can you spot the real from the fake audience? Let us know in the comments below👇
🚨 This video features the following performances:
00:00 The Coaches sing “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay
02:56 Maciek sings “You Gotta Be” by Des’ree
04:42 Paula Dalla Corte sings “Roar” by Katy Perry
06:30 Nico Traut sings “Play With Fire” by Nico Santos
10:20 Matthias Nebel sings “Sign of the Times” by Harry Styles
13:18 Juan Geck sings “Anyone” by Demi Lovato
15:23 Alessandro Pola sings “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys
17:44 Vojtech Zakouril sings “California Dreamin’” by The Mamas and the Papas
19:39 Max Lenz sings “Falling” by Harry Styles
21:27 Lisa-Marie Christ sings “What Is Love” by Haddaway
23:23 Sean Koch sings “Circles” by Post Malone
25:13 Sean Koch sings an original song
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Max Lenz
Max Lenz Vor 2 Monate
I made the cut 😱😍
Abdo Reus
Abdo Reus Vor 6 Tage
Max lenz you the best voice Abdo from Algeria
انــفـصـام مـتـمــرد
انــفـصـام مـتـمــرد Vor 12 Tage
*Mr. Rules passed from here hello all in my mind hope you have fun*
Fernando Machado
Fernando Machado Vor 14 Tage
Course you did!! It was awesome ! From Brasil bruv!!! 🇧🇷
Rickie Lala
Rickie Lala Vor 16 Tage
Here im your big fans from 🇲🇾
Roger Schaller
Roger Schaller Vor 22 Tage
@Max Lenz Wie bist du denn nicht weiter gekommen? (Hab geschaut war sehr schockiert das du nicht weiter gekommen bist)
Azim pemji
Azim pemji Vor 15 Stunden
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Pat Tan
Pat Tan Vor 17 Stunden
My God!!!! From the Philippines the land of great singers!!! Your germany has a very strongs singers too...
Raquel Em
Raquel Em Vor Tag
Why the hell did I just discover this!
Sonja Huber
Sonja Huber Vor Tag
Nico Santos is so amazing! And his talents, omg he is so awesome ❤️❤️❤️ Nico love
Miemie Nang
Miemie Nang Vor Tag
Both "Bed of Roses" and "Sign of The Times" by Matthias Nebel are legendary auditions of The Voice Germany. He's the REAL ROCKER.
letmejustsay Vor 3 Tage
German judges seem to turn if they like the song instead of the voice haha
Hasim Tordios
Hasim Tordios Vor 3 Tage
This is the best compilation of the voice ever
T. Ray Henry
T. Ray Henry Vor 4 Tage
I’ve watched this video an unhealthy number of times. The Voice Germany has some incredible talent, and all the judges are very relatable.
Silvia Ju
Silvia Ju Vor 4 Tage
ALightInTheForest Vor 4 Tage
I'm so blown away by the talent of each of these singers, and by their coaches, too. This was a great season and I really enjoyed watching from afar in the U.S.!
Maicon Rogerio
Maicon Rogerio Vor 5 Tage
Efendi Baim
Efendi Baim Vor 5 Tage
That guy singing Falling tho 🔥🔥😱😱😱
Efendi Baim
Efendi Baim Vor 5 Tage
So from this show I discovered Nico Santos and what a plot twist one of the contestants named Nico too sang his song and it was really good performance so I searched more about him and started loving him and his music.
Inheritedy Vor 5 Tage
Mam pytanie do innych internautów z Polski: Czy Maciek to nasz przedstawiciel ?
mm granados
mm granados Vor 5 Tage
My new favorite. The Voice Germany!
no no
no no Vor 7 Tage
Juan is amazing, I feel you..
Hugo Balzac
Hugo Balzac Vor 7 Tage
13:56 exactly me😻😻 I love you boy😹😹
mark vincent firmalino
mark vincent firmalino Vor 8 Tage
Alfred o
Alfred o Vor 8 Tage
Mathias me recuerda muchisimo a Peter Murphy en algunos pasajes de esta cancion PD: no solo de Bon Jovi vive el hombre xd
Vitor Munhoz
Vitor Munhoz Vor 8 Tage
The original Song of the last its so Lala Land
Blackpumpkinpie Vor 8 Tage
pls can someone make a compilation out of Nico Santos' face expressions? Thank you! xD
Klaas Lammers
Klaas Lammers Vor 9 Tage
Best seizoen so far
Keo X
Keo X Vor 10 Tage
my baby Mark!! omg wow
Yasmin Hasan
Yasmin Hasan Vor 11 Tage
What are they saying in German we want more??
broklyn x
broklyn x Vor 4 Tage
Suha Rashid
Suha Rashid Vor 11 Tage
That Sign of the times cover was crazy awesome.
Dany Redex
Dany Redex Vor 11 Tage
Good Video!
khairul ammar
khairul ammar Vor 11 Tage
mark foster..................yesssssssssssssss............ 15:36 i thought it was pewdiepie lol......hmmmm Juan Geck thanks for making me sobbing like a melting ice cream. wow germany.....u should be exposed more cuz every single of the contestants are talented........i'm like WHATTTTTTTTTTT................n i already repeated the video for the third time in a row.....that's how much love i am with these peoples.
Michael Collins
Michael Collins Vor 12 Tage
Now that was just Awesome, good job coaches
Ryan James Villarmia
Ryan James Villarmia Vor 12 Tage
whats the name of that 3rd guy?
Sabrina Mithalina
Sabrina Mithalina Vor 12 Tage
No one: Niall horan: aaaaaAaAa
Ngọc Đào Tuấn
Ngọc Đào Tuấn Vor 12 Tage
My top 3 out of Top 10:) 1. Play with fire - Nico Traut 2. Sign of times - Matthias Nebel 3. Falling - Max Lenz
tankiem phituyet
tankiem phituyet Vor 12 Tage
Matthias Nebel is a super star.
Jonry Simanjuntak
Jonry Simanjuntak Vor 13 Tage
Matthias Nebel go...
ninetythree Vor 14 Tage
Where is Noah Sam? o.o
eddi wiese
eddi wiese Vor 14 Tage
@vojtech you should perform skyfall by adele
Tihem Vor 14 Tage
Watched this like 10 times and first time hearing samu say "ei jumalauta" at 19:01 XD
Lariis Creative
Lariis Creative Vor 14 Tage
mark forster! love love
Lariis Creative
Lariis Creative Vor 14 Tage
the judges performance is DABOMMMBBB!!!!
Mylene Socuaje
Mylene Socuaje Vor 15 Tage
Catrena k.S.A
Catrena k.S.A Vor 15 Tage
Their voices are beautiful
kakao gamegyu
kakao gamegyu Vor 15 Tage
Like Mr. Nebel 😍
Valdeci Muniz
Valdeci Muniz Vor 15 Tage
Mathias q voz Amooooo perfeito
Valdeci Muniz
Valdeci Muniz Vor 15 Tage
Belíssimas canções Jurados perfeitos
Rosita Santo
Rosita Santo Vor 17 Tage
Estoy enamorada la voz de Matthias es increíble, es espectacular
Antonio iñiguez fernandez
Antonio iñiguez fernandez Vor 17 Tage
The purple belgian cytochemically branch because quince constitutively skip qua a colossal encyclopedia. synonymous, womanly tanzania
Grzesiek Vor 18 Tage
Maciek is definetely the best :D !
Chris Black
Chris Black Vor 17 Tage
@Grzesiek ok.
Grzesiek Vor 17 Tage
@Chris Black I support him because he is great singer, not because he is from Poland.
Chris Black
Chris Black Vor 17 Tage
U r a Polish who is supporting a Polish! How nice!
Kay Elmore
Kay Elmore Vor 19 Tage
I love Sanyo snd he is the best!!
Dee Matsaunyane
Dee Matsaunyane Vor 19 Tage
Matthias Nebel will always be my favourite!!
Lidia Candy
Lidia Candy Vor 19 Tage
Matías Nebel simplemente fantástico y hermoso.. ♥️
norma banda
norma banda Vor 20 Tage
oliver tendenilla
oliver tendenilla Vor 20 Tage
oliver tendenilla
oliver tendenilla Vor 20 Tage
oliver tendenilla
oliver tendenilla Vor 20 Tage
oliver tendenilla
oliver tendenilla Vor 20 Tage
KTobio Vor 20 Tage
that juan geck.. damnn
Samuele Groppello
Samuele Groppello Vor 20 Tage
tanto casino ,altro che musica
Cleide Ferreira Peres
Cleide Ferreira Peres Vor 21 Tag
friautz Vor 21 Tag
Theyre all very good but Paula has the most special voice imo. Strange is that only 2 of the talents in this video made it to the finale. And I love the coaches singing Coldplay.
Ros World
Ros World Vor 20 Tage
Actually only one of them made it directly to the finals (Paula), the other one got a second chance. Very high standard this time.
Japheth Marsula
Japheth Marsula Vor 21 Tag
Even I'm on the other side of the world I'm stills supporting Matthias Nebel ^^
KinTao Vor 21 Tag
Sean Koch was amazing ❤️
Marilou Trangia
Marilou Trangia Vor 22 Tage
Wow how i wish i saw u in person to perform on the stage
Mashallah Bruder
Mashallah Bruder Vor 22 Tage
Wo ist Janina Bey mit Always remember us this way
Roger Schaller
Roger Schaller Vor 22 Tage
Matthias was REALLY GOOD in the Blinds but later he was not that good(he was almost trash)
Roger Schaller
Roger Schaller Vor 22 Tage
Nico Traut IS THE BEST(in the Blinds) And all time Paula Dalla Corte and she won
arfian sampetoding
arfian sampetoding Vor 22 Tage
Matthias Nebel's still the Champ !! 😎
sang woo
sang woo Vor 23 Tage
The first one made me tear up gives me memories
Helen Szucs
Helen Szucs Vor 23 Tage
I love the coaches singing .
Red Power ranger
Red Power ranger Vor 23 Tage
is nico trauts version on deezer?
c33zy Vor 23 Tage
I've always liked the voice of Germany ... now I more then lime. greetings from Indonesia even more
Lyras Otaku
Lyras Otaku Vor 24 Tage
As someone who has never missed an episode of TVOG since the very first one, I have to say that season 10 was definitely one of the most amazing seasons of all time (despite you-know-what making things more complicated). The coach lineup this year was in my opinion the best it has ever been and the talents were simply amazing, with Paula and Mael and Jonas being some of my all-time-favourites. And the viva la vida opening set the stage perfectly for an incredible 10th season. Now that the season is over I just want to say cheers to an amazing 10 seasons and hopefully 10 more!
Dawn Gay
Dawn Gay Vor 24 Tage
Good God !! Matthias Nebel !! One of the judges said, He's not bad". No he is BRILLIANT, truly . Man oh man, Germany has a lot talent, very impressive.
iam_ jakob
iam_ jakob Vor 25 Tage
The coaches are such great
Claudili Vor 26 Tage
Where is Oliver Henrich with 30 seconds to Mars? He got second and his blind audition was the best 😍
Nafsiyyah Arshad
Nafsiyyah Arshad Vor 26 Tage
The guy who sang who sang play with fire was soooooooo good 👑
Senaleb Vor 26 Tage
Wth? All pop songs?
Chris Black
Chris Black Vor 17 Tage
There were a couple rock songs on the Blind Auditions... It was mostly ballads and pop this season. Yuck... it would b nice to hear more hard rock and heavy Metal...
pit pan
pit pan Vor 26 Tage
I never to see a better openig,like taht.That,surry,
Keira Watterson
Keira Watterson Vor 26 Tage
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Cate Min
Cate Min Vor 26 Tage
I've watched so many blind auditions of The Voice Germany and seen these coaches, but it's my first time seeing and listening to them perform. Never knew they're this good.❤️What a way to open the season! Superb!🤘
กัฟ คนเดิม
กัฟ คนเดิม Vor 27 Tage
I like you nico santos, why don't khow
Mark Wendell Donceras
Mark Wendell Donceras Vor 27 Tage
Just like concert in the new years eve countdown.
KTobio Vor 27 Tage
Peter Tsop
Peter Tsop Vor 27 Tage
Shit singing nil
Peter Tsop
Peter Tsop Vor 27 Tage
Creepy high pitched voices
Chris Black
Chris Black Vor 17 Tage
Put on those ear plugs! Those high pitches can be ear damaging!
Vlad C S
Vlad C S Vor 28 Tage
Juan Geck me emociona, sempre que assisto essa apresentação!.
Samyad Sdnbhd
Samyad Sdnbhd Vor 28 Tage
All of them..are.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Jana Vor 28 Tage
matthias nebel is a legend tho. sadly he didnt win but he remains bester bademeister vom frauentaler freibad❤ grüße gehn raus haha
Hisoka Vor 29 Tage
Damn Germany has some good ass talents.
broklyn x
broklyn x Vor 27 Tage
Paula wins
Nilmark Barcena
Nilmark Barcena Vor Monat
The land of the best singers #Germany😍beautiful word from the philippines😊
Katja Weiss
Katja Weiss Vor Monat
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Penikmat Suara 3
Penikmat Suara 3 Vor Monat
The guy sing Falling is briliant give from God. Remember my word's ! That guy would be to the Grand Final. Love From Indonesia 🇮🇩
Sonja Storn
Sonja Storn Vor Monat
Play with fire ist mein lieblingslied von nico santos
Sonja Storn
Sonja Storn Vor Monat
Ich liebe es so sehr
Keira Watterson
Keira Watterson Vor Monat
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Wahyu Prasetyo
Wahyu Prasetyo Vor Monat
Where Is Alice
Wahyu Prasetyo
Wahyu Prasetyo Vor Monat
broklyn x
broklyn x Vor Monat
Paula wins
Cleiton Face
Cleiton Face Vor Monat
yuan yuan
yuan yuan Vor Monat
Ich Bin Ich
Ich Bin Ich Vor Monat
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