The HU - Yuve Yuve Yu (Official Music Video)

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The HU

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Official music video for 'Yuve Yuve Yu' by The Hu.
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Родновер Vor 5 Stunden
Reptilian Reyiz
Reptilian Reyiz Vor 6 Stunden
Is mongolian George Floyd real?
SGillespie1985 Vor 6 Stunden
Anyone else hear inspiration from Metallica's "Seek and Destroy" here during the chorus? The Sad But True cover makes me suspect this even more. Love it!
satyam khadka
satyam khadka Vor 6 Stunden
throat touching lyrics....
Debbie Mock
Debbie Mock Vor 6 Stunden
I love your songs and I hear that you have another song called sad but true and I love wolf totem and yuve yuve yu
Gratian Manciulea
Gratian Manciulea Vor 6 Stunden
Am I the only one who has the sensation that the base resembles another song...yet great song keep it up!!
Oscar Schindler
Oscar Schindler Vor 7 Stunden
Why do they have swastikas on their gittuars
Jack Adams
Jack Adams Vor 5 Stunden
not guitar, horse head fiddle, and its not called swastika, its called Khas, a symbol of direction and of life goals(i believe) i would like to tell you that customs and understanding in europe is only true in Europe and America, rest have their own customs, understanding and perspective of things
Hendricus Zalogo
Hendricus Zalogo Vor 7 Stunden
After throat singer. Then this. Habis gelap terbit terang
Константин Ирстов
Константин Ирстов Vor 7 Stunden
ПилядЬ, Раммштайн отдыхает!!!!
Андрей Шатович
Андрей Шатович Vor 7 Stunden
Для меня это открытие! Молодцы!!!
原田雄二朗 Vor 7 Stunden
Antarez Vor 7 Stunden
what the fuck is this aspect ratio
Angel Corem
Angel Corem Vor 7 Stunden
Escuchados desde México, saludos, excelente trabajo. 😎👍🏽
Zaya Zaya
Zaya Zaya Vor 8 Stunden
Sanchitha Kodagoda
Sanchitha Kodagoda Vor 9 Stunden
❤️ from sri lanka 🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰
llama SHORTS
llama SHORTS Vor 10 Stunden
Anyone else reminded of (I think) episode 4 of that syfy show Helix at 3:19?
Ja M
Ja M Vor 10 Stunden
This has been out for 2 years? Damn time flys, feels like last week, was the 1st time I watch this
Øyvind Alexander Frivold
Øyvind Alexander Frivold Vor 10 Stunden
looks like its time to crush china and invade the known world again..
ayşenur gönültaş
ayşenur gönültaş Vor 11 Stunden
Show haberden duyup gelenler
Azuan Atoya
Azuan Atoya Vor 12 Stunden
when all of them married, they will be call a bunch of HusBand.
DJ Vor 10 Stunden
Renki Vor 12 Stunden
Toñy de Valencia
Toñy de Valencia Vor 12 Stunden
Increíble 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Batbayar Kh
Batbayar Kh Vor 12 Stunden
I am here today because of new release ""SAD BUT TRUE""
viktor Vor 12 Stunden
Excellent. Bravo Hu
sheffieldgeek Vor 13 Stunden
Everybody gangsta till the 21:9 aspect ratio video comes up.
BlankPicketSign Vor 14 Stunden
I wish Mongolia would conquer half of China and turn it into a Unitary Republic! Bring some Human Rights back to those poor people! DOWN with China! Stop being bullies!
Jack Adams
Jack Adams Vor 5 Stunden
even chinese are suffering, lets not generalize, its the communists and CCP that must be abolished and wiped out
Professional Learner
Professional Learner Vor 14 Stunden
I'm in love💕
dorviz otusay
dorviz otusay Vor 15 Stunden
Kim Heyland
Kim Heyland Vor 17 Stunden
Stunning landscape love this😍
Truckngirl Vor 18 Stunden
This is where it all began.
shankz venomous
shankz venomous Vor 19 Stunden
*plays this song in 1200s* Mongols: *vibing* Every other empire: ah shit here we go again
Julian Reins
Julian Reins Vor 21 Stunde
the... who?
zaid Patel
zaid Patel Vor 21 Stunde
Ghangis khan descendants be like yuve yuve uve
CatBear Vor 21 Stunde
Played this in my car and now it's a horse.
Fancy Boy
Fancy Boy Vor 8 Stunden
How original. Take a bow you clever guy you.....
Doc Hudson 1999
Doc Hudson 1999 Vor 22 Stunden
Random person in the crowd
Random person in the crowd Vor 22 Stunden
Did they get over the great wall yet? There kinda like desert Vikings
gilen ji
gilen ji Vor 23 Stunden
Ostia zu 👍desde el país Vasco
John Doe
John Doe Vor 23 Stunden
I dig the song. Anyone know what they're singing?
John Doe
John Doe Vor 11 Stunden
@Cholla Ranch Thank you!
Cholla Ranch
Cholla Ranch Vor 21 Stunde
Move your cursor down towards the bottom of the video's screen till captions (CC) and the settings gear wheel appears, then click ON. Ta-da!
Huey Freeman
Huey Freeman Vor 23 Stunden
4:24 Is that a reference to the invasion of Japan by Kublai Khan?
MsShadowrealm Vor Tag
i've been playing Ghost of Tsushima and it got me in the mood to listen to this.
Bruno Triay
Bruno Triay Vor Tag
Genghis Khan tried to conquer the whole world, these guys are actually doing it with music
Fancy Boy
Fancy Boy Vor 11 Stunden
They won't be doing it for long.
C singh
C singh Vor Tag
j zotto
j zotto Vor Tag
Bring on the Mongo Hordes.
Jack Adams
Jack Adams Vor 5 Stunden
it's Mongol or Mongolia to certain people ho like subvert things it would be rude to call them as such, as i heard mong is a derogatory term in CERTAIN part of the world
gui sacco
gui sacco Vor Tag
bão demais.
Imagine wide putin on this
Sándor Jakó
Sándor Jakó Vor Tag
vik dsa
vik dsa Vor Tag
direct sur ma playlist DEEZER !!
Kenol Dissanayake
Kenol Dissanayake Vor Tag
Baby yoda said you have nice rock!
Родновер Vor Tag
Будь самим собой.
Родновер Vor Tag
Слава РОДу, и предкам нашим.
ปภินทิพย์ คําพ้อง
ปภินทิพย์ คําพ้อง Vor Tag
Ri Ch
Ri Ch Vor Tag
Молодцы чингизиды, есть в них что то!
Russian Step by step
Russian Step by step Vor Tag
Это реально круто. 😃 не знаю, о чем песня, но я в восторге !
Mikhail B
Mikhail B Vor Tag
Напоминает русский рок 90х, что-то из мотивов Чайфа, ДДТ, Чижей!.. Только на монгольском! Классно зажгли и кадры отлиные!
Mikhail B
Mikhail B Vor Tag
@Sh Sh аранжировка то точно совершеннее, согласен
Sh Sh
Sh Sh Vor Tag
Да ну это только тебе так кажется! Ритм и оранжировка вкорнө отличаются в лучшую сторону чем в 90-е от русского рока!
Leonora Gomez
Leonora Gomez Vor Tag
Esta banda puso en el mapa a Mongolia ! ♥
YeongHo Bishop
YeongHo Bishop Vor Tag
Alex Alex
Alex Alex Vor Tag
This original music, good Mongolian Rock!
pollyanna tardif
pollyanna tardif Vor Tag
I fucking love Hu
Dodo Bird
Dodo Bird Vor Tag
I dont know what I found, how I found it, or why I'm still listening. But I think I like it
Fancy Boy
Fancy Boy Vor 11 Stunden
Let us know when you know for sure.
Luis Marqus
Luis Marqus Vor Tag
This shouldve been in ghost of tsushima
Altantsooj Jambalsuren
Altantsooj Jambalsuren Vor Tag
Shreeyansh Rathore
Shreeyansh Rathore Vor Tag
The Mongolian empire was the largest empire in history.. they deserve a good popularity
Vadim Shatokhin
Vadim Shatokhin Vor 6 Stunden
The empire was Tartaria Magna
Kumanthai Vor 8 Stunden
its sad turks and mongols fought each other, they were brothers.
sinan Karaman
sinan Karaman Vor 10 Stunden
No ottoman.
Shreeyansh Rathore
Shreeyansh Rathore Vor 13 Stunden
@Samuel Lennon yeah but you have to consider the quality of leadership, the reforms during the reign. The Mongolians lived in deserted camps in open areas. Whereas during British reign there was a good amount of industrialisation going on. So there's no point of comparison b/w the two. The Mongolians went through way more atrocities but still managed to rise at the top.
Samuel Lennon
Samuel Lennon Vor 13 Stunden
The British empire was the largest. In terms of largest continuous empire then yes... But by population and landmass the british were the largest. They had 25% of the population under their Control at their height. 1.5 billion people I think.
Baby Maybe
Baby Maybe Vor Tag
Mongol Metal? Sorry Lemmy but this just scared hell out of me!
слабый раб Аллаha сеpik
слабый раб Аллаha сеpik Vor Tag
K.c.A Kadir Can Aktaş
K.c.A Kadir Can Aktaş Vor Tag
Bylo Band
Bylo Band Vor Tag
I have no words for how beautiful this is. I am in awe.
green an
green an Vor Tag
Who is that guy with long hair?
Cholla Ranch
Cholla Ranch Vor 21 Stunde
His name is Jaya, a classically trained and award-winning musician and excellent vocalist. (He's also a seriously accomplished horseman.)
JadeColor Vor Tag
Wow this is Nice ! 0_0 And now i'm subscribed.
Tai Theguy
Tai Theguy Vor Tag
Lots of drum SOUNDS, but no drummER
Dirt Bird
Dirt Bird Vor Tag
Director: How small the resolution of the video you want? The HU: Yes.
Fancy Boy
Fancy Boy Vor 11 Stunden
Yes what?
Cholla Ranch
Cholla Ranch Vor Tag
❗ *TAKE NOTICE* ❗ The HU have a new vid coming on Dec. 4, 2020. See the preview announcement at
Alexander Lepage
Alexander Lepage Vor Tag
Тупа топ
Heralds tmj
Heralds tmj Vor 2 Tage
Very good ! Well come inn Brazil! Long life
HH HH Vor 2 Tage
Great song!!! listening from Medellin Colombia
Christian Heinrich
Christian Heinrich Vor 2 Tage
2:19 Why are there Swastikas on the Guitar? And why do I only notice that, after the hundrets time of watching it?
Cholla Ranch
Cholla Ranch Vor Tag
Don't mistake the ancient and entirely benign usage of the "kaas" symbol, as as it's long been known. The brief Hitler-era swastika represents a temporary aberration, a misusage of an otherwise peaceful emblem.
Terran Janes
Terran Janes Vor Tag
What he said
Mac M.
Mac M. Vor 2 Tage
I don’t know for sure, and certainly hope this is why, but it use to be a Sanskrit symbol used by Hindus, Buddhists and Jains meaning “well-being”/and representing good fortune. Early western travelers in Asia liked its positive associations and took it west as a random good luck symbol. It was used in advertising and architecture but... then of course people had to be awful human beings and it gained its modern associations.
Paul Nolan
Paul Nolan Vor 2 Tage
Me: Music surf on YT YT: Mongolian Rock ? Me: LOL ......OH HELL YES !
Miyuna chan
Miyuna chan Vor 2 Tage
Sam Sam
Sam Sam Vor 2 Tage
You run personal Jesus
Дмитрий Егоров
Дмитрий Егоров Vor 2 Tage
мля выключите из моей головы это, юмуюмуюмуюмаю😹
marcelo francisco sanchez vera
marcelo francisco sanchez vera Vor 2 Tage
Inevitable pensar en los umpa lumpas de charly ....
龍歌 Vor 2 Tage
SpookyRooster135 Vor 2 Tage
What is the instrument called please. It's stunning. Is it custom made or available to buy? Thanks
Cholla Ranch
Cholla Ranch Vor Tag
I'm not sure which instrument you mean: the green 3-stringed tovshuur (lute/guitar-like), or else the blue or red 2-stringed morin khuur (horsehead fiddle). Amazon and other vendors offer relatively inexpensive replicas of basic morin khuurs, but you'll need to search online to find a reputable Mongolian supplier for professional-quality instruments. (The HU band's were individually designed and specifically custom crafted, with silver inlays, in Ulaanbaatar.)
Vineet Arora
Vineet Arora Vor 2 Tage
It is that Song that gets stuck in your head and all your remember is amazing music and gibrish lyrics.... Sati namo chhhee se .. youve youve u...
Wayne B
Wayne B Vor 2 Tage
How strange!
Шынгыс Оразбек
Шынгыс Оразбек Vor 2 Tage
First heard it on jazz London radio while playing ETS 2. Made my day.
Kristian Ivanov
Kristian Ivanov Vor 2 Tage
Greetings from Bulgaria keep up with the good songs
Cholla Ranch
Cholla Ranch Vor Tag
A new music video is to be released on Dec. 4th! (See Greetings from Texas!
Gutsu sama
Gutsu sama Vor 2 Tage
this is FIRE
peregrintook310 Vor 2 Tage
These guys need to go on tour with'd bring peace to the world....or war.
챔스우승맨유 Vor 2 Tage
DEpost: Why don't you watch this video before you go to bed? Me: Ummm...
Fachtna Vor 2 Tage
Day 300+ of Covid:
Fachtna Vor Tag
@Cholla Ranch then shut up
Cholla Ranch
Cholla Ranch Vor Tag
Really? We're paying little attention to the plandemic --- political hype and power-grabbing mostly. (And NO, we won't be accepting any vaccines!)
[Rock] [Star]
[Rock] [Star] Vor 2 Tage
Монголы самые суровые рокеры🔥🎸
Munkhtur IINJ
Munkhtur IINJ Vor 6 Stunden
@Влад Хомич Кто такие Казахи?
Влад Хомич
Влад Хомич Vor 14 Stunden
Я сначала не поняла то ли казахи,то ли китайцы.Но казахи более цивильны.Оказывается монголы.
[Rock] [Star]
[Rock] [Star] Vor 2 Tage
Ну просто охуеть можно😂
Falco`s Acrylart
Falco`s Acrylart Vor 2 Tage
Wow, now i see eventuelly the video to this great song. I listen that since months on my spotifylist. Funny thing is that i allways thought that this is are nordern band. But no, mongolians. 😁
Елжан Vor 2 Tage
21к странно если не нравиться не надо слушать)
Sh Sh
Sh Sh Vor Tag
Да слушают они! И по нескольку раз крутят,бывают же строптивые несмируюшиеся с положительными только на показ, а так любят в тайне от других глаз!
Crypto Jack
Crypto Jack Vor 2 Tage
This cured me of Covid
kampua4life Vor 2 Tage
Ah the last time we met was turn 61 in Medieval 2 Total War. Good to see the Mongols are rocking it in 2020.
Turmunhk Ganba
Turmunhk Ganba Vor 2 Tage
Guys! They have a new release for 12-4!!!
Tu traficante de confianza
Tu traficante de confianza Vor 2 Tage
Mongols, please re-conquer half the world
하트지민 Vor 2 Tage
M. A.
M. A. Vor 2 Tage
When you come back from elementary school and you show your mongolian dad the macaroni picture you made W̸̗̝̟͈͉͙̱̌͗͑̑͂̌͒̿͆̓̊̆̂̋O̸̢̧͈̳͙̘̰̥͂͑̅̍́̇̑́̈͒̏͝͝Ǫ̵̞̤͖̝̲̤͚͋̈́̋̅͂̈́̋̈́̍̾͝O̴͖̮͍̚A̵̝͍͂̀̿͌̔͝A̸̩͚̠̞̞̦̣̘͒̒͘Ą̸͉̞̰̦͖́͂̅̿͗͒́͛̋́A̵͉͔̜̥̙̺͋̓͑͊̐͊͗͜A̴͖̥̭͈͚̰͚͈̮̬͛̈́̉́͒̈́́͗̐̓̅̚A̵̡̡̯̘̞̻̯̹̮̩̟̺̹͒̈́͛͊̓́̏̿̏͘Ö̸̢͉̺͕̬͕́͒̐̈̍͒͛͋̄͘͝Ǒ̸̡̞̹̲͔̹̦͖̝͕O̷̟͚̫͔̗̥͌̐̈́͊̒͛̇̀̈́͛͆͝O̵̡͇̤̦̫̱̦̥̖̠̘̝͊̃̾͑̋̋͌̓͆̈́͘͘͝W̴͍̪̎͐͒͒̀̅͒͛͝͝
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