Weaponized Perfection // Prime 2.0 Skin Reveal Trailer - VALORANT

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Embrace excellence with Prime 2.0.
The Prime 2.0 weapon skin bundle is available tomorrow in the in-game store.
Trailer made in partnership with We Are Royale
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Tomolomox Vor 2 Tage
we need these trailers in 4K pleeease ♥
gto gto
gto gto Vor 3 Tage
I think prime 3.0 is snake lol
Glizzby Vor 4 Tage
Imagine how many resources went into making this rather than the game itself.
arthur carvalho
arthur carvalho Vor 5 Tage
Saigi Vor 5 Tage
prime 3 when
PG Vor 6 Tage
Nicklas VEVA
Nicklas VEVA Vor 7 Tage
The Odin expels rounds that come from an ammo box, even when you reload it from the top with some kind of batteries. Did no one think about this obvious design flaw?
Deniz Aslan
Deniz Aslan Vor 11 Tage
What’s the point of skins if they’re not benefiting you ig?
Dark Moon
Dark Moon Vor 15 Tage
Can you just tell me: How the first person Fortnite, can kill CSGO, just TELL ME please. THIS IS EXACTLY Fortnite IN FIRST PERSON.
Pubby Vor 17 Tage
POV: You want this so bad but u have no money....
Erol Ekşinar
Erol Ekşinar Vor 17 Tage
Reaver 2.0?
Erol Ekşinar
Erol Ekşinar Vor 17 Tage
çok iyi aga
matthew jeong
matthew jeong Vor 18 Tage
This reminds me of test track in Disney World soooo much
Archduke Oxlungs
Archduke Oxlungs Vor 18 Tage
Now we just need prime 3 and we can have a fully prime inventory
Laylo Rexar
Laylo Rexar Vor 20 Tage
Prime classic, spectre, guardian, phantom/vandal, and odin, all we are missing is a prime skin for snipers which probably will have vfx similar to the ion.
Danger Sheriff
Danger Sheriff Vor 21 Tag
Imagine if the game was like this. LOL!
Ka wai
Ka wai Vor 22 Tage
valorant devs pls make new knife with new cool animations like butterlfy knife or like duoble daggers
Cheerios320 Vor 23 Tage
Cant even make new skins anymore, just bring out a v2.0
Xaldred Xanthos
Xaldred Xanthos Vor 23 Tage
Hope they're bringing Prime 3.0 and 4.0 sets with the Shorty, Ghost, Sherriff, Stinger, Judge, Bulldog, Marshal, Operator, and Ares
CelestKILLER21 yannick
CelestKILLER21 yannick Vor 24 Tage
IPhone if they were making guns 😂🤣
DVINE Vor 25 Tage
Stop making these overpriced Skins and start fixing the ******* smurf problem in the game.
Jech Deang
Jech Deang Vor 26 Tage
I wish i bought prime vandal instead of prime phantom
Christian Alfonso
Christian Alfonso Vor 26 Tage
New map where? its been 5 months and no new map pls riot give us a disastrous map
Lunchbox13 Vor 27 Tage
If not for the prices these guys really do make the best gun skins out of any video game company.
PORK MAN Vor 28 Tage
I love this game but your skins ARE SO OVERPRICED its bs
Janmajay Sahani
Janmajay Sahani Vor 29 Tage
Sounds like recycled K/DA music to me
DevorNite Vor 29 Tage
Reaver 2.0?
leo prospack
leo prospack Vor Monat
When frenzy have scoop?
UJWAL K.V Vor 29 Tage
Riley Cwik
Riley Cwik Vor Monat
Please do paintball skins next.
We are Lolzoranz
We are Lolzoranz Vor Monat
It looks like an apple commercial
Ipraku Vor Monat
The fact that a in game Karambit is more expensive than a physical real one.
Ethan Hur
Ethan Hur Vor Monat
If only the Prime 2.0 Karambit had the vfx for the not upgraded animation :(
Andrei男 Vor Monat
bruh prime phantom is literally aimbot
Cédric Laiaida
Cédric Laiaida Vor Monat
i coud be wrong but this looks like Joseph Caswell's knive...
Musculus IV
Musculus IV Vor Monat
Are we just going to ignore the fact that the Phantom still has a normal mag even tho you reload it with this fancy mecanic on the top?
Johan Marvin Torres
Johan Marvin Torres Vor Monat
then what even is the point on putting the Mag
Harshal Kale
Harshal Kale Vor Monat
Nerf run and gun riot
Naval Thanik
Naval Thanik Vor Monat
Virgil Arles - Andromeda is the sound track 😉🤞
zEnsuTxU Vor Monat
1 tapped my wallet
ᗬiʈᏕʉ KϋnÐu
ᗬiʈᏕʉ KϋnÐu Vor Monat
The Greatest of all times collection
Andrew Choi
Andrew Choi Vor Monat
Prime 3.0 PRIME OP
slepp Vor Monat
Maybe do a oni 2.0 or an elderflame 2.0? I don’t think you could do the dragon idea again but maybe to dinosaurs. for the oni 2.0 knife, it could be a butterfly knife with the colors of oni and the fangs on the handles.
Mina Kostopoulou
Mina Kostopoulou Vor Monat
Very LIKE trail
T Pk
T Pk Vor Monat
the gun skins in this game are kind of ugly, or maybe its just the guns themselves that are ugly? can't put lipstick on a pig type deal.
melih gaming
melih gaming Vor Monat
I wondered if v2 come on the dragon set
Octoflex Vor Monat
That's a lot of money to spend on just a new set of skins
null Vor Monat
We want Elderflame 2.0/ Elderfrost
safeZero Vor Monat
The Harvinator
The Harvinator Vor Monat
Really nice skins. Pity they're so expensive.
Adarsh Rajesh
Adarsh Rajesh Vor Monat
okay time to sell my 2nd kidney
Shreyon Kumar
Shreyon Kumar Vor Monat
Petition : Bring Butterfly Knife to Valorant .
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Vor Monat
Samuel Vignaduzzo
Samuel Vignaduzzo Vor Monat
Do you want weponize the perfection? Put the Jhin's gun in this game.
lolg hayden
lolg hayden Vor Monat
just make a skin for the bomb
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Vor Monat
Wallet gonna go money free
Jacky Truong
Jacky Truong Vor Monat
The psychotic store fourthly ski because equipment perplexingly walk up a witty wrench. rambunctious, broken screw
Gaurang Gujrati
Gaurang Gujrati Vor Monat
Now spammers got one more reason to spam odin. Thank you RIOT
Povheng Yam
Povheng Yam Vor Monat
Can I get the sovereign v2.0 🙏
Hey, I Exist
Hey, I Exist Vor Monat
Nobody: Every pretentious car ad:
doire aintu
doire aintu Vor Monat
Dude I literally can’t, my wallet is actually crying right now
Song is "Andromeda," by Virgil Arles.
Senith Nyanko
Senith Nyanko Vor Monat
Prime 2.0 knife without the animation is better :3
Squid Vor Monat
I disagree. I like usb
Senith Nyanko
Senith Nyanko Vor Monat
I think riot needs to add a system where you can have different skins for each side, so on defenders you could choose glitchpop skins and on attack you can have a different knife and prime skins, just like csgo, where you can have 2 different knives in a game, one for each side.
Senith Nyanko
Senith Nyanko Vor Monat
@doire aintu maybe
doire aintu
doire aintu Vor Monat
I'd really like a Sakura V2 skin pack. I know it's not that crazy or anything but I love it on the Vandal and would love to see it on the Phantom or Ghost and if I'm lucky maybe a kn
Drek Vor Monat
this video probably cost more to make than the collection itself.
urmom gay
urmom gay Vor Monat
Sam Lim
Sam Lim Vor Monat
From the start of the trailer, i thought it was a ps5 trailer...
raisedbykrows Vor Monat
This is the K/DA for weapon skins lmao.
shinichi kudoz
shinichi kudoz Vor Monat
the game still looks like somethin it was made in 2010
Krust Bruh
Krust Bruh Vor Monat
It's just the aesthetic of the game most of Riots games are made for easy accessibility and ease of use League as a example it can be played in almost any PC and I think for CSGO sticking to realistic looks would not help the game in any way yes it looks good but look at the "realistic" games from 10 years ago it looks so bad compared to the new ones which will also get replaced with new "realistic games" so taking a more animated aesthetic than realistic for ease of use is smart for riot
Squid Vor Monat
Valorant is focused on gameplay. In my personal opinion, I like the look of Val, but can see where u are coming from.
Google meets
Google meets Vor Monat
@shinichi kudoz no just put it to high thats it
shinichi kudoz
shinichi kudoz Vor Monat
@Leo even if you play this in $3000 pc it still looks like shit
Leo Vor Monat
U can probably play valorant on low Graphics cuz pc is shit🤣
David Ang
David Ang Vor Monat
Song Name: Virgil arles-Andromeda
mysticgamer Vor Monat
if graphics were this good in game
Anh Quang Đồng
Anh Quang Đồng Vor Monat
I love the banana knife
Von Sakamoto
Von Sakamoto Vor Monat
Wallet gonna go money free
Yety Vor Monat
Now this is a skinpack i would buy
just_ STEVEN
just_ STEVEN Vor Monat
Damn. I want full version soundtrack in this videos. This is awescome.
ThatGoldWolf Vor Monat
Honestly i wish you could interchange them, like the wolfand the bull, so the skins match
ebin00b Vor Monat
i think jhin made these
aola wili
aola wili Vor Monat
After playing valorant for a while , i just realized their prime vandal looks the same with LoL KDA
Krypticular 123
Krypticular 123 Vor Monat
For anybody who wants to know name of the song: Virgil arles-andromeda
ok listen
ok listen Vor Monat
The definition of greed
ok listen
ok listen Vor Monat
@Krust Bruh the problem is the monetization scheme, which doesn't incentive me to spend when i want to do it. Its really simple.
Krust Bruh
Krust Bruh Vor Monat
@ok listen Riot never forces you to buy any in game purchases valorant,League,LoR,Wild rift have been all f2p friendly especially the card game which a genre know for being P2W. Yes they show you stuff but that's just them letting you know that theres a new skin I don't see them spamming buy now
Krust Bruh
Krust Bruh Vor Monat
@ok listen cough EA cough CS marketplace cough Actiblizzard cough Calve cough mobile games
ok listen
ok listen Vor Monat
@Leo they target cosmetics for whales and overprice them. It's an anti-consumer practice that cut away lot of players who want to buy some skin with a decent price just any other live service game.
Leo Vor Monat
@ok listen Valorant is a free game bro u have no rights to call them greedy cuz no one forcing u to buy Skins
Ianah Taculog
Ianah Taculog Vor Monat
I still want the astra cinematic story
MrStriker Man
MrStriker Man Vor Monat
The trailer is really nice, but I don't like the skins
kickmichdochnicht Vor Monat
Reaver 2.0 is the play... If this coming out i pay to 12000 Vp
Manideep K
Manideep K Vor Monat
Mr Marlega
Mr Marlega Vor Monat
Dude no vandal skin...
PunCakeGamer Vor Monat
What about making battlepass skins less shitty?
Karela Juice
Karela Juice Vor Monat
Can't wait to take these from my rich enemies!!
Lady Galadriel
Lady Galadriel Vor Monat
After PRIME 2.0 IM PRETTY SURE There will be a SOVEREIGN 2.0 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Lady Galadriel
Lady Galadriel Vor Monat
Riot pls give us the chance to change our skins into VP so we can get the upcoming skins
Ayrixs Vor Monat
Why I bought my Prime Vandal 2 Days ago!!!!!!
Stefan Badi
Stefan Badi Vor Monat
100 doller for this packs? nope i safe my money... so expensive!
Shi Vor Monat
can we get this skin on the marshal & operator?
Kim Abellanes
Kim Abellanes Vor Monat
prime skins are the most elegant and beautifully made skins in the history of video game guns, YOU CANT CHANGE MY MIND
Cry Ppl
Cry Ppl Vor Monat
The music is also in limitless
AmSilver Vor Monat
Lmao why this looks like an iPhone trailer but for guns
Kyzerii Vor Monat
level 1 karambit > level 2 karambit
Ganny Maggie
Ganny Maggie Vor Monat
Warframe guns
Sawyer Pollard
Sawyer Pollard Vor Monat
I think they put more effort in the trailer than the actual skin.
Arseni Bulican
Arseni Bulican Vor Monat
cant wait to grab these skins... Off of the floor.
Rymas Elca
Rymas Elca Vor Monat
this needs to become a wallpaper
Rafa Stalker
Rafa Stalker Vor Monat
Хочу нож пж пж пж пж пж
Amartuvshin Anar
Amartuvshin Anar Vor Monat
What about sovereign?
Ahmed Amr
Ahmed Amr Vor Monat
This is an amazing trailer and the animations are clean 👌 so satisfying to watch
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